Procedure to Get an Internship at Google

Procedure to Get an Internship at Google

Getting an Internship at Google: Complete Tutorial with Step-by-Step Procedure

Hello there! Are you hoping to land an internship at Google and satisfy a long-held ambition? Without a question, Google is one of the most prestigious tech firms in the world, with legendary achievements.

After meeting the required requirements, students pursuing a career in the field of information and software technologies hope to get an internship at Google. All that is required is learning the necessary prerequisites in order to get ahead of the line for such a prestigious internship. The following article outlines all of the important considerations, processes, and measures involved in pursuing an internship.

How to Get the Best Available Google Internship for Students

Technical and Product Management Internships are typically available at Google for students. Google’s Technical and Product Management Internships are primarily for the students pursuing associate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees in Computer Science and related fields.

Students in their third and fourth years of college are typically preferred. You will have an equal chance of being selected if you come from a different field but have a good knowledge of coding and algorithms. Second-year MBA students can also apply for summer internships at Google.

Students with a technical education, as well as those who are continuing their studies in various semesters, are eligible for an internship at Google. Before starting the application process, it’s always a better idea to wait for the advertised protocols for the same on the website.

During their stay, second-year MBA students are also given preference for a Google summer internship. The average period within the organization is 10–12 weeks, during which time the students are allocated different tasks in a variety of domains. Concentrating your mind on the following sentences and paragraphs will allow you to grasp the entire process for the internship at Google.

Best Easiest Steps for Pursuing an Internship at Google

1. Perfect Role as per the Qualification of the Candidate

Explore Google’s job board to see if there are any Google internship opportunities available inside the business. The internship at Google is accompanied by a variety of opportunities across the various positions available.

Product Manager Assistant: A bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree in computer science or a related field is required to begin working as a Google intern for this job.

Software Engineering: Students pursuing an internship at Google in the field of software engineering must have a Ph.D. in computer science or a similar technical field. After meeting the requirements, applying for a vacant internship at Google would be beneficial in a variety of ways.

Hardware Engineering: A full-time bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, or a related field is needed to obtain the Google Internship at this position. If your qualifications fit, you can apply for the role.

2. Concentrating on your CV/ Resume

The first thing that recruiters and hiring managers will notice about your application is your CV. It needs to be prepared in such a way that it makes you stand out from the crowd.

Make your CV relevant to the internship job at Google that you’re applying for. Additionally, carefully read the work description to identify keywords and phrases that you can use in your CV.

Make sure your credentials and experience are appropriate for the job. Mention any projects you’ve worked on or managed, the outcomes, and how you judge success and don’t be shy about mentioning any leadership positions you’ve held.

3. Application Sending Process for Google Internship

After you’ve found the ideal Google Internship program for you, the next move is to apply your application via the appropriate channel. The process can be started in three different ways.

Return to Google’s job board, find the internship you want, and click the “Apply” button if you want to submit your Google Internship application online.

Complete the application form and submit your curriculum vitae and transcripts (in PDF format). If you want to, you can also provide a cover letter (we highly recommend this).

4. Interview Preparation for Google Internship

The first phase in the interviewing process is a phone or Google Hangouts interview. Software engineering interviews typically last 30 to 60 minutes and cover topics like data structures and algorithms. You’ll be expected to write 20–30 lines of code in Google Docs that you’ll share with the interviewer. All other interviews last 30–45 minutes and are often made up of hypothetical, mental, and case-based questions.

It is even required to have a basic understanding of mathematics as well as the ability to think recursively. Last but not least, a good command of programming languages such as C++, Java, Python, Go, or C is needed.

Ways to Apply for Google Internship Process

Online Application: Students and internship seekers can apply for a Google internship directly via the Google Internship Portal, which is dedicated solely to this purpose. Prepare to apply with a revised resume that includes all of the necessary information.

Mailing to the HR of Google: It’s worth a try, even if it’s a little tricky, to email Google HR. Get the Google HR email address from a former intern or someone who knows someone who worked there. Send a brief statement of your goals to HR, along with a well-written resume and cover letter.

Referral Process: Ask a current Google employee to refer you if you come across one when searching for a Google employee for the previous point.

What Happens After the Internship Application Process at Google

After successfully applying for an Internship at Google, the resume and any additional attachments will be scrutinized by the hiring teams before the application process is complete.

You will be contacted for a round of technical interviews after passing this point, which will take place either over the phone or in Google offices around the world.

Last Words

To summarise, having the chance to intern at Google is a dream come true for many students. Google can delegate internship assignments in fields like Engineering efficiency, Site Reliability, AI and Machine Learning, Core Programming, and others. After all, you will be guided and mentored in every phase of the process by the organization. Congratulations on your achievement! You’ve completed the task.

Procedure to Get an Internship at Google
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