Ways to Make Money Online in Kenya 2024

Ways to Make Money Online in Kenya 2023

What you can do and achieve now, geographically or financially, is wider than ever. 

All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a personal drive. There is no shortage on the internet of clever ways you can make money online in Kenya.

Although there are many success stories from people who have worked online in Kenya, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. 

Instead, building a successful venture takes lots of patience, persistence, and hard work.

If you are looking for ways to start making money online in Kenya, you have come to the right place. 

Here, we will be unveiling 64 ways to make money online. 

The Benefits Of Making Money Online In Kenya

Making money online carries considerable benefits – these are just five of them.

  1.   Endless Opportunities

Working online presents you with endless opportunities to earn money. There are so many jobs that you can do online and make a comfortable living. As long as you have a laptop and a stable internet connection, you will only need to look in the right places. You can work as a copywriter, SEO writer, or digital marketer, sell online, do online surveys, become a Jumia seller, and more. 

More and more websites are emerging today that offer to pay you for doing simple things. You can earn thousands of shillings by posting something on social media or clicking on a site. 

The internet has now become a contesting ground for marketers, which has benefited the user. You can also earn good money by reviewing and promoting businesses or answering simple questions. These opportunities do not need much to start, so you can check them out and get started as early as today. 

  1.   Flexibility

Working online offers an incredible amount of flexibility. There are no schedules to follow, and you can plan your work around the activities you love. In addition, you can work from anywhere in the world where you are most comfortable. 

You are not confined to an office cubicle and do not have to go to boardrooms physically. Due to the flexibility that makes you access everything online, you can work from your favorite café, use a cool co-working space, or work from the airport lounge as you wait to catch your next flight.

  1.   Unlimited Earning Potential

Your earning potential is the biggest benefit of working online. Your income potential is nearly limitless because there is no cap on how much you can earn. If you are good at your craft, you can literally make more money in a month than you could make in a year while employed. 

Some of the things that can make you earn such high incomes include SEO writing and copywriting. 

  1.   Little Investment

When working online, all you need, in most cases, is a laptop and an internet connection. These can be found at home, and if not, they are not expensive to obtain. In addition, you don’t require to make any advance payment to get an online job. 

  1.   Set Your Own Hours

 Working online makes you your own boss. You will work your own hours and set leave days. You don’t have to beg someone to leave early because your child fell ill or to get a free day. 

You plan your own schedule and make every decision concerning your work and life. Therefore, all the benefits of your work are yours as well. There are many ways to make money online in Kenya. Some ways are easier than others, but one thing is sure, there are no easy ways to make an honest income online anywhere in the world unless the hassle is illegitimate. 

To make money online in Kenya, you must be ready to spend a fair amount of time and sometimes money. 

1. Start an Ecommerce Store

  Ecommerce is buying and selling goods or services over the internet. This business model digitally transfers money and data to execute online transactions. 

Research has shown that Kenya ecommerce sales hit a record high of US$3.4 billion in 2021, meaning that this is the best time to start an ecommerce store. 

To start an ecommerce store in Kenya, follow these steps:

  • Choose What To Sell

When starting an ecommerce store in Kenya, the first step is to find a product to sell. This is the most challenging part, and you must choose carefully. 

First, you need to perform research. Consider what exactly you are going to offer. Will you sell products or services? If you settle for products, will they be physical or digital? Where will you source your products? What’s your business model?

Think on broader lines, like how you will deliver your products or services to your customers. What startup costs are you expecting? Are there legal requirements? These questions will clarify things at the beginning and help you to write a business plan. They will help you set goals and identify your niche. 

  • Select Your Business Name 

Determine the business or brand name that you use in your operations. First, choose a name that is unique and which indicates what your business is or does. 

Then, conduct a name search to ensure that you are not choosing a business name that belongs to someone else. Check any legal requirements like licenses and fees to be paid and comply. Most ecommerce businesses do not require as many licenses as physical stores, but you will need to determine the exact requirements for your type of business. 

Once you have your name, create a logo for your business. Understand some SEO and optimize your store so that you can begin appearing on search results. 

Start building your store. You can use a website builder or get a website developer to build one for you.

  • Determine How You Will Deliver Your Products

There are several delivery options that you can use. First, consider your shipping rates and methods. Will you pass the full shipping cost to customers, or will you offer a free or a flat rate? 

How will you ensure that your local customers get their goods? Next, choose your preferred packaging and the right one according to your products. You can brand your packaging to add value to your products and drive brand awareness. 

  • Choose An Ecommerce Platform And Create Your Website

Once you are done with all the paperwork needed, launch your business. Start creating your website and online store. This will be your business location where customers can find you. It is the face of your business. 

Creating your website is the most important part of creating an ecommerce store in Kenya. 

First, choose a domain name that closely describes what you sell. Next, create a logo along the lines of your business name. Finally, choose an ecommerce platform like Shopify or WordPress to build your online store. 

2. Become a Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is one of the decently paying online work. 

A virtual assistant is a person that works remotely for other businesses that become their clients. 

This is a self-employed individual with various skill sets that they use to help other businesses run smoothly. 

A virtual assistant can help a business with their daily admin work, manage social media accounts, run PPC campaigns, project management, transcription, translation, take over business operations, etc. 

To become a virtual assistant, you only need to leverage on the skills that you already have. 

If you are good at transcription, look for clients that need your services. You can look for clients from freelancing sites like Upwork, Fiverr, etc.

3. Start a Niche Blog

A blog is an informational site where you share your views on your subject of interest. 

First, choose from any of the profitable niches and blog about it. Examples include fitness, finance, gardening, photography, fashion, health, etc. 

Secondly, monetize it by placing ads on it as the Cost Per Click or Cost Per Impression. 

These will pay you when a reader clicks on the ad and by the number of views the ads get, respectively. 

You can also sell sponsored and private ads or monetize them through affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, the advertiser asks you to write about their product and pay you a commission for any sale they make through your blog. 

4. Become a Travel Consultant

Are you a travel buff seeking to earn money online in Kenya? Become a travel consultant and earn a commission when you help travelers with their flight arrangements, hotel bookings, and various aspects of vacation planning. 

A great place to find such an opportunity and more information is in a travel marketplace website like safaribookings.com 

5. Start a YouTube Channel

More than 5 billion videos are watched daily on YouTube alone. People flock to this video-hosting site to get entertained or look for information. 

Hence, you can start your own YouTube channel and give informational content or entertain your subscribers. 

A YouTube channel is monetized with ads once it hits 1000 subscribers or 4000 hours of view time. YouTube pays 200/= to 400/= for every 1000 views. 

6. Write articles for companies

Small and big enterprises need professional article writers to generate website content and promote their businesses. 

As an avid writer, you can create website content for these businesses and help them stay relevant online. 

Remember, these websites need fresh, unique content more often; if you position yourself as a professional writer, these businesses will call frequently. 

The amount of money you will earn writing for companies depends on your skillset and your niche. 

7. Earn Commissions doing Affiliate marketing

Are you interested in a specific subject, for instance, product reviews for starters, travel credit cards, etc.?

Whatever it is, you can create a website specifically for your subject of interest. 

You can make money online in Kenya through affiliate marketing. With time, you will have established trust with your audience to buy the recommended products. 

8. Make money in Data entry

If you are determined to make money online with the least skills, then doing online data entry is what you should consider. Of course, it would be best if you were an accurate typist. 

Besides that, you will need a computer with internet and can stay on your screen for long hours. 

Various forms of data entry from home include inputting data into spreadsheets, combining many forms into one, processing, entering invoices, etc. 

The job could be painstaking at times, but it pays off ultimately. 

9. Start a Podcast

With most people becoming busier than before, they are searching for passive ways to get content. 

Lately, podcasts have become trendier and can offer you an opportunity to build an audience and earn money from them. 

You can start and stream it live on YouTube, sell your products or find traditional sponsorship. 

One John Lee Dumas is a successful podcaster who makes up to Kes 20 million monthly with his Entrepreneur on Fire podcast.

10. Become a Social media influencer

If you have a massive following and a huge impact on the actions and opinions of other people, you can become a social media influencer and earn money online. 

Brands pay a social media influencer to promote products and drive sales. You will also bring new customers on board, share brand content, and offer testimonials. 

You will make money creating a brand’s content, sharing ratings, writing reviews, and interacting with consumers. 

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now Tik Tok are great for this activity.

11. Sign up for Freelance Work Online

Have you learned, for instance, CSS and HTML, or are you skilled in PHP, MySQL, and Python? Then become your own boss and make money online in Kenya by freelancing. 

Freelancing requires one to be strict and disciplined to reap the benefits. 

As your own boss, you set your payment rate and working hours. 

There is a shortage of many skills worldwide; hence you can land a huge contract with high pay online. 

12. Invest in the Nairobi Stock market

Ever thought of investing in the stock market, such as the Nairobi Stock Market? You could turn your investment into a long-term passive income stream investing here. 

Check out the requirement for investing in the Nairobi Stock market. Some require you to invest for as little as KSH100 and keep investing some amount every month to row your investment in the future. 

There are many more stock markets online that you can invest in and earn a good amount of money online in Kenya. 

13. Earn Money from Forex trading

Forex trading in Kenya is another adventure that has gained momentum over the recent past. 

The business involves buying and selling currencies. Lately, however, many cons have flocked the industry suggesting to be professional traders only to run with your profits for good. 

Therefore, before venturing into online forex trading, learn and master the ropes. Know the terms used in trading, their meaning, how to trade, the best time to trade, and how to withdraw your profits. 

While this has its fair share of risk, knowing the ropes will make you risk-free. It is one of the lucrative endeavors to try and make money online in Kenya. 

14. Earn Interest Investing in Sacco Shares

There are uncountable Saccos in Kenya, and we still expect to see many more being launched in 2024. 

Know which Saccos operate within the law, and invest in one that has been here for a long time and won’t crush any soon. 

You can invest in Sacco shares from different Saccos as a way to increase your streams of income. 

Most of them pay a dividend at or towards the end of the year, and here you can earn handsome pay on your investment. 

15. Provide Online Consultancy

Are you trained and have extensive experience in your profession? If yes, you can turn to consultancy; giving expert advice online can make money. 

Many industry leaders are searching for expert information but don’t know where to get it. 

You can ease their burden by providing their much-needed advice for money. 

16. Sell Custom Gifts Online

There is no great way of making real money online like selling custom gifts. 

You can advertise your custom gift ideas, such as mugs, tee-shirts, jewelry, etc., and sell them to customers who need them. 

Come up with gift ideas for special occasions and sell online on social media and eCommerce shops like Jumia or your eCommerce shop.

17. Start a Recruitment Agency

Starting a recruitment agency is a lucrative venture. Most businesses outsource the recruitment task to an agency because they may not have time for it or don’t have the know-how. 

Recruiters like Corporate Staffing Kenya are knowledgeable about the requirements of individual posts in their client’s businesses. 

They are trained to find and propose only best-fits with skills, knowledge, and other competencies ideal for moving the business forward. 

If you are knowledgeable in this field and want a side hustle online, you can establish a recruitment agency and find or be found by clients online.

18. Start a Door to Door delivery business

While this doesn’t sound like an online business, the internet still plays a huge role in the business’s success. 

With people spending more time at home these days, more things need to be delivered. As a result, delivery services have been booming in Kenya ever since the 2020 pandemic.

You can deliver food, flowers, or purchases from supermarkets. All you need is a motorbike,a rider, internet to find customers and you can run your business from home.

19. Career Counseling

Most millennials, especially in Kenya, are stuck on choosing a suitable career path after completing College/University. 

Since they are mostly online or spend lots of time on social media, this is where you advertise and sell your services. 

So search for platforms where you can advertise your services, and soon you will find most subscribing to your service or emailing you seeking career counseling sessions. 

20. Sell Products on Facebook Groups

If you have been using your Facebook account to hook up with friends, you might want to rethink its use and join influential groups.

People use these groups to sell their products and services. The good news is that more than your Facebook friends can see your listings. 

So you can make arrangements with those interested in your services and product and close a deal without breaking a sweat. 

21. Become an Internet Service provider

Most people in Kenya are tired of telcos’ expensive or unreliable internet. Thus, they are searching for a stable pocket-friendly option that promises value for money. 

You can make good money selling high-speed Wi-Fi to internet cafes, companies, and individuals at a cheaper rate. 

You only need to research where to find inexpensive and stable connections to supply your customers. 

With better customer service, your supply market will expand daily. 

22. Become a Web Developer

Some self-taught skills, such as web development and design, can see you command thousands of Kenyan notes online. 

First, you must have created several sites to master the art. 

Secondly, sell your services online and design websites for clients. This is a pretty competitive field yet so lucrative; therefore, you must be good at what you do. 

You can build websites using site builders like WordPress and hosting platforms like Hostpoa to manage a site. 

23. Start a Graphic Design Business

Do you have a creative mindset and zeal? Businesses are looking for you to create their brands. 

Tools like Canva and Photoshop are now easier to use, and you can use them to make money for online brands. 

Also, today, there are many marketplaces, such as Dribble, 99Designs.com, Behance.net, etc., where graphic designers can sell their designs and make real money online. 

24. Become a Transcriber

How fast is your typing speed? If you are a fast typist, you can make money online in Kenya by transcription. This job requires you to listen to an audio file or what’s being said in a video file through a pair of headphones, then type it. How quickly and accurately you finish tasks determines your pay rate. These tasks are also paid depending on the length of the file and not working hours. Before you are hired, you will be tested on speed accuracy and English knowledge. Make money at home typing court sessions, podcasts, lectures, etc. 

25. Teach ANYTHING Online

Make money online by becoming an online tutor. Teach anything as long as you are a guru and interested in it. 

It becomes even easier when you have a teaching degree. Sciences and maths always offer the most online tutoring opportunities, but English is a common subject.

Therefore, do not sit idling when you are an expert on a topic; you should consider tutoring online and make money.  

26. Write and Sell ebooks

Make money by writing an ebook. Format it properly, publish and promote it. If you are not a good writer, hire one to do the writing, a graphic designer to develop a great cover page, and a proofreader to remove errors from the content. 

Sell the ebook on your website or platforms such as Jumia and generate sales using great marketing strategies like video campaigns, social media, and influencer marketing. 

27. Sell Branded Products on Jumia

Jumia is a leading eCommerce shop that has been operating in Kenya for a long time now. 

Besides selling products at a pocket-friendly rate, the eCommerce shop also allows you to sell your branded products. 

To get started, register at the eCommerce shop, fill out the required form as a seller, then list your branded products. 

Shoppers at the website will see and buy your items through the eCommerce store. 

28. Become a Content Creator

Content creators earn from the video content they create and share. When they upload the content on YouTube or Tiktok, they earn through views. 

They can also earn from their websites if they have one. Or they can share the content on social media and add a link to their websites. 

Social media has played a major role in marketing their content and realizing huge traffic to their blogs and websites. You can try this online income-generating idea before it is too crowded.

29. Edit Videos for Others

Most videographers and content creators have no time to edit their recordings. They often turn to professional editors like you.

 Start offering this service to them online at a fee. All you need is a good computer with the right programs for video editing, and you are good to go.

The fast internet also makes it easier and faster for both of you to share video files and communicate promptly. 

30. Write CVs and Cover Letters

You will be surprised by the number of people sending CVs and cover letters to potential employers. 

These CVs must be professionals to increase their chances of getting employed. However, not all know how to write job-winning CVs and cover letters. 

This is where you come in. 

People needing your services will flock to these platforms in search of professionals like you. This job can be done remotely at your convenience. 

31. Open a Drop Shipping Business

Drop shipping business costs very minimal to start, and you can start within a few hours and start earning online within two weeks or a month on average. 

In drop shipping, you don’t keep your merchandise in your eCommerce shop. 

Instead, you have a third party who fulfills and ships products bought by a customer from your store. 

It is very easy to learn and start. It is an added advantage when you have some ideas about eCommerce. 

32. Sell Secondhand Clothing Online

If you have second-hand clothes to sell, your social media profile and pages are great places to sell them. 

Take quality photos of the clothes and post them on social media along with a brief description. 

You can either sell them there or place a link to your website where interested buyers can view them and buy easily. 

Times are changing, and the internet will provide you with the best platform to sell second-hand clothing. 

33. Sell Homemade Food Online

In Kenya today, people have earned a huge paycheck selling home-prepared food online. 

Most have created apps where clients can find them and order their favorite foods. These people are either too busy and feel like searching for a cool restaurant or eatery to eat would distract them from what they are doing. 

They, therefore, have the convenience of ordering homemade foods from you and having you deliver to their offices or at home. If you are a good chef, much is to be earned here.

34. Design Logos for Companies

If you are creative and know how to design logos, many companies are searching for your services. 

Today companies would rather outsource most tasks to professionals other than employ permanent, full-time professionals.

Outsourcing means saving time and cost and creating job opportunities for the best fit. If you are skilled in designing logos and can use the latest software to achieve this, you can try your hand at this remote job. 

35. Become a Landing Page Specialist

An online article writer can create landing pages for a company website. However, if you have niched down to this profession, it means you have done this a lot more and have the requisite knowledge and experience to outdo a general online article writer. 

A lot of opportunities are waiting for you on the internet. Consider offering this service from home in Kenya; you could be in for a fat cheque. 

36. Start a SaaS Company

SaaS stands for Software-as-a-Service and it is also known as Cloud-based software. It is a software licensing and delivery model where software is licensed on a subscription basis.

People pay to use software all the time and you can use this chance to earn from it. You will not need to develop the software yourself in order to start this business. You can simply purchase the software then resell it through subscription services. You can get the software with as little as $20 to $50 and build your online business. People will sign up for your SaaS service and pay a monthly subscription fee. You will continue to earn as long as people are using your service.

Some SaaS that you can offer include:

  •  BigCommerce
  •  Google Apps,
  •  Salesforce
  • Dropbox
  • MailChimp
  • ZenDesk
  • DocuSign
  • Slack
  • Hubspot
  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs

Follow these steps to get started:

1.      Buy a Pre-configured SaaS:  In places like Codecanyon, you can find all sorts of codes, scripts, and plugins at any budget. Buy a ready-to-use system and deploy it.

2.      Host the service online: Host the service on a server. If you are new to this, watch this detailed video and learn how to install any PHP script online.

3.      Market your SaaS service: Codecanyon has built-in payment integrations such as PayPal and stripe so your payments can be deposited directly into your account. Market your SaaS in order to get customers. You can use Facebook ads, Google ads, email marketing, etc. 

This service can rake you huge amounts of money online in Kenya. 

37. Develop Apps for Companies

Don’t wait to be employed in a Kenyan IT company to earn money as a developer. Many businesses are in search of app developers to create their apps. 

Visit freelancing websites such as Upwork, kuhustle.com, Fiverr, and more and bid on many App development projects listed there by a prospective client. 

This could see you make a lot of money creating your apps from home each month. 

38. Resell Web Hosting Services

Though lucrative, web hosting reselling is one of the few unheard-of internet income streams. 

Various web hosting companies allow you to resell their web hosting services through your blog or website and earn each time a buyer purchases through your affiliate link. 

Visit web hosting websites like hostpinnacle.co.ke to learn more about becoming a reseller in Kenya.

39. Start a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing business requires a creative mind. If this is you, brace yourself for a huge payday with your digital marketing skills. 

Digital marketing plays a pivotal role in helping brands stay relevant. As an agency, you will have to work with both small and established brands, but as you start, it’s wise to start with small projects like social media posts and banners; as you advance, take on large projects like brand identity and managing marketing campaigns on social media.  

40. Become an Email Marketing Specialist

Email copywriting is a lucrative venture that requires special skills that a typical article writer may lack. 

Your email copies need to bring in more clients and convince them to use your client’s services or buy products. 

Learn how to become an email marketer and sell your services to potential business owners online for good money.

41. Offer Online Accounting Services

Accounting is a course that can take a lot of time to finish and become certified. Therefore there is a shortage of accounting jobs in Kenya, and businesses do not want to employ them because of the high retention fee. 

You can sell your services online and earn money in Kenya through accounting work if you are good with numbers. 

Businesses will require you to keep all their financials in check and help move the business ahead. 

42. Become a Real Estate Broker

 Social media plays a huge role for property sellers and brokers looking to sell land or homes. 

Talk to a land seller or property agent and communicate your idea to become a broker selling land or renting homes via the web. 

Agree on the cut whenever a buyer you refer to them closes a deal. Most people have earned passive income doing this. You, too, can.

43. Find Typing Jobs

Typing jobs are easy to perform and earn as long as you are a fast typist. One of the many jobs you can do from home with the least investment is only a computer and an internet connection. 

The sad part is that scams are the most advertised on search engines and social media platforms. 

So, no one should lie to you can get rich overnight doing them because you will have to spend hours on end on your screen to make good money. 

Nonetheless, you can find typing jobs on most freelancing websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc. Though they require you to work long hours to make something decent, they are not bad. 

44. Start a Clothing Brand

Are you a designer with an entrepreneurial spirit? If you have a creative thing that can resonate with people, maybe starting a clothing brand could be a well-thought idea for making money online in Kenya.

Some of the successful clothing brands in Kenya include Home254 & Vivo Activewear. 

What really makes one stand out in this business is your ability to be creative, consistent and motivated.

You have to be consistent in production, creative in your designs and motivated in what you do.

45. Conduct market research for businesses 

For a business to outdo its competitors, it has to do things differently and according to trending or real-time research. 

Therefore, you can offer your business research services to them as they focus on what matters the most. 

46. Buy and Rent Equipment

Some people argue that renting is better than buying, especially if renting equipment is for one-time use. 

You can buy electronics, tents, seats, and more and advertise your business online. 

While you will find most clients offline, you will earn a lot from online clients coming to you.  

47. Get Paid to Write Business Plans

Businesses need a business plan to help in better and smooth running. 

They also need a professional business plan when they need funding. 

Go online, look for those who need this service, and try sending them your job proposal. You will find many clients.

48. Create Presentations for Businesses

If you are good at doing business research and using PowerPoint, then you should try this. 

Most businesses, especially startups, lack professionals who can do business research, write proposals and create presentations. 

Many potential clients need your services on most freelancing sites. Alternatively, you could use social media platforms and Facebook groups to find clients and work. 

49. Become an SEO Consultant

Consider 2024 the year most businesses in Kenya will go online than ever before. 

However, having an online presence is one thing but ranking high on Google Search results is another. 

Contents on a business website must be search engine optimized to rank high. A typical article writer may not help the business as much unless you offer SEO consultations. 

It could go a long way in helping them stay relevant on the internet while you make good money. 


50. Offer Google Advertising Services

Get paid by businesses to create and run ads on Google. All businesses with an online presence will pay huge sums to grab your attention when you are online. 

Find potential clients online who need these services and render them for cash. 

Best clients, mostly operating coffee shops, fitness clubs, and others, are in dire need of this service you can do from home in Kenya. 


51. Offer Facebook Advertising Services

 On Facebook, you might have come across posts that are marked as “Sponsored”. Companies pay you huge amounts to build and run such campaigns. 

You can earn money online in Kenya by providing Google advertising services. 

Great potential clients are found in coffee shops, fitness clubs, chiropractic offices, or vet clinics. 

If you are good at creating and running ads, you are off the hook with Facebook Ad services.


52. Create A Private Facebook Group

Facebook allows you to create both a public and private group. Create a private group to sell services, sometimes products, to buyers. 

Buyers can find your group and join to get access to your products, services, or insights. 

This could be a passive income you can do from the comfort of your home and generate income daily.


53. Start A Lead Generation Business

You should start a lead generation business in Kenya come 2024 to generate leads through SEO optimization and email marketing for online businesses. 

The business entails identifying your client’s potential customers and guiding them to the website’s sales pipeline. 

This helps both parties to close deals swiftly. Many websites are searching for lead generation agencies to handle this part of the business.


54. Provide Customer Support Services

Many companies are searching for people who can offer customer support for their clients. 

The job entails email support, staying on chat, and doing everything a customer service rep does. 

Unlike other jobs listed here, this assigns you specific hours to do the job. You can try this one, too.


55. Proofread for a Living

Proofreading online works almost the same way as freelance writing. You will be required to read and correct articles written by others, and they pay you. 

Proofreading is a location independent endeavor you can start in Kenya and earn some cash. 

You need a computer, internet and proofreading skill for this. There are many online platforms where you can list your proofreading services and get hired.


56. Become a Brand Ambassador

Becoming a brand ambassador is almost like becoming an influence. You need a huge following on social media, spend time there and be creative. 

Craft articles and ads for your clients to keep customers entertained and informed and, at the same time, influence them to test the brand’s products and services. If you spend much time on social media, spend it making money online in Kenya as a brand ambassador.

57. Sell unwanted items on Jiji

Jiji is a Kenyan website and marketplace where you can buy products you are interested in and sell unwanted items. 

To get started create an account on Jiji post products you’re no longer using, but is still in good condition? land a buyer and receive money for it.


58. Sell your smartphone on Badili

Do you have a smartphone you are not using? Sell it on Badili and earn money. 

If you want to upgrade your smartphone but do not have enough money to buy a new one, you may consider selling it here and adding on to your funds. 

59. Declutter your Closet

Is your closet full? Or it has clothes you no longer wear. You can get rid of them by giving them to charity or earn some money renting them online or selling them to websites that accept second-hand clothes in good shape. 

For instance, a website like Jiji.co.ke accepts unwanted clothes and electronics. 

You will be surprised by how much you can earn selling unwanted clothes from your closet. 


60. Become an Airbnb Host

Did you know you can list your extra room, home, spare bedroom, or a place people can stay on Airbnb and earn? 

Visit their official website and list your space there. 

Decide when the space will become available and quote your price; you could make some extra income each month. 


61. Become an Online Photographer

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to earn a fat cheque selling photos online. 

Armatures can also earn big, thanks to platforms like Shutterstock and Alamy, where they can showcase their photography. 

You will earn royalties when a person downloads a copy of your image. 

Foap is another smartphone app to upload photos, create a listing, and earn.

The platform shares 50/50 of the revenue when someone, a brand, or an agency purchases a video or photo from your profile. 


62. Sell Social Media Management Services

Make money online in Kenya by spending time on social media. Today, businesses prefer having a social media presence to connect with more customers. 

Unlucky for them, they may not have time to stay on social media platforms, so they prefer hiring you. 

You will create engaging content and build an audience. 

In 2024 consider reaching out to businesses in your location and offer to manage their social media for an agreed amount. 

63. Start a Business Directory Website

An online directory is a list of businesses that have a common theme and a link to their websites. Any type of business can be listed on an online directory. Business directories help to connect clients and business. Directories give businesses exposure leading to more customers. /this is done through increased traffic to the website, increased visibility and search engine ranking, greater credibility and trust and increased sales and revenue.

There are several ways to earn money from a business directory website.

  1.     Charge for listing– You can charge a monthly subscription or a one-off fee for a certain amount f time. This is more effective for directory niches such as jobs or retail businesses. To charge for listings, you need to have high traffic in your website.
  2.     Claim a listing- If you are just starting out and don’t have large amounts of traffic, this is the best way to get money from your directory. You will need to display all the businesses in your niche to create a valuable site for your target audience. Businesses can then pay to claim their listing, adding extra information like branding, extra contact info, etc.
  3.     Premium listing– Sell premium listing space to get money from your directory. Premium listings could be positioned in prominent places on your site.
  4.     Sell advertising space– Businesses that want to tap into your large audience may want to advertise in your directory website. Sell prominent banners or sidebar positions on a monthly retainer.

To start a business directory, you will need to choose a niche for your directory site. It could be something you are interested in like real estate or something in demand like office furniture or equipment. It could also be something evergreen like health or relationships.

Follow these steps to set up your directory website:

  1.     Pick a domain name
  2.     Get web hosting
  3.     Install Worpress and install these plugins
    • Geodirectory
    • Advanced classifieds and directory pro
    • Business directory plugin

Get your business directory website infront of the right businesses by marketing it. You can do this through social media advertising, paid advertising, SEO, and blog marketing. 


We cannot exhaust all the necessary ideas to make money online in Kenya; therefore, pick the ones that suit your passion, skills, and situation and practice them. 

And, since not everyone can commit to a 9-5 pm job, internet jobs can offer you the flexibility you need to attend to other obligations while you make money in the comfort of your living room. 

It is time to put your knowledge and skills to good use, and with hard work and determination, you will make money online in Kenya. 

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