Ways to Capture High-Quality Pictures by Your Smartphone

Ways to Capture High-Quality Pictures by Your Smartphone

If you don’t have a DSLR camera, consider using your smartphone for high-quality product photography. Taking high-quality product pictures with your smartphone might seem a bit farfetched.

But today’s technology makes it very easy to take great pictures simply by using advanced features of your smartphone’s camera. Here are a several things you can do to capture high-quality pictures with your smartphone.

Build the Set

Before beginning your session, create a good set. This will help give you high-quality pictures of the product. Ensure you have all the equipment you need such as a reflector, tripod, the smartphone, and the product.

You should ensure that your phone’s camera has great features. 

Taking high-quality pictures requires great lighting. Make sure you have ample lighting before taking the picture. If you are indoors, you can open a window to get more lighting. Natural lighting is better and much easier to work with.

You can also use a lamp if there is no natural light available. To ensure there are no shadows of the object being captured, you can use a white reflector. This will allow the dark edges of the product to have light.

Get the Background Right

A great background helps accentuate the features of the product. You can use a white background or simply remove anything that can cause a distraction.

Avoid having anything else other than the product on the left side as people read from left to right. You should also position your smartphone in a great way. For instance, you can use a tripod which will stabilize the camera.

You can also clean up the background a bit to ensure that there are no imperfections.

Position your Product

Good positioning of the products is one of the ways of becoming great at smartphone photography. Position your product such that it is as the midpoint of the frame. You also need to position your phone at a distance that will help capture all the details of the product.

This means that if the product is small, such as an earring, place your phone close to the product. You can also zoom in and out to get more pictures.

The surface where you place your product should also be clean, and well-lit.

Get your Smartphone Ready

Preparing your smartphone before the session is one of the main steps of high-quality product photography. You should adjust your smartphone’s camera settings and choose the highest resolution.

Smartphone photography also requires some adjusting of the camera's settings such as zooming and the white balance.

You can also clean the lens before a photo session. This will help enhance the quality of the pictures.

Prepare to Shoot

Before beginning your photo session, try using the phone’s camera app. If it doesn’t give you the results you want, you can download a camera app that has more features. Some of the best camera apps are;

  • iPhone Camera+
  • Camera zoom FX

Once you have already placed your products and everything including the lighting and background are perfect, take the shot. Make sure you take multiple shots of different angles of the product.

After the photo session, edit your pictures to ensure that they are the quality you want.

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