Wondering what to do when you start having labor contractions? I remember when I started having labor pain contractions with both of my pregnancies. It’s something I will never forget, I can’t explain it but it’s a special moment. Having contractions is THE SIGN that you know you are going to meet your precious baby very soon.

I’m 100% percent sure that you have researched about labor pain contractions and what are the signs to look out for. I know I did and it was always exciting for me to read. I was a little scared for sure but nonetheless excited. That’s why today I’m sharing with you 10 things to do when you start having labor pain contractions, to give you some peace of mind and hopefully can serve you as a reminder ๐Ÿ˜‰

Real vs. Braxton Hicks contractions:

Braxton hicks are “false” labor contractions, they are not painful as real labor contractions are and they come and go. Real labor contractions come at regular intervals and get more painful over time. You can read more about the difference here!

Fun fact: With my second pregnancy (twins), I was screaming like a baby with every contraction that I felt when I was in the hospital, it was so painful to me and came so close together. With my first pregnancy (singleton) I handle it like a pro and didn’t even feel like it was painful at all. That goes to show you that every pregnancy and labor experience is different. (I did get an epidural for both)

I hope you can find these 10 things to do when you start having labor contractions helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

10 things to do when you start having labor contractions

1. Time them

Lay on your bed or living room couch and start timing your contractions. They will most likely come every 5 minutes and the pain will increase over time. You may experience your water breaking or notice mucus plug when you use the bathroom. Once your water breaks, the contractions will follow.

2. Call the babysitter

If you have an older child, now it’s the time to call the person who will be taking care of your kids. Or maybe get your child ready if you are dropping him/her off at their grandparent's or aunt's house. I was lucky enough to be staying in my parent's house because my sister stayed with my oldest daughter when I left for the hospital to give birth to my twins.

3. Take a shower

This one you don’t necessarily have to do, but I did with my second pregnancy. I felt great taking a nice warm bath, brushing my teeth, and doing my hair. I felt fresh and awake, my water broke at 1am and so I felt like I had to clean myself before heading to the hospital. If you have time and feel like the contractions are not painful, by all means, do it.

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4. Dress comfortably

Here’s another tip on what to do when having labor contractions, do not wear your pregnancy jeans or anything uncomfortable of that nature. A nice maxi dress will do because honestly, you will take it off the minute you step into the delivery room. You will also be living in a hospital gown for a couple of days before you leave and wear regular clothes again. Of course, this might change if you are giving birth in the winter, in that case, wear comfortable sweatpants or leggings!

5. Grab the car seat

Do not forget your baby’s car seat, this is super important because you do not want to send your hubby back home to get it. Make sure your hubby has the car seat installed in the car and ready to go for your baby. 

6. Important documents

One of the first things you should grab are your important documents. Make sure you take your insurance, your baby’s insurance, your ID card, and credit cards. Your insurance will be paying for all of your hospital expenses, so make sure that you take that with you if you do not want the hospital bill coming out of your pockets.

7. Hospital bag

Do not forget your hospital bag girlfriend! With both of my pregnancies, I had my hospital bag right next to my bed, just in case I needed to jump and run out the door. Everything was prepared weeks in advance and all I had to do was grab it and go. Make sure you have your hospital bag within eyesight, so you won’t miss it.

8. Pray

I think saying a prayer is so powerful and it makes me feel like everything is going to be alright. You can say a small prayer and talk to God, let him know that you have faith, and believe that it will be Him delivering your baby. It will make you feel at ease and tension-free. I know it helped me a lot with my nerves.

9. Snacks

You may be in the hospital for a couple of hours or days, so packing snacks for your hubby. Notice how I said your hubby? Yup, you can’t eat anything, until your baby is born or until your doctor gives you the okay to do so. Your hubby will most likely get hungry waiting in the hospital and maybe will not want to leave your side. So having a few snacks for him is a great idea. He can eat and be comfortable waiting for the arrival of the baby.

10. Call your family and friends

You may want to let your close family and friends know that you are heading to the hospital to give birth. I called my parents and my sisters and my hubby called his parents to tell them about the exciting news. It was great to have my family by my side in the hospital giving me much-needed support and love.

These are my tips on what to do when you start having labor pain contractions. Remember to not panic or get nervous. Breathe through every single contraction. And prepare for the most beautiful ride you’ll ever be, giving birth!
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