Strategies to Win Solitaire

Strategies to Win Solitaire

Our data reveals that you have a 33% win rate for Turn 1 Solitaire, so help your odds of winning by using the strategies in the following sections.

1. Prioritize Facedown Cards

The more cards you turn face-up, the more options you have to play. So focus on revealing facedown cards by moving cards off of them so you can turn them face-up.

2. Focus on Larger Tableau Columns

Larger tableau columns have more facedown cards, and revealing those cards may give you just what you need to make a move. So prioritize moving cards from larger tableau columns to get more face-up cards available to play.

3. Remember the Cards in the Stockpile

Stockpile cards are facedown, but you reveal them as you cycle them into the waste pile. Remember what cards are in the stockpile so you can flip through the pile to get a card you need to make a crucial move.

4. Work the Tableau Before Foundation Piles

You may need cards in the tableau to help make moves so that you can reveal facedown cards. Although an ace or two isn’t necessary in the tableau, other ranks of cards may help you build on a sequence. So if you have a card that can be played both in the tableau as well as a foundation pile, keep it in the tableau until you’re sure you don’t need it anymore.

5. Play from the Foundation Piles

If you discover that the top card on a foundation pile can help you make a play, replay the foundation card so that you open more options for play.

6. Remove All the Cards from Columns

Emptying columns makes room to add kings. Placing kings in empty spaces gives you a safe place to build a sequence and remove cards from other columns. Even if no king is showing yet, focus on emptying entire columns of cards.

7. Use the Hint and Undo Buttons

You can use our hint or undo button to help you play. Use the hint to identify cards that can be moved or use the undo button to backup what you’ve moved so you can make new moves.

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