How To Find A Job In The NHS UK

How To Find A Job In The NHS UK

Are you looking for detailed knowledge about the list of NHS jobs in the UK, How to find jobs in NHS, why to work for NHS, NHS job vacancies, and other required details? Here, in this article, we aim to make you aware of all your queries, read the whole blog till the end and start applying today.

National Health Service (NHS) Jobs:

NHS has more than 1.3 million staff which makes it the largest employer in the UK. NHS attracts talent across the globe because of its world-class facilities and high-salaried jobs.

To get detailed knowledge about the list of NHS jobs in the UK, How to find jobs in NHS, why to work for NHS, NHS job vacancies, and other required details, read the whole blog till the end and start applying today.

NHS needs a huge amount of healthcare workers in order to serve 8,35,000 patients on a daily basis who visits the GP as general practitioner. Apart from this, about 50,000 people daily visit for emergency or accident purposes, 49,000 outpatient consultations, 94,000 people visit for emergency purposes, and 36,000 for pre-appointed, planned treatments.

Why Work For NHS?

In order to help out a huge number of patients visiting the NHS, NHS calls for healthcare professionals all across the globe. Those who are passionate about their work and want to grab challenging opportunities while living a high-standard lifestyle in the UK, NHS jobs are waiting to hire you We have more than 350 different careers on offer, so there is a job for you, no matter what your interests, skills or qualifications are.

The job vacancy in NHS ranges from skilled to unskilled professionals and most of which comes under the shortage list of occupations. Those workers who come under the shortage list of occupations have higher chances to get hired by the NHS because of their high demand.

Best Way To Search NHS JOBS:

You may find a number of sources/ websites wherein you will see the vacancies but unfortunately most of them will not respond to you. Either you will not receive any callback or no reply from their side.

So, in order to find out the best available site to ask for an NHS job including suggestions is You just send your query to or apply through their website. They will themselves, search for everything for you and will revert with the best-suited job for you It has a team of experts with whom you can share your qualifications, area of interest, and city you wish to settle in. They are aware of all possible ways to get an NHS job no matter whether you have a medical degree or experience or not. They will suggest to you the best path to get an NHS job UK.

If in case, you want to search job by yourself as a doctor you may apply by searching any of the following term:

  • Foundation Year 1 (FY1)
  • Foundation Year 2 (FY2)
  • CT LAS (CT 1/2)
  • ST LAS (ST 1/2)
  • Senior House Officer (SHO)
  • Junior Clinical Fellow
  • Clinical Fellow (CT/ST-1/2)
  • Trust Doctors (FY2, CT/ST-1/2)
  • Junior Specialty Registrar

What do you need while searching for NHS Job?

While you are searching for an NHS job you must take care of a few points like:

  • You must have a CV that should be concise and well-presented. An employer generally devotes 30 sec. to 1 minute to a CV, so make sure that you have to summarize your details in 1 page and a maximum of 2 pages. Your experience and academic details should be from recent to previous in order. You can take help from the site
  • Make a good portfolio or job profile. This must highlight your strength. The job profile should reflect that you will be helpful to the NHS and if NHS don’t choose you, it’s their loss.
  • English language proficiency test- The job you are searching in NHS may require English as a proficient language and may ask for an IELTS score above 7. Before applying make sure you comply with the required score.
  • Before we get to know about how to find a job in UK, I want to make you aware that NHS has 2 types of jobs training and non-training NHS Jobs. If you are new to UK, I would strongly suggest you to apply for a non-training job. This will attract your CV amongst other CVs who would require training.
  • A Pro-Tip: Your application should be in accordance with the requirements of the NHS job you are applying in. Please do not copy the same in 100s of jobs you are applying for. Please show in the application what the job demands. This will highlight your profile amongst others, and this will increase the chances of your application to get proper response from the employer.

Where Do NHS Post Its Job Openings?

You may find NHS jobs on LinkedIn, The NHS will put their job adverts at and you can filter between full-time, part-time and job profiles, various roles and closing dates.

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