Freelance Jobs That Pay in Cryptocurrency

Freelance Jobs That Pay in Cryptocurrency

Finding suitable freelance online can be difficult, and getting paid can be time-consuming and costly. All the jobs that pay in cryptocurrency offer a way to solve some of the biggest problems of working in the online gig economy.

Getting paid in cryptocurrency has become a worldwide gig economy with endless opportunities. Here, we are sharing where you can find the best jobs that pay specifically in cryptocurrencies. Before we do that, let’s discuss the basis of the benefits that the new digital currency realm has to offer.

Advantages of Getting Paid with Cryptocurrency

Now anyone can start their job and get paid in cryptocurrency because now it is integrating temporary gigs into the traditional market jobs.

Affordable and Fast

With the help of cryptocurrency, Money can be processed within a few minutes with minimal transaction fees providing an affordable solution to the movement of payment across borders.

Access all Areas

It is very hard to transfer funds across borders through current banks. Sometimes, it is impossible to share. In large economies, even in the US, crypto is borderless and open. It makes everyone able to use and send money everywhere in the world.

Find Jobs That Pay in Crypto

There are so many platforms that are paying in crypto. One thing to keep in mind when looking for jobs that pay in crypto is to do your due diligence. If you are working across borders in the gig economy, there is less protection than if you are employed in your home country by a company.

Additionally, Make sure to check the address and legitimacy of any recipient. They cannot be returned if you send funds to the wrong person.


WorkAsPro is an innovator in the space, taking a fully decentralized approach to connecting service providers and employers. This platform is built by using smart contracts to control every major workflow issue. For example, users of WorkAsPro can discuss their needs and confirm them in a digital work contract. WorkAsPro uses different stable crypto coins and not to mention IDEA tokens for payments. If the Buyer sends payment in IDEA tokens to Seller, the Seller will receive 100% payment without charging any platform fee. WorkAsPro uses an Escrow payment method to ensure funds are available when a task is completed at the agreed time. Escrow services help reduce the possibility of fraud. It acts as a third party to securely store and receive. 


Blocklancer is different from other crypto ethics freelancer platforms. It is more specific than others as a site for jobs that pay in crypto, so it is dedicated to the Ethereum ecosystem. The major difference is that it is a site for individuals to provide their skills. This is not the job marketplace. So people looking for work can come and browse that can provide what they want, instead of the other way around, freelancers are browsing the available jobs.


LaborX is a newcomer, taking a completely decentralized approach to connecting service providers. This platform is Ethereum-based. Meanwhile, the UX is smooth, and creating a profile and managing tasks and payment terms are easy. No knowledge of Ethereum, smart contracts, and blockchain contracts is required.

Crypto jobs

Crypto job is the leading site for jobs that pay in cryptocurrency and has an excellent reputation in the space. You can search different crypto jobs and for ‘’remote’’ as well. Everything is from development and technical jobs to selling their expertise. The testimonials suggest this will not be necessary, as there can be stiff competition for the best job.


Within the crypto space, PrompCryptoJobs was created to connect providers with job seekers. This platform caters to a wide range of fully paid crypto positions, from writer to product designer to data scientist. The platform is professional, clean, very informative, and most commonly used by most companies in the crypto space. Whether you are a data scientist, researcher, or manager, several jobs pay in crypto.

Final Thoughts;

If you are unsure how to get an account enabling you to pay in crypto, look no further. But if yes, it offers freelancing and self-employed crypto banking accounts, enabling you to get paid in crypto. When creating an account, you will instantly have access to multiple crypto wallets and banking accounts from which you can access individual wallet addresses. Send your wallet address to your employer, and your funds will clear within a few minutes, depending on the network connection.

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