AFRIKA KOMMT! Fellowship Program for Young African Leaders 2023–2025 (Fully-funded to Germany)

AFRIKA KOMMT! Fellowship Program for Young African Leaders 2023–2025 (Fully-funded to Germany)

Deadline: 26th of March 2023

The AFRIKA KOMMT! Fellowship Programme 2023–2025 is now accepting applications. Leading German firms and the most forward-thinking young African executives are brought together by AFRIKA KOMMT!

Businesses gain from the young professionals’ skill set, local network, and distinctive African perspective. The African men delve deeply into German business practices, German entrepreneurial drive, and German culture.

Program Information

The central component of the AFRIKA KOMMT! initiative is the African professionals’ one-year stay in Germany. The fellows actively work at their partner companies throughout this period while receiving training and mentoring. The learning process is complemented by additional elements that GIZ organizes, such as language lessons, workshops, and networking events.

Professional and specialized selection procedure: The program’s fellows are chosen through a thorough selection procedure that is carried out in close collaboration with the participating companies.

German language and cultural integration classes comprise the first part of the curriculum, which is designed to get fellows ready for their time in Germany. The fellows also have the chance to travel to German cultural landmarks.

The fellows go through three modules of intensive management training where they develop their understanding of contemporary global management techniques.

Professional fellowship with partner company:

The young specialists spend eight months working on projects and gaining valuable work experience with their partner companies.

The AFRIKA KOMMT! Network brings together African experts and partner firms at various networking events to share knowledge and advance shared projects.

After a year in Germany, the fellows become alumni and serve as ambassadors for knowledge and skill transfer in their home nations. The skill set of the alumni is improved and the AFRIKA KOMMT! network is further strengthened through a one-week refresher course in Africa or Germany.


As an AFRIKA KOMMT! participant, you will:

  • Improve your managerial and leadership skills
  • Get access to resources and chances to advance your career
  • Get more intercultural proficiency
  • Expand your horizons and encourage creativity
  • Expense of achieving personal growth

The participating businesses are responsible for funding every aspect of the AFRIKA KOMMT! program. As a fellow, you will be reimbursed for all expenses incurred in connection with the fellowship program (flights, accommodation, monthly stipend, trainings, language course).


Applying for the program requires that you:

  • Identify as an African citizen; possess a university degree in a relevant field;
  • A postgraduate degree, such as an MBA, is advantageous;
  • having two to five years of professional experience;
  • possess exceptional English language ability;
  • Having a basic understanding of German is advantageous;
  • at the time of application, not be older than 35.

Selection Standards for THE AFRIKA KOMMT! Fellowship Program


Along with the technical and educational prerequisites mentioned above, you should also possess the following abilities and qualities:

Communication and language abilities:

  • strong communication abilities both in writing and speaking

Strong capacity for learning German Professional abilities:

  • high potential for leadership
  • strong sense of self-motivation and initiative
  • high level of commitment, focus, and goal-orientation
  • strong ability to operate as a team
  • Personal characteristics
  • heightened levels of zeal, adaptability, and resilience
  • open attitude
  • outstanding cross-cultural skills
  • the capacity to quickly acclimate to new environments
  • Possibility of applying own prejudice and behavior

Before March 26, 2023, please submit your application; applications received after this date will not be considered.

Application for THE AFRIKA KOMMT! Fellowship Program

For more information and to apply click the Link Below;

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