Blood Test Price in Kenya | Various Categories & Prices

Blood Test Price in Kenya | Various Categories & Prices

Blood samples are tested in laboratories today for various reasons in order to determine the condition that one has in their body systems. Besides, after blood testing, the doctor is able to know where the treatment should commence, making it easier and more accurate.

Due to improved technology in the modern world, there are blood testing kits that are used to test a blood sample and give the results instantly. In this article, I am going to show you the price of blood tests in Kenya and also the cost of blood testing kits. Continue reading till the end.

Let us begin with the blood test price in Kenya.

Blood test price in Kenya ranges from as low as Ksh. 100 to as high as Ksh. 150,0000 depending on the type of testing that is being run and the hospital facility where the blood test is done.

You may as well wish to carry out a Lancet blood test in the Kenya hospital lab. The Lancet blood test price is an average of Ksh. 8,850.

Blood Group Test

People test their blood in order to know their blood group and also whether they can donate blood or not.

Blood group test prices in Kenya are typically Ksh. 200 in public hospitals and Ksh. 350 in private hospitals.

You may as well like to know the blood group test kit price in Kenya, which is approximately Ksh. 6,000 for a full kit.

Blood Sugar Test

Maybe you want to carry out a blood sugar test, but you don’t know the price. Here is the blood sugar test price in Kenya, which starts at Ksh. 230 and can go up to Ksh. 670.

Perhaps you are interested in buying a blood sugar test kit here in Kenya. Blood sugar test kit prices in Kenya can be as low as Ksh. 1,000.

Hormone Profile Test

Sometimes you may be curious to know your hormonal profile due to the conditions that affect your body.

The cost of a hormone profile test in Kenya is an average of Ksh. 3,080 in the health facilities in Kenya.

Lab Tests Prices in Kenya (Updated)

#Test Abbrv.Test Full NameAverage Cost (Kes)Turn Around Time
 FBSFasting Blood Sugar180.00Immediate
1RBSRandom Blood Sugar180.00Immediate
 ANC ProfileAntenatal Profile2000.00- 10,000.00See individual Test
2 ABO & Rh Blood900.002 Hours
3 ABO Blood Group525.002 Hours
4ACTH LevelACTH (Adrenocorticotropic Hormone), Blood3,450.003 - 5 Days
5 Acute Hepatitis Profile (Hep A IgM, Hep B Core Ab, HbSAg and HbSAb)8,625.003 Days
6 Aerobic Culture - Ear2,025.002 - 3 Days
7 Aerobic Culture - Pus2,175.002 - 3 Days
8ALTAlanine Transferase675.002 Hours
9 Albumin, CSF1,500.002 Hours
10 Albumin, Serum675.002 Hours
11ALPAlk. Phos. Isoenzymes, Serum1,800.002 - 3 Days
13ALPAlkaline Phosphatase -Bone Specific2,700.003 - 5 Days
12 Alkaline Phosphatase [ALP], Serum675.003 Hours
14A1ATAlpha 1 Antitrypsin1,050.002 - 3 Days
15AFPAlpha-Fetoprotein [AFP], Serum2,400.002 - 3 Days
16ASTAspartate Ttransferase675.002 Hours
17AISAutoimmune Screen (Includes CRP, FBC+ESR, Rf, ANF, ENA Screen)10,425.003 Days
18GXMBlood Group Crossmatch1,125.002 Hours
19 Blood, Urine525.002 Hours
20BMABone Marrow Aspirate & Treph Reporting8,250.003 - 5 Days
21BMABone Marrow Aspirate Procedure3,375.00I Hour
22BMABone Marrow Aspirate Reporting2,775.002 - 3 Days
23BRCA 1Breast Cancer Gene 1 Mutation134,025.002 Months
24BRCA 2Breast Cancer Gene 2 Mutation134,025.002 Months
25 Brucella Agglutination Test750.002 - 3 Days
26U & EBUN (Urea and Creatine) Serum525.002 Hours
38CRPC-Reactive Protein, Serum1,650.002 - 3 Hours
39CRPC-Reactive Protein, Ultra Sensitive2,400.002 - 3 Hours
27CEACarcino-Embryonic Antigen [CEA]2,475.003 Hours
28 Cardiac Troponin I3,225.003 days
29 Cardiac Troponin T3,225.002 Hours
30 Cardiolipin Ab [IgG, IgM, IgA]6,075.002 - 3 Days
31 Chemotherapy Profile (Creatinine, Bili T/D, ALP, ALT, AST, LDH, FBC)5,250.003 Hours
32ClChloride, Serum450.002 Hours
33TcholCholesterol - Total, Serum675.002 Hours
34 Cold Agglutinin Titre600.002 Days
35CBC or FHGComplete Blood Count (CBC)600.002 Hours
36DCTCoombs Test - Direct600.002 Hours
37ICT or AHG TestCoombs Test - Indirect or Anti- Human Globulin Test900.002 Hours
40CrCreatinine, Serum525.002 Hours
41CrCreatinine, Urine600.002 Hours
42GXMCross Match For Blood Transfusion1,125.002 - 3 Hours
44CRAGCryptococcal Antigen , Serum1,650.003 Hours
43CRAGCryptococcal Antigen - CSF1,800.002 Hours
45 CSF - Cryptococcus India Ink975.002 Hours
46 CSF Gram Stain600.001 Hours
47 CSF IgG Index Profile With Electrophoresis, CSF & Serum10,875.002 - 3 Days
48CF ScreenCystic Fibrosis Extended Screen32,100.002 - 3 Days
49CMV IgMCytomegaloVirus IgM, Serum2,250.003 Hours
1ESRErythrocyte Sedimentation Rate245.00 
50G6PDG6PD, Blood2,025.002 - 3 Days
51 Genital - Cervical Swab With MCS2,625.003 Days
52 Genital - MCS /High Vaginal Swab2,625.0024 - 72 Hours
53HBA1cGlycated Haemoglobin)2,025.002 - 3 Hours
54 Gram Stain - Ear Swab750.001 - 2 Hours
55HbHaemoglobin [Hb]525.001 Hours
56 Haemolytic Screen (Haptoglobulin, Bilirubin T/D, LDH, FBC & Retic Count)6,075.0024 Hours
57 Haptoglobin, Serum2,400.002 - 3 Days
58Hb ElectHb Electrophoresis4,650.001 Day
59 Hb Electrophoresis5,025.002 Days
60H.Pyroli AbHelicobacter Pylori Ab IgM2,025.001 - 2 Hour
61H.Pyroli AgHelicobacter Pylori Stool Ag2,175.001 - 2 Hours
62HBSabHep B Surface Antibody2,175.002 - 3 Hours
63HBSagHep B Surface Antigen2,175.002 - 3 Hours
64Hep AHepatitis A Pro?le [IgG + IgM]4,349.002 - 3 Hours
65HER2Histology HER2 Immunohistochemistry4,425.002 - 3 Days
66HTCHIV-1/2 RDT825.004 Hours
67HCGHuman Chronic Gonadotrophin1,494.001 - 2 Hours
68IDA ProfileIron Deficiency Anemia rofile4,555.00 
69JAK2JAK2 V617f Mutation12,075.003 - 5 Days
70LFTs-BasicLiver Function Test (Bilirubin T/D, ALP, AST AST, GGT, No LDH)3,375.002 - 3 Hours
71LFTs-FullLiver Function Test (Bilirubin T/D, ALP, AST AST, GGT,Total Protein, Albumin + LDH)4,425.002 - 3 Hours
72LFTs ExtendedLiver Function Test
(Bilirubin T/D, ALP, AST AST, GGT,Total Protein, Albumin - No LDH)3,375.002 - 3 Hours
73PPDMantoux (PPD) Skin Test600.003 Days
74MCSMicroscopy, Culture & Sensitivity (Blood)2,400.0024 - 72 Hours
75 Microscopy,Culture,Sensitivity (Bacterial)- Eye2,475.0024 - 72 Hours
76OGGTOral Glucose Tolerance Test1,725.002 Hours
77PAPPap Smear2,025.002 - 3 Days
78HIV VLPCR - HIV Viral Load7,275.002 - 3 Days
79SPE-QProtein Electrophoresis, Serum2,175.002 - 3 Days
80PT/INRProthrombin Time Index (PTI / INR)975.002 - 3 Hours
81HCFQuantitative HCG2,025.002 - 3 Hours
82Retic HbReticulocyte Haemoglobin1,125.001 DAY
83Retic CountReticulocytes Count [Measured and Corrected]675.008 Hours
84RhDRh D Antigen525.0036 Hours
85RFRheumatoid Arthritis Factor [analyser method]750.004 Hours
86RFRheumatoid Factor [Latex Method]1,350.004 Hours
87VDRLRPR [VDRL] - CSF750.004 Hours
88VDRLRPR [VDRL], Serum675.004 Hours
89SHBGSex Hormone Binding Globulin Serum2,250.002 - 3 Days
90NaSodium, Serum525.002 - 3 Hours
91TB CultureTB Identi?cation On Culture4,350.006 - 8 Weeks
92TB PCRTB PCR (Genexpert)5,625.005 Hours
93TSHThyroid Stimulating Hormone [Thyrotropin], Serum1,875.002 - 3 Hours
94Tprot.Total Protein, Serum525.002 Hours
95TSH & T4TSH & Thyroxine Levels3,675.002 - 3 Hours
96TSHTSH Cord Blood1,875.002 - 3 Hours
97U/E/CsUrea/ Electrolytes/ Creatinine2,475.002 Hours


In a nutshell, it is important to carry out a blood test as it gives you the most accurate results about your body, thus enabling you to receive the correct treatment.


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