How to Check NHIF Status via Phone

How to Check NHIF Status via Phone

The tips on how to check NHIF status via phone are straightforward to apply. There are three methods for determining your account and balance with the Fund. Known in short as NHIF, the National Health Insurance Fund was founded in 1966 in Kenya to render financial assistance to Kenyans in need of adequate health care.

The NHIF, established under Kenya’s Ministry of Health, is financed by contributions from members, development partners, and the government made every month.

Over the years, the Fund has gone through various changes, and one of these is the NHIF adopting modern technology to make their health care delivery faster and more efficient.

In addition, due to the Fund’s technological advancement, you can now check NHIF account status on your mobile phone. You can determine the status online or even without an Internet connection. 

Ways to Know Your NHIF Status

NHIF is a state parastatal that offers you and your loved ones a range of benefits for adequate health care insurance. On its website, the organization says, “No one can surely predict the future! But we can protect it!”

It’s crucial to sign up and learn ways to view your account status to take advantage of the unique services the Fund provides for families. Let’s look at the three methods for checking NHIF account status online and offline:

How to Check NHIF Status via Phone (Online)

Getting information about the Fund’s services and operations is straightforward because the NHIF has an official website. You can visit (NHIF self-care website) to know your status online.

With this portal, you won’t have to endure long queues at NHIF offices to check your status. You only require a strong data connection.  

Let’s give more information on how to check your NHIF account via the web portal:

  • Go to the NHIF web portal
  • If you don’t have an account already, register on the platform to give you access to NHIF’s self-care portal
  • If you’re signing up on the platform for the first time, you must enter your NHIF card, passport, active phone, and email.
  • The phone number is required in case NHIF needs to call you
  • After supplying your details, they will send the message containing a one-time password (OTP) to your handset
  • This OTP only works for 24 hours
  • Use the OTP to set a password. Any time you need to use the NHIF self-service portal, you’ll have to use this password
  • If you forget the password, you can easily reset it using the email address you supplied in the first step above
  • Sign in to your NHIF account
  • Go ahead and check your contribution to NHIF status; here, you can view data like the last contribution you made, the months you failed to contribute, and your activation status
  • After checking your NHIF payments, sign out.

Let’s now look at the other methods for viewing your contribution status with the Fund.

How to Check NHIF Status via Phone (Sms) 

With your Messages app, you can also view your monthly contribution to the National Hospital Insurance Fund:

  • To use this method, you need an active phone
  • Open the Messages app and tap the feature to compose a new SMS
  • Type your ID together with your National ID number; for instance, ID 87654321
  • Send the text message to 21101

Before you send it to the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF in short), please bear in mind that the SMS will cost KSh. 10.

Once the Fund receives your message, they’ll give a reply containing details about your account status, the hospital you use, your NHIF balance, and the last date of your contribution.  

The message will also state whether you’re covered or not.

How to check NHIF status via phone (email)

You can also access your NHIF balance using the parastatal’s official email. To use this channel, launch your browser, go to your mailbox, and send an email to the Fund at

This email is for requesting an NHIF statement, and after some time, they’ll send you the document (statement) as a PDF.

Note The other two methods above work much faster than this one: When you contact NHIF via email, it may take days before you get a reply and your request is granted.

Are you a voluntary and self-employed individual looking to contribute? The Fund lets you contribute using Mpesa Payments. 

FAQs About How to Check NHIF Status via Phone

If you’ve issues about viewing your account with the Fund and need an urgent response, you can call the organization on (020) 2723255/56, 0800 720 601, (020) 2722527, and (020) 2714793/94. These numbers are toll-free lines.

Let’s now examine other questions you make have in mind when you Google how can I check my NHIF status?

  • For Mpesa Payments, how long does it take for a payment to reflect on my statement?

If you pay bill via Mpesa Payments, your contributions to NHIF will feature between 24 hours – 48 hours on your account. Sometimes, payments can reflect in your account immediately.

  • How long does it take to access NHIF services after registration?

If you’re in the formal sector, you’ll need to wait for 30 days. The waiting period is 60 days after registration for the informal sector.

  • What should I do if I’ve forgotten my NHIF number?

Simply contact the NHIF on any of the phone numbers above. Alternatively, you can retrieve your number via SMS: Send ID **** as a text message to 21101. 

Wrapping Up

You can view your account with the Fund in various ways. We’ve examined these techniques above and related questions you may have about how to check NHIF status via phone. The National Health Insurance Fund provides adequate health care insurance for you and your loved ones.

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