Top 10 Tours and Travel Companies in Kenya

Top 10 Tours and Travel Companies in Kenya

The beauty of a safari in Kenya is driving into its remote locations and exploring its tourist attractions under the insights of an experienced Kenya tour operator.

Don’t take it from me. Ask anyone who has used local travel agencies. They will quickly tell you that choosing the right Kenya travel agency makes the difference between a regular safari trip and a thrilling junket.

As the old saying goes, “When visiting a new place, the advice of a local tour consultant is invaluable.”

So, choose a.safari director who knows each destination like the palm of his or her hand. A travel agent with a lot of experience. A specialist who will smoothly and safely drive you to Kenya’s remote settings, connect you with the history its travel destination, and the culture of the people you meet.

But which are the best travel agencies in Kenya?

In this article, our Masai Mara safari consultant, shares a list of the best travel agencies and tour operators in Kenya.

But before then, here is a quick list of the best Kenya holiday itineraries. The price is all inclusive. Aiport pick-up, transport, accomodation, meals, entrance fees, etc, are all taken care of. Just book and start enjoying your vacation.

AJKenyaSafaris.Com Ltd - Masters of Personalised Holidays in Kenya

At, we are a team of local safari experts, all born and raised in Kenya. We are lovers of mother nature, and more than anything, we love showing our guests the beauty of our country.

Our agency is a frontrunner when it comes to innovation in the Kenya travel industry. We are passionate about travel, and that is why we have grown from strength to strength to become one of the leading travel agencies in Nairobi.

Our Kenya safari packages are eco-conscious. Whenever possible, we buy local products and give back to the people who safeguard the destinations that we visit.

All our tour guides are Kenyan natives, guaranteed to give you an intimate perspective of the country’s famous destinations.

In other words, we do not offer generic trips. Rather, your trip is tailored to suit your Kenya travel plans and budget. We use our local expertise to orchestrate the perfect Kenya trip for you. 

One of the major hassles associated with working with tour companies in Kenya is slow response. That is not us. We start planning each safari with a Skype or Whatsapp consultation. The meeting helps us understand your Kenya holiday plans and list of things you want to do and see in Kenya.

On your side, you get to meet the Kenya holiday director who will be customizing your trip.

With AJ Kenya Safaris, all your details are taken care of. We go to every length to give you insider access to Kenya’s wildlife, and to connect you with the history of the people you meet.

Our Kenya Safari Packages are customized as per the client’s wishes, but they include:

  • Maasai Mara safari
  • Kenya Wildlife safaris
  • Kenya beach holidays
  • Business safaris in Kenya
  • Birthday and honeymoon deals
  • Budget holidays and safaris
  • Small group holidays and safaris
  • Kenya Luxury Safaris
  • Masai Mara safaris, and more.
  • best safari companies in Kenya
  • Kenya honeymoon deals
  • Safari and beach holidays

Our Kenya safari tour packages are all-inclusive. All that is left is for you to book. We are ready to show you Kenya. It’s our birthplace, and we promise to show you her beauty, better than anyone else.

Best Safari Companies in Kenya #2: &

2. Travel Agencies in Kenya #2. is among the leading Kenya travel agents based in Ruiru, Kenya. It is fully owned by Ltd and mainly deals with the Indian market.  This specialization has ensured that our team caters to the specific need of the Asian traveler. 

2.1. Tour Operators in Kenya #3. 

This is the latest offering from, which provides exclusive luxury safaris to the United Kingdom travelers. It offers only luxury safari, mainly to different conservancies in Kenya and luxury-pus hotels, camps, and lodges. lists all its packages in pounds and has a branch in the United Kingdom.

The Best Tours and Travel Companies in Kenya #3: Trippy Go Tours and Travel

Trippy Go Tours and Travel is one of the Travel agencies in Westlands Nairobi with more than a decade of experience in the sector. The most remarkable feature of this tour operator is that they not only offer Kenya safari tour packages, but international tour packages as well!

Unlike Aj Kenya Safaris Ltd, which specializes in offering holidays in Kenya – Trippy Go Tours and Travel offers both inbound and outbound trips. From Kenya to the Middle East to Europe, they have you covered.

As far as tours and travels in Kenya goes, the company’s packages are tailored around major international holidays and weekend getaways. They have holidays such as Mashujaa Day packages, Christmas packages, and Easter packages.

However, all their deals, whether domestic or international, fall under the following major categories:

  • Honeymoon deals
  • Anniversary packages
  • Easter packages
  • Christmas packages
  • Weekend Getaways

For more information, visit -

Best Safari Companies in Kenya #4: Kenya Expresso Tours and Safaris

Fun, affordable, and more fun. Those are the words anyone who has crossed paths with this tour operator in Kenya can use to describe their experience.

This travel agency in Nairobi has over ten years of experience in the market, a fact that makes it reliable.

The company is known for its thrilling tours in both Tanzania and Kenya. Choosing this company as your tour guide guarantees you an exceptional trip around some of the world’s renowned game parks and reserves.

Clients who have booked with the tour operator do not have to worry about their travel arrangements; this is because they are provided with the vans and vehicles of their choices for the long safari.

The main offices of this tours and safaris company in Kenya are located in Vision Plaza on the 3rd floor. Details regarding the company charges can be obtained from their official website or by contacting them through email at

Tours and Travel Companies in Kenya #5: African Wildcats Adventure Safari

An experience with the Africa Wildcats Adventure Safari will leave your adventurous soul begging for more. This establishment stands out for her stirring encounters, her vast knowledge, and her myriad efforts in trying to create ecological awareness in the world.

The African Wildcat Adventure Safari has her highly skilled staff ready to give you the safari of a lifetime. With this safari tour company in Kenya, you get to see the best of what the Eastern African region has to offer.

The minimum amount a non-resident tourist should expect to spend is $350-$450 per person for every night spent while in the safari.
The African Wildcats Adventure Safari also ensures that their clients are booked into some of the most luxuriant hotels in the country, for this service you should expect to spend an additional $2100-$2700.

You should, however, be well aware of the fact that the longer the safari, the higher the price.

Those who wish to make bookings with this east African safari and touring company can contact them through their official website

The Best Tour Agents in Kenya #6: The Diwaka Tours and Travel Ltd

Fasten your seat belt and brace yourself for a delightful adventure. Diwaka Tours and Travel Ltd is one of the best tours and safaris companies in Kenya. They help you safely and efficiently navigate through the beautiful Kenyan soils.

They help you experience a side of East Africa that so few have had the chance of experiencing. This Kenya Safari operator adds a touch of gold to:

  • Kenya family holidays
  • Kenya camping and trekking safaris
  • Kenya photo safaris
  • Kenya beach holidays
  • Bird watching safaris
  • Honeymoon holidays.
  • Mountain climbing, and more.

The facility also offers car hire, Kenya balloon safaris, and air ticketing all aimed at meeting the varying needs of their clients. Get to have a taste of the African romance with this auspicious travel company.

More information on the agency’s lodges, charges, hotels, and safari can be accessed at their website on

Tours and Travel Companies in Kenya #7: The Lynra Tours and Travel Services Ltd

The Lynra Tours and Travel Services Ltd is a destination management firm. The tour operator offers exciting holidays in Kenya including:

  • Beach holidays
  • Camping safaris
  • Wildlife safari packages.
  • Mountaineering
  • Car hire
  • Lodging and hotel bookings.

It focuses on making its client tours as cheap as possible. The firm ensures its quests only engage in that which is safe for the ecosystem.

This Kenya safari tour operator helps you make true of the statement, “Hakuna Matata.” A Swahili for there are no worries. You get to see a side of the country that magazines and popular news broadcasts intentionally or unintentionally forget to make public.

For more details on booking, charges, and payment arrangement, visit their official website at

Tour Companies in Mombasa – Bountiful Safaris

Awarded a certificate of excellence by Tripadvisor, this is one of the tour agents in Kenya we cannot fail to mention. It is one of the best African Safari companies. It offers African safari vacations that are to die for. It has tailored a wide array of packages to exciting holiday destinations. Below are packages that Bountiful Safaris offer;

  • Camping Safaris
  • Hotel booking
  • Flying Safaris
  • Seasonal Holidays packages
  • Mountain Climbing Safaris

Official website:

The Best Kenya Safari Operator #9: Nahdy Travel and Tours Limited

Another gem of a Kenya safari company is Nahdy Travel and Tours. This tour company in Nairobi has both beach and safari packages spanning across Kenya, Tanzania, and Zanzibar destinations.

To keep their clients informed, this East African safari and tours company publishes comprehensive weather information.

This travel agency in Nairobi also has multilingual staff and driver-guides. Also, their well- equipped 4WD vehicles and safari minibusses have high-frequency radios to keep their crew in constant communication with the company’s head office in Nairobi.

To make things truly easy for their clientele, Nahdy travel and tours offer tour packages categorized by activity. The activities on offer include:

  • Camping safaris
  • Birdwatching safaris
  • Mountain trekking in Tanzania
  • Nairobi excursions
  • Zanzibar by air
  • Kenya Tanzania safari
  • Camping safaris in Tanzania
  • Kenya coast safaris
  • Tanzania by air

More information is available at

Best Kenya Safari Tour Operator #10: Wasini Dolphin Tour

Wasini Dolphin Tour is a tour company in Mombasa specializing in marine safaris as well as historical and heritage site visits. If snorkeling, deep-sea diving, and anything about marine adventure is your thing, then Wasini Dolphin Tour is the best Kenya safari operator for that.

With them in tow, you can tour the entire Kenyan coastal strip on a budget. Their excursions also extend into Zanzibar. Activities on offer include:

  • Fishing trips
  • Snorkeling
  • Dolphin tours
  • Heritage site excursions such as visiting the Gede ruins
  • Mangrove cruises
  • Crocodile watching tour

For more information on this Kenya tour operator, please visit

And now you may be asking yourself:

1. What is the difference between a Kenya travel agent and a Kenya tour operator?

The best travel agents in Nairobi market the packages or deals offered by the tour operators to the travelers. In a sense, they identify with the packages formulated by the different tour operators or agencies.

While at it, and true to their name, the travel agents also take care of the travel details on behalf of the client. On the other hand, tour operators come up with the tour package deals to be marketed.

2. What are the types of tour operators in Kenya?

Kenya has all manner of tour operators. These include:

  • Inbound tour operators offering local trips to non- residents visiting Kenya
  • Outbound operators for international trips
  • Domestic tour operators offering trips within Kenya for Kenyan residents
  • Direct-sell operators who deal with clients directly without having to go through a travel agent.
  • Retail tour operators who operate as travel agents on commission, and
  • Wholesale tour operators selling their packages through travel agents

3. When should I visit Kenya?

January- February and July- October are the best times to travel to Kenya as it is the dry season (hot and cool dry seasons, respectively).

Meanwhile, November- December and April -June are the short and long rain months, respectively.

Overall, however, you should tailor the timing for your visit per the specific destination you wish to visit

4. What are the duties of a Kenya tour operator?

The core duties of a tour operator are to advise travelers on different travel destinations. Also, it is the tour operator’s job to design the respective travel itineraries and the price of the package.

The tour operator must ensure that the client’s transport and accommodation needs have been met.

5. What are the types of Kenya tour packages?

Kenya tour packages mainly come in the form of holiday deals (which are diverse and all-inclusive. They include:

  • The major international holidays such as Christmas, Easter, New Year’s, Idd and Diwali, and more.
  • Honeymoon packages.
  • Safari and beach holidays
  • Business trip safaris.
  • Weekend getaways
  • Family holiday safaris, and
  • Maasai Mara bush safaris.

Expert Guide - The Verdict

You must choose a tour operator in Kenya that meets your needs and expectations. Do not just settle for average! You must and should meticulously pick these tour operators because your whole Kenyan experience depends on them.

This article guides you on that crucial process of selection, put it to good use. Experience the beauty of this wonderful republic Kenya. Meanwhile, Bon Voyage! And always remember, Hakuna Matata Kenya.

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