How do I become a TV and radio presenter?

How do I become a TV and radio presenter?

Have you been thinking about a career in TV/radio, but don't know where to start? Media is one of the most exciting and challenging industries out there but It can be a great way to express yourself and tell stories. The tricky part is getting your foot in the door!

In this article, I will give you an overview of what presenting is all about. But first, let me tell you a little about yourself just in case this is the first time you're coming in contact with my content.

I am a multimedia personality and singer. My job is to inform, educate and entertain people on radio, television, and even on digital platforms like this one. I started my career presenting the breakfast show at an FM station for 3 years where I owned my skills as a presenter, show producer, voiceover artist, and content creator. After my first 3 years on radio, I started doing work on TV and so far I’ve worked many TV stations.

As someone who is active in the industry… I get a lot of questions about Presenting and in this article…. I’ll answer some of those questions.

Who is a Presenter:

A presenter is a person who presents or introduces television or radio programmes. Their primary responsibility is to provide information, entertainment, and companionship to hundreds, thousands, even millions of viewers.

As a presenter, you’ll do multiple jobs like hosting a show, reading the news, narrating documentaries, reporting, interviewing and so much more. I remember when I started hosting my first radio show… I did all of these things, and still do and I love it.

I love the fact that unlike boring office jobs no 2 days are the same in the media world. Every day comes with its own adventure.

Today you’re hosting a show from the studio. Tomorrow, you are on a red carpet interviewing interesting people from all works of life. There’s never a dull moment and you get to learn and grow so fast. But It can also be stressful especially when you’re just starting out so make sure that this is something they are absolutely passionate about.

How do I Become a TV Presenter:

Once you've decided that you absolutely want to be a presenter. The next thing you need to know is ”the qualities your potential employers are looking for” so you can improve those skills.

For example, if you want to be a doctor there are certain qualifications that are required of you. First, you earn a Bachelor's Degree. ...Graduate from Medical School. ...Compete a Medical Residency Program. ...Earn Licensure. Before you practice. The same thing applies in presenting.

The Required Skills.

1. As a presenter, you must communicate clearly because your primary responsibility is to inform, educate and entertain your audience and if your audience cannot understand what you are saying that means you’ve failed as a presenter.

2. You must have a great personality. This simply means the characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character.

Your personality will make or break your career as a presenter. Nobody wants to turn on the tv or radio and listen to someone with no personality. That is why most people hate listening to politicians, teachers or news anchors. As a presenter, you should be able to make people fall in love with what you are saying by showing them your irresistible personality.

3. You must Have a genuine interest in people because this job revolves around holding a conversation with people. Many presenters, like TV hosts or newscasters, need to conduct interviews with people on their show. Rather than letting a conversation die, always look for ways to continue talking to have a deeper discussion.

4. You need to get comfortable in front of a camera or mic. presenters don’t just interact with the people on set, but they also need to talk directly to the camera/mic to interact with the audience at home. Set up a camera at home and practice talking directly to the lens. Pretend the camera is another person you’re talking to and engage with it so you don’t come across as boring or uncomfortable.

5. You should be smart. Being smart in this context meaning to have vast knowledge in different fields. as a presenter, you meet and interact with different people from all walks of life so knowing a little bit of everything is going to help you grow faster. I would advise you to read books on relationships, politics, science and any other thing you can find.

Do You Need a Degree to be a presenter?

To be honest, it’s not a must. Most media executives only care if you can do the job. I studied accounting at the university and I’ve not used that certificate once. There are tons of my media colleagues who did not study communications as well but are exceptional presenters. If you feel like you need to go to a school to acquire presentation skills? Do that.

If you think watching youtube videos and practising will get you there? By all means. Do whatever works for you. Just get the skills.

What are some great media schools?

This all depends on your location and budget. The best place to start would be to google “the best media school in (insert your location)” Then go through the options. Visit their websites. Check out their curriculum and tuition fees to decide what suits you.

Becoming a TV/radio presenter isn’t as hard as you might think, but it does require dedication, perseverance, and some passion for the job.

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