Safaricom MALI Investment—All you need to know

Safaricom MALI Investment—All you need to know

Have you ever wondered if you could earn interest as an M-Pesa user? Just relax because that is what today’s post is about. You will learn how to register, activate, and earn interest on the Safaricom Mali investment product via Mpesa.

To make it simple for you, investing in the Mpesa platform and earning interest.

If that has been what you wish to do, then Safaricom is at your door-step once again.

Being the biggest telecommunication network in Kenya, Safaricom has evolved over the years with great and juicy innovative products.

One such wonderful service from Safaricom is the introduction of Mali for M-Pesa users.

With Mali, Mpesa subscribers can now invest and earn so much interest through the Mali product.

Before we dive into the details of Safaricom’s Mali investment, it is fair I mention that Mali is a new product from Safaricom. There is limited information on the service.

The name Mali is a Kiswahili name meaning “Wealth.”

So by mere inference, you can deduce that the Mali product on M-Pesa is a game-changer to bring wealth for the people in Kenya.

The main aim of the Mali product through Mpesa is to enable the user to invest quickly and more securely.

Requirements To Subscribe For The M-Pesa Mali Investment

These are some of the requirements to register for Safaricom Mali product:

  • Mpesa PIN
  • Phone Number
  • Valid email address
  • Paybill number
  • Contact information for your next of kin
  • You need a smartphone or any mobile device

After getting those requirements, you can now register and start using the Safaricom Mali investment platform.

How To Register For Safaricom Mali

Mpesa powers the Mali investment product, so the registration is very simple.

You can register by using either a USSD code or through a PayBill number.

Follow these steps to register for the M-Pesa Mali investment product:

  1. Dial *230# on your phone.
  2. A pop-up menu will appear with the M-Pesa terms and conditions.
  3. Select option 1 to accept the Safaricom Mali terms and conditions.
  4. Click next to continue.
  5. You will receive an SMS from Mali.
  6. Enter your Mpesa PIN.
  7. Next, enter a valid email address.
  8. Provide your next of kin contact.

Things to Know About The Safaricom Mali Wealth Management Tool

There are certain things you need to know about the Mali investment management tool and these include the following:

1. You must be an M-Pesa user for at least three (3) months to be eligible.

2. You enjoy a 10% annual interest return on investment, and that is also subject to withholding taxes.

3. The USSD code works on the Safaricom network.

4. The investment is almost always instantly accessible.

5. You can top-up your Mali investments on Mpesa via a USSD code or a Paybill number.

6. The deposits you make into your Mali investment account are free of charge.

7. All the withdrawals you make from the Mali investment tool are also free.

8. The limits for Mali investment are Ksh 100 minimum and Khs 70,000 maximum.


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