How to get your first Software Engineer job

How to get your first Software Engineer job

After completing a computer science degree, getting a good job is the dream of every fresh graduate. Some of them succeed quickly, and others have to struggle hard. This article is to guide fresh grades who are struggling for getting their first job.

Analyze Market

Visit job sites and search for Software Developer Jobs for entry-level. You will get many results and you can apply for as well but my intention here is to analyze the market and note down job requirements (i.e. Object Oriented Programming, ASP.NET MVC,  Javascript, JQuery,  AngularJs, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3)

Analyze Yourself

Now you would be in good condition to analyze yourself. You can easily identify what you know already and what you need to know and prepare a list of technologies you should know. (i.e. ASP.NET MVC, Jquery, angularJs, BootStrap)

Update your knowledge

Update your knowledge with the listed technologies. You can get some online courses or study material over related technologies or can go for classroom trainings near your location. 

Build Professional Profile and Network

For building your profile I would recommend LinkedIn. Create an account and Add Skills you have learned, Add projects you have completed if you have no experience with professional projects you should add projects you submitted in university and add major assignments you worked on relevant to software development during your studies. Invite industry-relevant people to your professional network.

Update Knowledge with Interviews

Apply for the jobs and go for interviews. During job hunting, you will be asked many unknown questions in interviews. You should know the answer for the next interview because similar questions are being asked for similar jobs. The best practice is to note down every question you failed to answer and explore books, Google it, and discuss it with seniors or friends until you get an answer. 

Keep Trying until "Job Done"

Get any job to run your financial needs meanwhile keep trying to get your dream job. Sometimes getting a dream job requires extra effort so don't worry at all keep struggling and keep learning, and stay connected with industry people. Continue updating your professional skills and network. continue applying for the job until Job Done.

Best of luck finding a new job.

Geoffrey Nevine — IT Services and IT Consulting

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