Phone Screen Repair and Replacement in Kenya

Phone Screen Repair and Replacement in Kenya

Whenever you have a cracked or broken screen, there are things you must consider about the dos and don'ts of mobile screen replacement. There are times whereby you just need to consider some factors before you decide to take your phone for repair. If you intend to replace your mobile screen, we have explained some things you need to consider.

Does Screen Replacement Affect the Phone?

In many situations, screen replacement often affects the phone, and this is because of the less quality sold out there. Many people often visit unrecognized repairers to buy a new screen for their phone. The repairers that even work on their phones also do not do accurate corrections, and the difference on their screens becomes glaring. Below are the changes that are likely:

  • The screen refresh rate is usually lesser.
  • Color hue is not balanced, and in some, they are off.
  • The screen glass is not as thick as the original one, and they easily get scratched.
  • The screen display is usually dull, and there are not many changes at its brightest
  • Fingerprints are not really effective
  • Some new screens often lead to a mismatch
  • The touch screen, digitizer, and important screen feature malfunction.

It is important that you abide by the dos and don'ts of a mobile screen replacement, and that involves knowing important features. They are phone model, mobile phone, cell phone screen, and whether your phone insurance allows the screen change. However, when you visit a professional repair center like Carlcare service center, these things are easily accessed. Thanks to our professionals who understand the importance of having a healthy mobile phone. 

How Do I Prepare My Phone for a New Screen?

The best possible way to prepare for phone screen replacement is to ensure you are trusting your phone to a reliable, professional service like Carlcare. Phone screens are sensitive, and one mistake can ruin vital parts of the screen. For instance, a broken phone requires a total overhaul and the ideal screen that is modeled after the original screen.

If a screen break occurs, there is no need to contemplate managing your phone screen. Proceed to change it. Also, cracked phone screen and broken one are likely to spread across the surface if it is not properly managed. Although a screen protector can preserve it for a while, it won't last long. These factors of the dos and don'ts of mobile screen replacement users ignore, but quick action can help save your phone's longevity.

Should I Reset My Phone After the Screen Replacement?

There may not be any reason to reset your phone after a screen repair. The reason many people opt for a factory reset is that they fear that their phone might have contracted malware. With an unprofessional repairer, such is likely, but not at a professional place like Carlcare. However, if your phone has been misbehaving before it sustained a broken screen, you can reset it.

Kindly note that resetting your phone will erase everything on your phone and also erase phone contacts saved on your phone memory. Therefore, you should move your contacts to your sim card to ensure no contacts are missing. The purpose of screen replacements is to ensure your phone is healthy again, which is not likely to cause issues. However, you may reset your phone to save the screen from malfunctioning. Below is the step for resetting:

  • Go to Settings in your phone menu
  • Scroll down to click on Reset
  • Click on Reset options
  • Tap on Erase all data (factory reset)

Wait for the process to finish, and your phone will be new again. The purpose of resetting is to help the phone processor work faster and also prevent you from touching your phone screen too much.

How Many Days Will It Take to Replace a Mobile Screen?

Repairing an Android phone should not take more than 30 minutes if it is handled by a professional. The process to do it is straightforward, and it takes a few minutes to re-arrange back to normal. Among the reason, phone screen repair takes long is that the replacement is not the exact size of the damaged one. Phone screens can be deceiving at times. This is why a professional must handle the repair process.

Final thoughts

Repairing a phone screen can be a daunting task, and it is because of its fragile components. However, Carlcare is a professional repair center that knows the dos and don'ts of mobile screen replacement. Visit us today, and we will replace your phone screen without causing further damage. Also, our service is swift, and prices are pocket-friendly.

Reach out to us—we are happy to hear from you!

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