Complete Guide to LinkedIn Pulse

Complete Guide to LinkedIn Pulse

Unless you are a complete social media novice or living under a rock, there isn’t a chance that you haven’t heard of LinkedIn Pulse. Now, whether you have or haven’t, what really matters is that you know A to Z of it if you are an aspiring/professional digital marketer or an individual looking to enhance his or her LinkedIn profile.

So, without much ado, here is your complete handy guide to LinkedIn Pulse:

What is LinkedIn Pulse?

LinkedIn Pulse is a powerful feature that was introduced by LinkedIn in 2014. It allows the users to self-publish their posts on LinkedIn. You can say that it is a mini-news aggregation portal within the LinkedIn site. LinkedIn Pulse is a great way for users to build their business reputation and establish themselves as influencers by presenting their opinions and insights into the business world through publishing posts. It also helps them connect with their target audience and engage with them. Now, given that thousands of posts are published daily on LinkedIn, this networking platform uses a combination of algorithms and editorial team to bring personalized news feed for like-minded professionals.

How to Post on LinkedIn Pulse?

While publishing on LinkedIn Pulse is somewhat akin to publishing your personal or company blog, what makes the former different is the focus area. You should write only about those topics on which you hold expertise. For instance, do you want to write about the logistics industry or perhaps tips on securing B2B leads? This way, your posts will attract more like-minded followers and influence them considerably.

Here are a few other tips:

  • Identify a broad list of topics that you want to cover so that you don’t go on writing about anything and everything under the sun!
  • Offer your personal insights in the posts. There are tons of articles on the internet which talk about the same thing. The question is what useful or unique stuff you are able to provide to your readers.
  • Do not write long posts. Short is sweet. People really don’t have much time to read a lengthy post no matter how good it is. Moreover, most people access their LinkedIn and other online content on their mobile devices. So, they want to read only short stuff that they can easily navigate on the mobile.
  • Back your posts with statistics report or surveys to make it more authentic.
  • Add images, videos or infographics – visual tools are amazing storytellers.
  • Share your LinkedIn posts on other social media handles to gain more traffic to your profile.

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