Juicing and the Health Benefits

Juicing and the Health Benefits

 Why is drinking fresh pressed juice so much more popular
 than the bottled variety from the supermarket? Well, there is in
fact a HUGE difference, and it may be time to break out of an old habit and try
something new that is not only good for you but delicious as well!

Juicing has become more and more popular because we are
realizing that we are not getting the nutrients we need from the foods we eat
in today’s world, and freshly squeezed juices bring a huge kick of easily
absorbable vitamins and nutrients.

  For example, The National Cancer Institute recommends
eating five servings of vegetables and three of fruits each day. However, the
average person eats only 1 1/2 servings of vegetables and less than one serving
of fruit per day. Juicing is an excellent way to incorporate more raw
fruit and vegetables into the diet easily and quickly. 

Raw juice, and consuming the recommended amounts of fruits
and vegetables is the best way to fight and prevent cancerheart
 and many other threats to health.

To start with, it is an amazing way to detoxify and cleanse
your body. Your body works hard every day, digesting and processing all the
food you consume, plus all the other stresses you put on yourself that your
body has to deal with.  Since fresh juices have already been pre-digested
(the fibre has been removed), drinking fresh juice regularly can give your body
the break it needs to focus on healing other parts of you that it otherwise
doesn’t have the time or energy to address.

Juicing also gives you a mega-concentrated hit of vitamins
and antioxidants that are immediately absorbed by your body – giving you
instant benefits!

With very little effort, you can drink the juice of far more
vegetables than you could ever manage to eat at one time. You can even sneak in
vegetables that you don’t really like, as it is very easy to cover them up with
stronger-flavoured fruits or vegetables. Over time, drinking fresh juices
actually re-formats your taste buds, and you start to naturally feel attracted
to eating a wider variety of fruits and vegetables – even the ones you
previously disliked!

Juicing can also help you lose weight. This happens not
because you are eating less solid food, but because once your body gets the
extra nutrients it has been waiting for, your cravings for the unhealthy
options naturally begin to fall away.  You are effortlessly drawn to foods
that are good for you, and in the right quantities. It helps to change your
eating habits in an easy and tasty way!


  • Give
    you a mega-shot of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants.

  • Reduce

  • Aid in
    weight loss.

  • Clear
    up your skin.

  • Detoxify.

  • Cleanse
    your colon and other major organs.

  • Give
    you energy!

Most juice you buy in the supermarket is made from
, and has added sugar and countless other chemicals,
preservatives and colours. If you do manage to get a 100% juice drink, it has
most likely been pasteurised – a process that kills most of the vitamins and
nutrients, and delivers high sugar content from the fruit itself. It may taste
great, but it does not contribute to your health.

If you feel put off by the financial investment, consider
this: You don’t hesitate to buy an expensive pair of running shoes, and maybe
the appropriate clothing .

Why not invest the same (or less) amount of money in
your body
 that will give you as much, or maybe even more benefits to
your health?

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