Best Mitumba Clothes to Sell in Kenya (+Suppliers)

Best Mitumba Clothes to Sell in Kenya (+Suppliers)

Are you planning to start a mitumba business but don’t know which are the best clothes to go to? Worry less because here is all the information you need to help you determine which clothes to sell. We are going to cover the best mitumba clothes to sell in Kenya for good returns.

The best mitumba clothes to sell in Kenya are:

  • Women’s tops and blouses
  • Men’s t-shirts and shirts
  • Children clothes
  • Stockings
  • School bags
  • Men official trousers 
  • Ladies cotton pants
  • Ladies’ t-shirts( fancy tops)
  • Skirts for young and middle-aged women
  • Dresses 
  • Shoes 

In the rest of this article, I’ll discuss what you need to know before buying Mitumba bales. These are some of the issues that determine if your business will be successful and profitable or not. Keep reading to learn more about Mitumba business in Kenya.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying Mitumba Bales

The clothes are well-treated before being packed to prevent infecting people with infectious skin diseases. Then they are categorized, graded according to quality, and packed into bales weighing about 45kg each. Other things you need to know before purchasing a bale from a supplier include:

Grade of Items in the Mitumba Bale

Bales are graded according to the quality of the items they contain. The grading is as follows;

Creme Bales 

Creme bales contain the best mitumba clothes to sell in Kenya. They contain new clothes made or bought, never used, and consequently donated. It’s the most costly; you’ll need at least Ksh.30,000 or more to purchase.

Grade 1 

The bales consist of clothes that are slightly won and have few defects. A good grade 1 bale costs around Ksh.28,000 depending on the types of clothes you want, like women’s or children’s clothes.

If you decide to buy this type of bale, you should separate the clothes depending on the quality. You can then sell the best, commonly known as “cameras,” online or in your shop as single pieces. The rest you can sell in the open-air market at a discounted price.

Grade 2

The bales contain clothes almost as good as grade 1 but not quite good enough. The clothes need minor work before going to market. The most costly clothes in this grade sell at around Ksh. 200 to Ksh. 300.

Grade 3 

The bale contains clothes with minor defects like small tears, faded color, ink spills, or leather dents. But luckily, most of these defects can be corrected. The expense of the repairs ultimately translates to a higher selling price, which can make it difficult to sell such clothes.

Grade 4 

These bales consist of clothes with significant defects that you may be unable to fix. They are the least expensive mitumba clothes that do not make good returns since you may be forced to sell some clothes at throw-away prices. You should avoid this type of bale if possible.

Type Of Clothes in Mitumba Bales  

Before buying a bale, you need to know what type of clothes it contains to avoid buying what you did not intend.  Mitumba suppliers pack clothes according to their types, such as duvets, jackets, skirts, dresses, and more.

Cost Of Mitumba Bales

The cost of mitumba bales is another essential thing you need to know. Each bale has its price depending on its country of origin, type of items, and grade, among other factors. 

The bales costs between Ksh. 8000 and Ksh. 50,000. Knowing this should help you determine the price to sell each of your clothes to make reasonable returns. 

Best Mitumba Clothes Suppliers In Kenya

Kimeu’s Store Of Bales

Kimeu’s bales store is one of Kenya’s most preferred and trustworthy mitumba clothing suppliers.

They also have a website that displays more information about the mitumba bales, including the bale’s cost, the number of items in each bale, and the types of clothes in the bale. They are located in Gikomba market, Nairobi. You can contact the supplier through;

Phone: +254723731144


Best Mitumba Bales

Best mitumba suppliers are the leading mitumba clothing suppliers of clothes from Canada, Australia, the U.S.A, China, and the UK. Their clothes are available in grade 1 and supply all types of mitumba bales in all parts of the country.

You can order mitumba bales from the best mitumba bales through phone or email, and the bale will be delivered right to your shop within 24 hours. The supplier is based in Nairobi and has a national and international supply network. You can contact them through:

Phone: +254724852215


Kamukuji Mitumba Bales

Kamukuji Mitumba Bales is among the top mitumba clothing suppluiers in Kenya. They obtain their items from various countries worldwide, including Europe, China USA, Korea, Taiwan, and the UK.

They supply them to various countries in East and Central African countries. Their bales are fairly priced and inexpensive. You can reach them through ;



Phone: +254726176755

Camtish Mitumba Bales 

If you’re looking for well-picked, best-selling mitumba bales that will draw clients and rapidly expand your business, then Camtish Mitumba Bales is your best option.  They import and supply a variety of mitumba clothes and shoes in most parts of the country.

They also offer delivery services in Kenya and beyond. You can reach them through;

Phone: +254729641199


Bottom Line 

Selling second-hand clothes is an excellent way of creating self-employment in Kenya. However, the business is not a get-rich-quick business; you’ll need to plan, employ suitable marketing strategies and manage the business well.

I hope this list of the best Mitumba clothes to sell in Kenya has opened your eyes to what you should start the business with.

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