Traditional vs. Modern Hookah - All you need to know

Traditional vs. Modern Hookah - All you need to know

Hookah originated in the 15th century and is still an
integral part of the smoking culture. Various shisha pipes and materials are
available in the market, allowing hookah lovers to smoke their desirable
flavors. However, the shisha pipes and materials vary depending on their type:
traditional hookah or shishabucks hookah.
Please keep reading for a thorough understanding of the difference between the
two types, allowing you to decide the best option.

Traditional Hookah

As can be gathered from the name, the traditional hookah pipes have existed for a
long time, allowing numerous individuals to smoke shisha using different
designs of pipes and materials. The traditional pipes are categorized based on
their origin countries, including Egyptian pipes, Turkish nargileh, and Syrian

Modern Hookah

One of the most promising forms of modern hookah is the
shishabucks hookah. These do not resemble the traditional ones but are crafted
modernly, keeping in mind the lifestyles that individuals lead today. It
provides individuals with a sense of comfort in their clouds of smoke, offering
them amenities and features to have their desired flavors easily. Unlike
traditional models, modern hookahs pay heed to the fast lifestyle that
customers lead today, thereby designed to provide users with easy usage.

Knowing About Traditional Hookahs

Some of the significant pros of using traditional ones
include the unique designs that it has to offer and the pricing of the hookahs.
Traditional models are cheaper and provide choices related to restricted, open,
or closed draw designs. One of the challenges of using this type of hookah is
the lower amount of durability and consistency that it possesses. Furthermore,
traditional hookahs are comparatively harder to clean when compared to modern
designs. They also cannot provide sealing features, which causes a high
spillage and wastage of the flavors that a user selects.

What to know about Modern Hookahs?

Modern shisha pipe layouts use cutting-edge materials and
manufacturing processes to produce a better product in most cases. Modern
hookah pipes exist in various sizes and shapes to meet the needs of any shisha
user, although they miss the same authentic appearance as traditional pipes.
Modern shisha kits range from small tabletop models to huge, free-standing
models for a more pleasurable smoking experience.

Some of the significant pros of using Shishabucks hookahs is
the limitless designs that it has to offer. Furthermore, it is durable and
allows an easy clean feature compared to traditional hookahs. The air sealing
feature will enable individuals to smoke efficiently without wasting much
flavor and tobacco. It provides a classy modern look and allows users to carry
portable hookah pipes to places when it comes to partying with friends or

However, modern and traditional types have recently been
used by individuals fond of having hookahs. Traditional models provide users
with classic designs, allowing them to use cheaper pipes and materials. On the
other hand, shishabucks hookahs offer users a sense of comfort, allowing them
to enjoy their clouds of smoke whenever they feel like it, providing high
durability and persistence.

Final Words

Hookah lovers like both traditional and modern hookah pipes,
and the final choice comes from personal taste and requirements. Furthermore,
suppose one wants to enjoy hookah at a friend or relative’s house. In that
case, modern shisha pipes are a better choice in such a scenario, mainly for
their durability, consistency, and easy usage.

There are several online stores providing hookah models,
accessories, and flavors. Compare a few sites, read reviews, and purchase the
best ones. Moreover, the above information will make your buying journey

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