GoTranscript Online Transcription Jobs – Apply Now!

GoTranscript Online Transcription Jobs – Apply Now!

GoTranscript is actively recruiting freelance transcriptionists worldwide. And they have online transcription jobs for beginners!

This transcription company provides transcription jobs from home – no transcription experience is required.

They offer a variety of transcription jobs from research transcription to law enforcement transcription.


  • They pay competitive rates up to $0.60 per audio or video minute.
  • They state on their website that the average pay is $0.60 per minute of audio transcribed.
  • You’ll get paid weekly with Paypal or Payoneer for completed work.

More pay info from their website:

We strive as much as possible to pay our transcriptionists $1 to $2 per audio minute and up depending on audio quality and special features. Our full pay scale ranges from $0.50 per audio minute ($30 per audio hour) to $3 per audio minute ($180 per audio hour).

Our lowest pay rate is $30 per audio hour, and this only applies in cases where clients will only agree to pay $1 per audio minute or $60 per audio hour. We understand this is far too low, but due to competitors’ predatory pricing, we do allow clients to submit files with reasonable audio quality and slower turnaround times for only $1 per audio minute.

We offer file-specific bonuses. Pay rates vary per file depending on the client’s budget and your past performance.

Pay for transcription work varies widely

The pay for any transcription work will depend on your experience and skills, your performance, who you’re working for, how fast you can type, the quality of the recording, and any bonuses you may receive.

Most beginner transcription jobs will pay low fees. Some companies offer opportunities for advancement and bonuses.

You’ll get better-paying transcription work when your transcription skills improve. Taking a good transcription course will help you become a better transcriptionist faster and get better-paying transcription jobs faster.

My Comments:

  • Workers report that they always pay on time, provide an easy system, and are a good company to work with.
  • You can choose which jobs you want to work on.
  • The company mentions that they have a steady supply of work but some workers say they don’t.
  • They say that they are supportive, resolve issues promptly, and give regular feedback and that you can learn from their team.
  • The main complaint about this company is that the payment is low and you’ll get some poor audio quality. But low-quality audio is a common complaint about most transcription companies.
  • Overall, this is a great transcription company to work for.

How to apply with GoTranscript:

Go to to apply. Make sure to read and follow their guidelines. The application process is easy and they will get back to you anywhere from a day to two weeks after doing the test.

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