5 Common Condom Mistakes You Shouldn't Be Making!

5 Common Condom Mistakes You Shouldn't Be Making!

If you’re sexually active, condoms should be your best friend for those moments you want to remember – and the ones you don’t! While studies show that women aren’t completely comfortable buying condoms, they can be one of the most effective ways to prevent getting STDs, which are on the rise in Australia.

Carrying a condom ensures you make the right decision and have the power for when you need it in the heat of the moment, but there are right ways and wrongs ways to use them. We take a look at the five common condom mistakes you should try to avoid – and ensure the good times are always safe times!

1.    Choosing the wrong size!

Let’s start with the basics because buying the right size condom is pretty important. What happens when your man whips out something you didn’t plan for? Condoms come in different sizes for a good reason – because men come in different sizes too! You don’t want your guy to be wearing something that’s too big or too small so do your homework, be prepared, and buy the right size condom – or risk losing the contraceptive benefits of using condoms. Size really does matter.

2.    Putting it on inside out or doubling up!

It’s a rookie error but an easy one to make so don’t feel bad. It might look like a simple thing to do but there is an art to unrolling the condom and putting it on without too much force or struggle. If it is proving to be difficult to put on, there could be a reason – you might have it on inside out or upside down. If so, don’t persist and instead use a fresh one, as it may have become damaged or unusable. And two condoms aren’t better than one, even if you think they might be! If you chuck one on top of the other, it doesn’t increase the protection, but it does increase the friction and the chance that they might both tear in the heat of the moment.

3.    Not checking for damages!

Okay, you’d like to think that every condom you and your partner use is in perfect condition and they should be. But it doesn’t hurt to check the condom before you jump on in, especially if it’s been kicking around in your purse for a while. Even the smallest nick or tear will mean the condom won’t be effective at doing what it does best – protecting both of you! Check for expiration dates too and a bonus tip is to make sure you store the condoms properly because packed wallets or purses can cause damage.

4.    Thinking men are the only ones who should handle condoms!

This one is about empowering you to take control of your own sexual health. One way to do that is to stock up on your own condoms and carry them with you for when the time is right. It’ll not only give you greater control but make your sex life even better than it is. Don’t assume that your man should take care of this side of things and don’t be shy when you go to make the purchase – there’s absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about!

5.    Not using a condom at all!

If you’re having sex on a regular basis, you need to be taking responsibility and carrying condoms with you at all times. Fail to do this and there’s a very good chance you’ll end up with an STD. Sure, use the condom in tandem with the Pill or an IUD for even better protection, but condoms are a great form of birth control and protection against STDs so pack them in your bag and worry less. 


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