Where to Look for Attachment or Internship in Nairobi

Where to Look for Attachment or Internship in Nairobi

If you are looking for an attachment/internship in Nairobi, there are companies you should not bother to go because you won’t be successful after all. The best places to search for attachments are those companies with high employment turnover, the most profitable ones, and those which are newly created

If you want internship specifically in Nairobi, these are the places to drop your CV:

  1. Royal Media Services

If you possess a degree or diploma in journalist, the first place to drop your CV is Royal Media Services. The company offers numerous internship opportunities every month to aspiring journalists. In some cases, interns are retained for long term contracts.

Don’t wait for Citizen TV to advertise for internships, just visit the company’s offices and drop blind application.

  1. Kenya Revenue Authority

Another institution where fresh graduates and university students can look for employment is the Kenya Revenue Authority. This is a government institution which offers internship opportunities annually especially in the month of May.As a student, you are required to apply from January to May so as to be considered for internship. The application is done by dropping hard copy documents at KRA offices in Times Towers. But the best way to apply is to send an application through their postal addresses.

Here are the addresses:

Senior Deputy Commissioner,
Human Resources.
Kenya Revenue Authority.
P.O Box 48240—00100.

KRA pays interns Ksh 12,000 to Ksh30,000 per month. If you impress your manager, you can be offered a contract of 3 years where you are paid Ksh 60,000 per month.

  1. Kenya National Bureau of Statistics

For statistics graduates, economics, actuarial science and related courses, you can drop your CV at Kenya National Bureau of Statistics. This institution collects data almost daily and they require many people to do data collection. Thought you are not paid as an interns or if you are lucky, the pay is Ksh5,000, the experience you earn from KNBS is enough to market you. Chances of securing internship at KNBS are almost 100%.

  1. Old Mutual Insurance

Old Mutual also accepts CVs from university students. You can be offered internship for sales positions or any available job vacancy within the institution. It’s good that you drop your CV at Old Mutual offices in Upper Hill.

  1. Airtel

I once worked at Airtel after I dropped blind application at their office on Mombasa Road. The good thing about Airtel is not who you know but what you know. If you pursued business related degree, computer related course or a course related to statistics, you’ll easily secure internship at Airtel.Also, people with marketing skills are highly considered.

  1. General Motors

With any qualification, General motors can hire you. The company is located along Mombasa Road. The best thing to do is make a general application, visit GM offices and drop your CV, they will call you for internship.

  1. Brookside Dairy Limited

Brookside Dairy Limited is owned by Kenyatta family and is headquartered in Ruiru.The company sells processed milk across the country. Most of the available job opportunities here are for sales executives.

At Brookside, you are required to drop hard copy applications. Just take a matatu from Nairobi and alight at Brookside, drop your CV and wait to be invited for interview. Once you make the application, you have more than 90% chances of securing interview at the institution.

  1. Citibank

Citibank employs mostly fresh graduates. The most appropriate way to do your application is to write your application letter, photocopy your CV and cover letter, seal them well and drop at their office in Upper Hill—they will call you for interview.

  1. Madison Insurance

If you pursued Actuarial Science or Bachelor of Commerce, try to make application to Madison Insurance. The company employs interns almost every month with monthly stipend of Ksh20,000. If you are lucky to secure employment at Madison, you might even be retained.

  1. NIC Bank

NIC Bank has its headquarter near Nyayo National Stadium. If you want to work in a bank, this is the best place to make your application, they do accept blind applications.

When making application to NIC bank, don’t specify, just write a general application.

  1. Cooperative Bank

Cooperative bank mostly recruits people for sales jobs. Unlike in the past when they used to recruit graduate trainees, nowadays almost everyone must start from the bottom. The best way to join this bank is to apply for sales vacancy even when you are still in school.

Cooperative bank pays interns Ksh10,000 to Ksh 30,000 as a retainer.

  1. National Construction Authority

For architecture, urban planning, quantity surveying and related courses, the best place to seek for internship is National Construction Authority. Though it may not be easy to get one, just make an effort to send your application; I know of a friend who got internship there through blind application.

  1. NEMA

NEMA is suitable for students pursuing environment courses. The government institution is situated at South C, which is where to drop your CV.

  1. JAVA

For those who need jobs in posh coffee houses, JAVA is one of them to send your application to. The best thing to do is take hard copy to JAVA headquarter, they will call you. The jobs at JAVA mostly belong to students pursuing hotel related courses.

  1. Industrial Area

Industrial area has hundreds of industries. Take a tour to the area, note down the industries and write application letter specifically to each of the companies, then drop them one by one. One of the companies to take your application is Tetra Pak, this company has good perks and recruitment is genuine.

  1. Ole sereni Hotel

Ole Sereni is located along Mombasa Road. Many people ignore it but it’s one company where you can easily get a job. Near to Ole Sereni is EKA hotel. What you will do is, drop your CV in both companies.

  1. KWS

For those who did forest and environment related courses, take your application to KWS which is located along Langata Road. It’s not difficult for them to give you attachment as long as you have pursued a related course.

  1. Cocacola

Cocacola has several branches within Nairobi but the headquarter will be at Westlands.Take your application to each of Cocacola branches in Nairobi and wait to be called for attachment.

  1. Alexander Forbes

Alexander Forbes is suitable for Actuarial Science students. The company pays well even for interns, but you must be extremely intelligent and competent for you to secure internship at the institution. If you are a first class material, take your CV to Alexander Forbes.

  1. Insurance Regulatory Authority

Two of my friends got internship at Insurance Regulatory Authority. They had pursued Actuarial Science and Statistics. The institution is located in Upper Hill and they only accept hard copy applications. During your free time, drop your internship application at IRA and you may be lucky.

  1. JADE Collection

JADE collection may not be a big institution for graduates but it’s one of the companies where you should consider when making your application. They employ sales executives and tellers. JADE is expanding.

  1. Sportpesa

Nowadays almost every youth in Kenya is betting, the industry has grown exponentially. Sportpesa employs several Kenyans including Sports Analysts. Write your application letter, attach your documents and take it to Sportpesa headquarters for consideration.

  1. Tuskys Supermarket

Tuskys Supermarket headquarters are located along Mombasa Road near Cabanas Stage. Since the death of Nakumatt, Tuskys has expanded significantly, they are even recruiting every month. It’s good you take your application at Tuskys headquarters to see whether a vacancy may be available for you.What I know is that you will not only get attachment but you will be retained for long term contract.

  1. KCB Bank

Nowadays it’s hard to see job vacancies from KCS,it’s because they employ people who are already working for them as sales executives or interns.Take your CV to KCB Bank headquarters at Upper Hill.

The worst mistake is to drop your CV at the branch level,it will not reach the HR office

  1. Equity Bank

Although Equity Bank does not pay well, it’s a good place to start with.The bank employs in masses because it’s stable,it even employs interns.

  1. NHIF

NIHF will give you internship to file documents, that’s not bad as long as you get something to do. For your information, NHIF is classified as one of the best employers in Kenya.

  1. Cytonn Investment Company

Though there are several jobs being advertised on the website of Cytonn, one can ignore the website and take the application to Cytonn offices. Cytonn has numerous opportunities for fresh graduates.

  1. Commerical Bank of Africa

Commercial Bank of Africa is associated with President Uhuru Kenyatta, it’s located in Upper Hill. You are required to drop your CV at the headquarter of the company. They employ fresh graduates for the position of graduate clerks.

  1. Safaricom

Safaricom is also another company which can offer you with opportunity to intern at the company.Drop your blind application at Safaricom offices in Westlands and wait for a call—a miracle may happen.

  1. Davis and Shirtliff

Davis and Shirliff is suitable for engineering students. The company offers automatic internships to bright students. Don’t hesitate to make your application.

  1. Top law firms

For law students, the first thing to do is identify top law firms within Nairobi and start making applications. It won’t take two weeks before being called to intern.

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