5 Ways Camping Can Improve Your Health

5 Ways Camping Can Improve Your Health

Every day is a great day to get outside and enjoy the
outdoors, but as we move toward winter, there’s no time like the present to
take full advantage of temperate weather. 

The US is home to over 15,000 campgrounds, and as the days
grow shorter, so does your window to enjoy them to the fullest. 

If you’re looking for a way to share quality time with
friends and loved ones, make memories you’ll not soon forget, and benefit your
health, consider booking an RV and hightailing it outdoors. 

Spending time outdoors has real health benefits, including,
but not limited to: 

Reduced stress levels

This seems like a no-brainer, but when you unplug and go
offline, your mood changes…for the better. Eliminate the pressures of work and
the hustle and bustle of everyday life and replace them with deep breaths of
fresh air, the sounds of leaves underfoot, and the feeling of a cool calming
breeze. Even after a few hours, you’ll find your attitude and stress levels
drastically changed.

Increased opportunities for exercise

The outdoors is the prime spot to get in
quality exercise. Hiking trails, walking along streams, running across the
beach, or mountain biking — whichever you choose, these activities all take
calorie-burning effort that releases endorphins and improves your overall

Improved relationships

Sometimes we need to physically reconnect with the ones we
love. Sometimes that means coming together over great distances. At others, it
just means putting our devices down and spending time doing an activity
together. One of the best places to overcome distance and do something together
is outdoors. Spend time camping, fishing, or hiking to help your relationships

More vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for helping support your body’s
nerves, muscles, and immune system. It also helps your body absorb calcium
which keeps your teeth and bones strong. Worried you’re not getting enough? Get
outside. When your body absorbs sunlight, it absorbs vitamin D. 

Better sleep

Nothing helps you feel better like a good night’s sleep.
Unfortunately, artificial blue light from incandescent bulbs in places like
your office can suppress your body’s natural melatonin levels which disrupts
your sleep and your body’s ability to recover. When you go camping, you can
recharge your body with a natural yellow light that will help readjust your
sleep and awake cycles for better rest and overall health. 

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