20 BEST Camping Sites in Kenya

20 BEST Camping Sites in Kenya

Wondering about where to go camping in Kenya? We’ve handpicked some of the best camping sites in Kenya to help make the selection a little easier for you.

Kenya is home to some of the enthralling camping sites in Africa. Whether with friends, family or with colleagues, the East African nation has endless options for connecting with flora and fauna. Welcoming sounds, favorable temperatures, charming sceneries all elevate hiking, mountain biking, fishing, picnics, and a lot more to a whole new level.

Before making your travel arrangements, and setting off to any of the most exciting camping sites, your first starts with sufficient research on some of the available camping sites. Listed below are some of the most fascinating places to go camping in Kenya.

Fascinating places to go camping in Kenya

1. Amboseli National Park

If you are all about the views, then Amboseli national park is among the numerous gems southern Kenya has to offer. The most recognizable feature of this park is breathtaking views of Mount Kilimanjaro, which takes the honors for Africa’s tallest mountain. The 392 square kilometers park is home to various wildlife and campsites spread across the plains and the vast lake Amboseli.

2. Maasai Mara National Reserve

The Maasai Mara National Reserve covers an area of 1,510 square kilometers and is located along the southwestern border with Tanzania. It is home to the annual wildebeest migration, one of the most breathtaking natural wonders. The park is host to eight official campsites; five of those are open to the public with the remaining three operated by professional tour operators.

3. Tsavo East National Park

The park is among the oldest and largest in the country, and its multi-faceted geography makes it among the most diverse in the world. With an impressive land area of 13,747 square kilometers, the Tsavo East National Park is home to numerous camping sites catering for different tastes and preferences. These facts make it ideal for family, couples, colleagues camping.

4. Tsavo West National Park

Bordering the Tsavo East National Park, the park is home to scenic views and numerous species of flora and fauna the Tsavo has to offer. Located in the Southeastern part of the country and with a land area of 9,065 square kilometers, the park is also home to over ten camping sites and lodges. All these offer a variety depending on the number of campers, budget, and intended duration of stay.

5. Lake Bogoria

Lake Bogoria is located some 38 Kilometers or 23 miles north of Nakuru town. It is known for the numerous hot springs and flamingos, some of the most iconic birds. Besides the exhilarating camping sites along the lake’s shores, the Lake Bogoria National Reserve is home to scenic views of the lake and the surrounding hills.

6. Shaba National Reserve

The reserve is located in the northeastern part of the country and is a perfect way to enjoy scenic views of wildlife and tons of fun activities. It qualifies being labeled a gem, and enjoying it will be incomplete without an excellent camping session. That is catered for by several camping sites open to public as well as those by private tour operators.

7. Samburu National Reserve

When looking for something fun to do outdoors, the name Samburu will trigger your curiosity. It is located in the southeast of Samburu sub-county in the famous rift valley. The national reserve covers an area of 165 square kilometers and has fascinating camping sites in northern Kenya.

8. Narok

Narok is a county located 108 kilometers from Nairobi and is home to the Maasai and Kalenjin people, two of the most recognizable communities in Kenya. The county is home to the Maasai mara national reserve, numerous camping sites, and lodges. These offer camping options depending on tastes, preferences, budgeting, and duration of stay.

9. Mount Kenya National Park

Mount Kenya is the second largest mountain in Africa and undisputedly the most iconic landscape in Kenya. Located in the central part of the country the Mount Kenya National Park covers an area of 715 square kilometers. With so much to do or see, certainly not within a day, the park has several camping spots in the wild or lodges.

All these offer a lasting connection with the countless experiences that Nature has to offer. It is imperative noting that all these can be enjoyed from different angles or access points.

10. Meru National Park

Established in 1966, Meru National Park is located east of Meru and covers an impressive 870 square kilometers. The park receives enough rainfall, which makes it a thriving ecosystem; this makes the connection with Nature interesting. The famous Elsa the lioness was raised in the park. This was made possible by the help of two conservationists George and Joy Adamson.

Whether visiting the park for leisure or bonding purposes, you don’t have to leave. The park offers ample and secure spaces for camping.

11. Mara North Conservancy

The conservancy is located in the North of Maasai Mara National Reserve. It plays an imperative role in ensuring the continuity of life of especially the threatened species of wildlife. Over 800 and some eleven camps are tasked with the all-important duty of taking care of the conservancy.

The Mara North Conservancy offers a rare and exciting chance of connecting with Nature as well as the communities living in the area.

12. Iten

Far from wildlife, Iten is a town located in the rift valley and is the main town of the Elgeyo Marakwet county. Though smaller compared to other big towns or cities in Kenya, Iten’s name is firmly placed in history books for producing some of the best long-distance runners in the world. The town’s elevation stands at an impressive 2,400 meters, making it an excellent training ground for some of the best athletes.

Nicknamed the home of champions, the town has been attracting sports tourists from across the globe. Besides the sports aspect of it, the town has picturesque views as a result of its high elevation. If you are not planning to leave within a day of your arrival, the home of champions has several camping spots.

13. Chogoria

Chogoria is in the eastern of Kenya in Tharaka Nithi, and it is located off the Meru Nairobi highway. Nothing beats a night chit chat over a bonfire over a natural connection with Nature. Located close to the Mount Kenya National Park, Chogoria offers ideal campsites offered by both established and upcoming hosts.

14. Nanyuki

Just like any other majestic mountain, Mount Kenya has a lot to offer, Nanyuki is located in Nyeri county. The town provides fascinating sceneries of the mountain and wildlife all these under the windy but welcoming weather. Besides the nearby Mount Kenya National Park, the town has breathtaking views of the vast Laikipia Plateau.

Nanyuki has, in the last several years, witnessed a rise in the growth of the hospitality industry. That has made various camping sites available, depending on budget, among other factors.

15. Naro Moru

Relatively smaller than Nanyuki, Naro Moru is located between Nyeri and Nanyuki towns. The town’s economy is heavily dependent on tourism courtesy of its proximity to the Mount Kenya National Park. Despite its relatively small size, the town, and its environs host various lodges and camping sites.

16. Rusinga Island

When talking about great places to go camping in Kenya, skipping Rusinga Island is an injustice to this gem. The island is located in Western Kenya and the eastern part of the largest freshwater lake in Africa, specifically the Winam Gulf of Lake Victoria. It stretches 10 miles with 3 miles across at the broadest area.

Accessible through Mbita, the island is home to the best views of the lake at any given time of day. The best among camping spots are accessible through lodges and hotels spread across the island. It is imperative contacting your preferred host when making the necessary arrangements.

17. The Aberdares

The Aberdares comprises of the Aberdares ranges and the Aberdares National Park. The ranges are categorized by mountain ranges complete with a fascinating rainforest hiking trail. On the other hand, Aberdares National Park offers a wide range of charming views of flora/fauna and a chance of connecting with them.

The Aberdares vastness makes it possible to host numerous hotels and lodges, all located in either Nyeri and Nyandarua counties. The variety makes it possible to settle on ideal products depending on the desired goals.

18. Shimba Hills National Reserve

Compared to other parks or national reserves in the coastal region, the Shimba Hills National Reserve covers a land area of 192.5 square kilometers. But that does not mean it can’t match its competitors on the best views and hospitality. The reserve’s vegetation consists of grassland, woodland, and coastal rainforest.

Shimba Hills National Reserve makes camping possible for different members of the public through the available hotels, lodges, or private camping.

19. Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

Another gem in the Lake region, the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary, is home to some species of animals under special care. The sanctuary is home to several lodges and hotels, making it among the best to host corporate camping as well as private ones.

20. Sibiloi National Park

Established in 1973, the Siboloi national park is located in the northeastern shorelines of Lake Turkana. The park was established to protect the activities of the paleontologists working there as well as the wildlife. Should you be planning to experience a relaxing blend with Nature, the park has several ideal camping spots.

The country is home to inexhaustible camping options, and several factors should inform your choice. They include whom you will be traveling with, budget, location, and among others, time. Listed above are 20 great places to go camping in Kenya.

There you have it: 20 of the best camping sites in Kenya. Now the ball is on your court. Take time to compare your options to find out what works for you and what doesnt. After all, the sites are diverse enough to fit varying tastes and needs.

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