How to Connect with an Interviewer

How to Connect with an Interviewer

Ever given an interview and felt the inability to establish a connection with the interviewer, even though you are the perfect fit for the job? You must have often been in a place, where although you are confident and trying your best to set your best first impression, the interviewer seems distant, and uninterested, and the whole interview process just feels monotonous

Such instances always hamper your confidence and obstruct you from giving your best pitch. A lot of things determine your success in an interview: from the quality of your resume, your timeliness, manners, the way you present yourself, and above all, how you answer the interview questions. 

Here are some steps you can take in order to help establish a connection with the interviewer:

  1. Prepare for the interview: Preparing for the interview beforehand does not mean memorizing your answers to particular questions. It rather refers to practicing your delivery, aura, and poise during your interaction with the interviewer. You should not come off as too strong, or too weak. Going through videos of interviews, guidelines to help make a good first impression during interviews may help. Think about how you are going to relate to the interviewer on a personal level while being professional. 
  2. Presentation matters: The way you present yourself, the way you dress plays a major role in setting your first impression. You need to dress well and look presentable to set a good first impression. If you dress in shabby clothes and look messed up, then it will set a very bad impression. At the same time, if you are overdressed then they may think that you are trying too hard on setting the first impression.
  3. Take the lead: Start your interview right away. This does not mean asking questions from your side to the interviewer, but rather refers to actively participate in the conversation. As you enter the room, greet your interviewer confidently, with a warm smile, and engage in a conversation. This will not only help you relax but also lower the tension in the atmosphere and put the interviewers at ease with you. 
  4. Show interest: Showing interest in the interviewer both as an individual as well as a representative of your company will help you build a connection with the interviewer. Make a casual small talk before you get into the questioning round, so that the interviewer feels at ease with you. Questions like, “How long have you been working here?”, “What is the work culture of the company like?”, “How long is your commute?” will help you show your interest and seriousness for the job. Acknowledge everything they say, like, “I understand”, “Sure”, “That sounds interesting”, etc.
  5. Good Posture: Your posture, body language, and gestures contribute a lot to the interview process. If you sit lazily, yawn during the interview, are chewing gum during the interview round, and do not pay attention to the interviewer, then the interviewer will feel that you are not interested in the job. It sets a very bad impression too. 

Keep in mind that your posture provides greater insight into the conversation. Sit up straight and slightly lean forward, to engage them in a conversation and show them that you are interested. Don’t be energyless, or hunch while sitting. Make hand gestures while explaining things so that they understand you better.

  1. Eye Contact: Eye contact is key to having a good, active, and engaging conversation. No matter how much knowledge you give through your words, if you do not have eye contact with the person you are interacting with then they may not hold your attention. If you get intimidated by their eye contact then they may think you are not interested in what they have to say. So look into their eyes and talk to them, be confident so that your gaze does not falter, and there! You will have a person rapt in attention.
  2. Pay attention to everyone: Many times you will be in an interview where there will be multiple interviewers firing questions at you. The situation may seem intimidating, but that is just another challenge in your way. You have to engage everyone in a conversation and keep in mind to not let anyone feel left out.
  3. Ask: Usually after the interview is complete, the interviewers follow the interview process up with an opportunity for the candidate to ask questions about the company. DO NOT let this opportunity go. Not using this opportunity to your finest advantage can give them the impression that you are not serious about this job. Use this opportunity to ask questions about the company culture, their policies for overtime, their training programs, their employee-employer relationship, their experience of working in the company, their roles in the company, how you can contribute more to the company.
  4. Thank your interviewers: This is a very important step which event he most brilliant candidate often forget. After setting a good first impression it is very important to thank your interviewers for their time and efforts. 
  5.  Follow-up: This is a very crucial step after the interview is complete. Do not wait or forget to follow up your interview with a “Thank you” mail, note, or phone call. Thank them for their time and acknowledge their efforts into the meeting, and praise their efforts for setting it up. Don’t forget to say that you enjoyed the meeting and hope to hear from them soon. This step will surely seal your perfect first impression.

Now that you are aware of the secret to establishing a solid connection with the interviewer you are all set to take on your dream job!

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