KPSEA Grade 6 Results 2023 Out. See How To Check Results

KPSEA Grade 6 Results 2022 Out. See How To Check Results

As the norm is, the Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu, PS, and TSC officials are supposed to brief the President at the State House before releasing officially the results to the public. 

According to a top KNEC official, everything is set for the release of exams.

“We are prepared, and the exams will be released right away after the president is briefed.”the official said

Individual learners, school-specific reports, and the national report on school-based and summative assessment are the three reports 

The national report will highlight the areas that require assistance as well as the number of learners at each performance level per topic who require intervention.

The individual school report will be tailored to each school and will highlight areas where students face difficulties and where schools require further assistance.

Mr. Njengere further said the national report will be greatly used by Education stakeholders to have feedback on areas that require intervention

The main examiners and their helpers for the Kenya National Examinations Council worked nonstop throughout the weekend in preparation for the release.

School reports will be limited to specific schools while individual learner reports will be helping them to know their strengths and weaknesses in specific subjects or strands.

“This will include acquisition of values and core competencies and performances level in specific subjects,” Njengere said.

Parents and learners will only be able to access the results through school websites after release on Monday 16th.

Mr. Njegere concluded that the KPSEA results will help TSC to identify areas where teachers are unable to deliver effectively and require improvements. 

The Grade 6 pupils will proceed to grade 7.

The Grade 6 Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) will not be used for Junior Secondary School placement.

The 3 ways candidates and schools will be ranked in KPSEA, Grade 6 results

1. Learners' results

The KNEC CEO announced that the first level of reporting will be on an individual learner's results.

Dr Njeng'ere outlined that individual learners will get a report of their performance which they will access through their own school portals as well as on the KNEC website.

2. Schools results

KNEC will provide all schools with a report that will summarize areas in which most candidates had challenges and help the institutions to repair their individual lapses.

3. National report on school-based & summative assessments

The CEO explained that this report will be used by stakeholders to identify areas that will require further intervention.

It will also indicate the proportion of learners' performance at each level per subject and form a basis for interventions from the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), and the Ministry of Education.

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