How to Get Noticed By Recruiters on LinkedIn

How to Get Noticed By Recruiters on LinkedIn

Recruiters are the primary users of LinkedIn – they live on the site all day, every day to source potential candidates.

If you’re not receiving at least a couple of contacts from recruiters each week, let’s take a look at what the issue might be:

1.      Your headline.

The headline is the statement just beneath your name. You have 220 characters to present your brand to potential employers.

Most of you, however, use the default – your current job title. DON’T DO THIS.

You want your headline to include your current and/or aspirational job title, along with the value you will bring to an employer.


2.      Your current job title.

One of the key places recruiters search on LinkedIn is current job title.

If your job title doesn’t make sense outside of your company, how can you legitimately massage that title to make sense to the outside world?

If you are unemployed, please don’t put something like “Looking for opportunity.” You sound desperate—and no recruiter is going to be searching for that title.


3.      Your connections.

You’ve got to get to at least 500 connections so that others see you as an active player on LinkedIn.

Also, recruiters will typically look within their existing connections, and the people those connections are connected to, for potential candidates. Anybody else is an unknown quantity.

The more people you are connected with, the more 2nd level connections you’ll have—meaning you are easier for recruiters to find.


4.      Your Skills.

This section is key for recruiter searches, so think carefully about which skills to include in this section.

What will recruiters be searching on to find someone like you?

You’ll want to audit this section annually, to remove the skills that no longer serve you and add newly acquired skills.


5.      Your picture.

Having a picture on your profile is of paramount importance.

Make sure your picture is a professional headshot—no animals, other people, or distracting background in the picture.

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