Underwear: Does the type of fabric matter? Find Out!


The type of underwear fabric can make the difference between your genital area feeling hot and sweaty or cool and dry. Plus, it may play at least a small role in certain vaginal infections, some research suggests.

According to an older epidemiological survey in the European Journal of Obstetrics & Gyne­cology and Reproductive Biology, one of the factors associated with vaginal yeast infections is wearing underwear made from synthetic fabrics (such as nylon and lycra), which don’t “breathe” and thus keep the genital area warm and moist, per­fect conditions for the growth of yeast. Though not all the literature supports this connection, many clinicians advise that women prone to yeast infections wear “breathable” panties, such as those made from “wickable” fabrics, which can be pur­chased online or in some sporting-goods stores.

Why You Should Start Wearing Cotton Panties

Cotton underwear is starting to become a trend for people who prefer comfort over style and if you’re concerned about your private parts you should jump on the bandwagon and change your clothing habits as well.

Here are six reasons why you should start wearing cotton panties:

Cotton panties prevent infection

Your vagina is a sensitive organ and it is also a breeding ground for yeast, which can be disconcerting for many women. Unlike other panties, pure organic cotton panties are an effective tool in preventing yeast growth in the vagina. Underwear with synthetic fabric, such as latex and polyester, can aid in the growth of yeast because they store in heat and are not as breathable as other fabrics.

Also, synthetic materials are often restrictive due to the elasticity of the fabric so in effect it doesn’t have as much space as cotton panties and therefore it can trap more moisture and warmth. Pure organic cotton panties on the other hand are very breathable so in effect your vagina gets all the ventilation it needs to keep yeast from growing.

Prevents build-up of odor

Moisture getting trapped in your underwear often leads to the build up of bacteria that causes odor. Synthetic fabric, as mentioned earlier, traps moisture and heat so if you’re going about your day and your vagina is not ventilated enough there will be a build up of bacteria in it that can cause that odor we often experience.

Pure organic cotton panties are your best choice to avoid odor build up because not only is it more breathable but it also absorbs excess moisture leaving your vagina dry and free from any bacteria that causes odor. So when the climate is hot wear cotton panties to let your vagina breathe and you’ll notice right away that it no longer has that odor often associated with women’s private parts.

Prevents itching

The itching in your vagina can be the result of several factors. It can be due to a sexually transmitted disease, and if it is so it’s important to consult your physician right away. It can also be the result of other health issues such as contact dermatitis. But if the itch in your vagina does not fall under those other factors then chances are you’re just wearing the wrong kind of panties.

Pure organic cotton panties prevent itching because it keeps the vagina dry and free from moisture and oftentimes the itch develops when moisture and heat are trapped inside the vagina. Also, fabrics that are doused heavily with chemicals can cause itching in vaginas due to contact dermatitis. Latex fabrics can also cause contact dermatitis when exposed to this material for a long time, which is why it is much better to avoid underwear with synthetic fabrics.

Pure organic cotton is hypoallergenic

Even if you don’t have sensitive skin it is still advisable to wear pure organic cotton because of the many benefits it has for your skin. Since pure organic cotton is hypoallergenic you’re guaranteed that what you’re wearing is the safest piece of clothing for your skin. It is free from chemicals that can cause rashes or even develop allergies in the long run. It is also free from synthetic materials that can also develop allergies when your skin is exposed to it repeatedly.

If you’re not aware yet, latex has been known to develop skin allergies for many people. According to statistics about 8 to 17% of health care professionals suffer from latex allergy because they’re exposed to it on a daily basis. So just by being exposed to latex on a regular basis you can also develop an allergy towards this material.

Added protection during your period

Seeing that cotton panties are highly absorbent wearing pure organic cotton underwear is a much better choice if you’re having your period. Despite wearing napkins there are some times when your flow is so strong that your pads just can absorb it all. And if you’re wearing panties with synthetic fabric they won’t be able to absorb some of the spillage unlike cotton panties. Of course it’s no guarantee that your cotton panties will absorb it all but it somehow lessens the damage as compared to other kinds of underwear.

It’s just so comfy

Lastly, pure organic cotton panties are just so comfortable. The soft fabric and hypoallergenic features of pure organic cotton panties make them the best piece of underwear you’ll ever have. Its soft enough for your vagina and yet cotton fabric is very durable so even if you wear them regularly it will take a long time before it shows any wear and tear. It’s also breathable so your vagina will feel fresh every day even on warm days. It’s also stretchable so your vagina won’t feel constricted even if you’re doing something strenuous. Pure organic cotton panties are a woman’s best friend and if you want your vagina to feel fresh and comfy everyday you should start wearing these panties right away.

Do you need to wear underwear at all?

While most of us don’t think about going out undie-less, some people like the airy feel, especially on hot and humid days. It’s also more comfortable to forgo underwear if you cycle or otherwise work out in seamless-crotch cycling shorts that are breathable and wickable (underwear under them can bunch up and irritate the skin).

Also, many people like to sleep without under­wear. Some papers give a general recommendation for women with vaginal infections to go bare at night, though an older (1992) review paper in Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey noted that this did not make a difference in terms of symptoms.

The bottom line: If going commando is comfortable, go for it.

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