Cheap Places to Buy School Supplies For Every Grade in Nairobi

Cheap Places to Buy School Supplies For Every Grade in Nairobi

Schools are reopening this week. If you’re on a tight budget, consider thrift shopping for school supplies. Here’s where you can find affordable items for the kids in Nairobi.


Need lunchboxes and water bottles at an affordable price? Kamkunji has some pretty cool ones for as low as 100 bob.

Tsavo Road 

Need stationery supplies? Visit the stationery shops along Tsavo Road behind Odeon Cinema. Here you can get everything you need for a steal. Some items are priced 60% cheaper than those of mainstream stationery shops elsewhere in Nairobi.


Gikomba is the biggest second hand market in the region. Situated along Landhies Road in downtown Nairobi, Gikosh as it is popularly known hosts thousands of hawkers selling everything under the sun. You can get good quality second hand backpacks, sport shoes, toys, raincoats and more for your kids. 

If you’re an early riser, visit Gikosh on a Sunday morning and you’ll get an incredible haul for  2000 bob or else.

Toi Market

Toi Market is situated off Ngong Road behind Adams Arcade. Popular for affordable kids’ apparel, this is an ideal place to get (especially) tracksuits. 


Situated between Juja and Jogoo road right after Pumwani, Eastleigh, dubbed little Mogadishu for its significant Somali population, has a huge market dubbed Garissa Lodge. Almost everything is new here and sold at incredible wholesale prices. You can get a new set of kids underwear and socks for less than Ksh 1000. Also, you can find hair accessories for kids, and swimming costumes for really low prices.


Get second-hand books at Muthurwa Market along Kamkunji road. Dubbed the ‘Inama bookshop’ you can get encyclopedias, dictionaries, novels and a range of text books for as low as Ksh 100. 

Bus Station CBD

Situated between O.T.C and Afya Centre, here’s where you can get slightly used leather shoes for kids and scarves for incredibly low prices.

Back To School Shopping in 30 – On-Line

A couple of years ago, I took a friend of mine to shop for back to school books and supplies from Nairobi CBD. We found ourselves in one of the leading bookshops in town. The queues were crazy, with every parent trying to beat the back-to-school shopping deadline. It was chaotic at best.

We are slowly and steadily moving away from the tradition of physical to online shopping. Our phones and laptops delivering the marketplaces right where we are. Even supermarkets have adapted, surprisingly, school supplies and uniforms’ is where we draw the line.

A quick search online turned up a few online shops that are dealing with all the back-to-school books and supplies. You can actually, get all your books delivered to where you are from sites like , , and just to name but a few. Most people are still stuck to shopping from physical bookshops, they end up spending a lot of their time on the queues, do not be that parent or guardian, let your smart device shop for you conveniently.

Bata shoes have gone digital, they have an online shop where you log in, get the shoe size you want, in the colour that you want, you check out, make your payment and the shoes are delivered to you

Jumia has cool back to school bags, imagine you are getting everything that your child needs for back to school


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