Natural remedies that can help regain your virginity

Natural remedies that can aid in good vaginal health

You cannot naturally regain your virginity. You can take steps to take care of the vagina. There are products sold in the market that can help fake virginity such as stips with blood-colored attachments. Here are some natural remedies that can aid in good vaginal health.

1. Gooseberry

You must be how does gooseberry help in repairing a broken hymen. Well, it has a rich source of vitamin C that helps in keeping your muscles tight. All you need to do is to put some gooseberries in a bottle of water and cover it with a tight lid for a week. You can then apply this water to the vagina and this will help in regaining elasticity.

2. Aloe Vera

Most often described as a ‘Wonder Plant’, aloe vera has a history of being used as a natural healer that can get back elasticity in vagina muscles. It is also used in curing vaginal infection, dryness, and irritation. Talk to your doctor on how this can be used on your private parts as this is suggested based on your current health status.

3. Pelvic Floor Exercise

This is the best natural remedy to get back your virginity. This exercise involves holding the pelvic gently and squeezing it for few seconds. The pelvic is located between the anus and vagina. Gently massage the region for 10 to 15 minutes every day. This simple exercise can be best done while getting an orgasm. Getting an orgasm aids in the flexibility of the vagina muscles and helps in keeping the vagina tight.

4. Ben-wa Balls (Love Balls)

Also known as love balls, this must be inserted and removed slowly from the vagina to bring about an orgasm. So why do you have to do this? It relaxes pelvic muscles and increases sexual sensitivity. This aids in vaginal elasticity by creating orgasms that tighten the vagina.

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