Cabin crew certificate course in Kenya

Cabin crew certificate course in Kenya

Flight attendant or is a member of an aircrew employed by airlines aboard commercial flights, primarily to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers.

This article discusses and explains to you about the Cabin crew certificate course and how long is cabin crew course?

Cabin crew courses

Cabin crew certificate course is optimal for young experts seeking to get a running start in the air travel market, Working as cabin crew for a major airline is an exciting and also tough experience. Along with jetting off to exotic locations, the cabin crew experts also call for a high level of responsibility and also the field of expertise to make sure the safety and security, and the convenience of passengers in line with air-travel industry guidelines.

Cabin crew course Content

– Introduction to the airline sector and aircraft

– Crew participant coordination and communication

– Client service and handling guest communications

– Safety and emergency treatments

The cabin crew certificate course will certainly cover everything you require to know from first aid as well as CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to how to leave an aircraft as well as how to eliminate a fire. You find out about all things that might go wrong onboard an aircraft and how to handle all sorts of emergencies as well as exactly how to utilize all the devices on the board.

The cabin crew certificate is perfect for those trainees who wish to help a large national/ global airline company or charter driver.

Individuals who want to seek occupations in the aeronautics industry can pick from a choice of certificate and diploma programs after completing 10 +2. Females who intend to go after a profession as air hostesses have a wonderful range in this sector and can sign up for programs like Ground Staff and Cabin Team Training to begin collaborating with reputed airlines.

The cabin crew certificate consists of a combination of class understanding and practical training to acquaint the candidates with the numerous treatments of the aviation sector and things that an individual requires to remember while flying.

Occupations in this area are not solely for females. Men can likewise make an application for programs in this area as well as prospective prospects can obtain great jobs.

About the Cabin crew certificate course

The IATA Cabin crew certificate course is perfect for young experts looking to get a running start in the aviation market, working as cabin staff for a significant airline is an interesting and challenging experience. Along with getting off to unique destinations, the cabin crew professionals likewise require a high level of responsibility and specialization to guarantee the security and the convenience of guests in line with air travel sector regulations.

Zabeel is a pioneer in providing IATA air cabin staff training courses and certifications. This Cabin Crew Course is ideal for young professionals looking to get a start in the profession of Air Hostess/Cabin crew. The airline cabin crew profession is high in demand By 2020, UAE is expected to have a high job demand for Air hostess or Flight Attendant. The Cabin crew training introduces you to the skills and responsibilities expected by the world’s leading airlines. It prepares you for a high Paying Career as Airline Cabin Crew.

To know more about the Cabin crew certificate course click here.

Significance of Cabin crew certificate course

The cabin crew certificate course is different in every airline company; air cabin staff are usually extremely learned safety and security and security treatments to ensure the maximum feedback in the case is required.

The major objective of air cabin staff certification is to guarantee crew is gearing up with the necessary abilities to manage any kind of emergency situation or unusual circumstance that can happen on board. During training, they are taught just how to avoid incidents as well as exactly how to predict possible threats. That is why the cabin staff duty is an important role in operating a trip.

Learning Outcome of air Cabin crew certificate course

  • Understand the air cabin staff profession, its origins, and current practices
  • Identify aircraft types and relevant air cabin staff functions
  • Manage passenger interactions in a variety of circumstances
  • Recall emergency and safety procedures

Below is the list of Flight Attendant Schools In Kenya

Kenya Polytechnic University College, Nairobi

Kenya Utalii College, Nairobi

Westford International Training College, Nairobi

Graffins College Westlands Campus, Westlands

Zetech College Pioneer Campus, Nairobi

Global Institute of Tourism and Management Studies, Nairobi

Career Training Centre, Nairobi

Zetech College Church House Campus, Nairobi

Trans-Eastern Airlines Aviation College, Airport Campus, Nairobi

Regional Aviation Training Institute, Nairobi

Kenya Aeronautical College, Nairobi

Unity College of Professional Studies, Buruburu Campus, Nairobi

Global Institute of Management & Commerce, Nairobi

Nairobi Aviation Institute, Nairobi

Nairobi Aviation College, Nairobi

East African School of Aviation, Nairobi

Kenways Institute of Professional Studies, Mombasa

Nairobi Institute of Business Studies, Nairobi

Air Travel and Related Studies Centre, Nairobi

Mombasa Aviation Training Institute, Mombasa

The Kenya Airways Pride Centre, Nairobi

Daystar University – Flight Attendant

Maseno University, – Flight Attendant

How long do you have to go to school to be a flight attendant?

New flight attendants typically receive paid training after being hired by an airline, but flight attendant training schools do exist and some choose to pay for their own training before seeking a job. Training programs can take up to eight weeks to complete.

How much does flight attendant school cost?

The average cost of private flight attendant school in 2017 is $3,500-$5,000. Some programs, particularly those at an accredited flight attendant school are more expensive, up to $22,000 or more, including room and board. Others programs are much less expensive, with specific courses less than $1,000.

How are flight attendants paid?

The average hourly base rate paid to a flight attendant with a major airline is about $25-30, and depends solely on his/her years of service with the company. Hawaiian Airlines’ pay scale for flight attendants, where it takes a whopping twenty years to reach the top.

What do I have to study to become a flight attendant?

Airlines require job applicants to have at least a high school or equivalency (GED) diploma. Many, however, will only hire candidates who have graduated from college, often with associate or bachelor’s degrees in hospitality, communication, tourism, and public relations.

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