Peanut Butter making and selling business in Kenya

Peanut Butter making and selling business in Kenya

Did you know that homemade peanut butter not only tastes better, but is also healthier as you are in control of the ingredients you use?

Furthermore, did you know that you can make some extra money by selling peanut butter? And all you need is roasted peanuts, salt, sugar, cooking oil and a food processor or blender.


Purchase raw peanuts and roast them in a sufuria or an oven, if you have one. Once they are hard and crunchy, place them in a blender or food processor. Blend until the nuts begin to form a paste. Add a little bit of oil, salt and sugar and continue blending. In the end you should have a creamy nutty texture.

Package the peanut butter into 100gm, 250gm and 500gm jars. Label and sell.

Experiment with Flavors. 

Your peanut butter does not have to be plain. You can spice things up by adding chocolate or cinnamon for an extra kick to your flavors. To give your peanut butter a healthy edge, you can use flax seed oil instead of cooking oil, because the former is rich in omega 3.


When it comes to pricing your peanut butter, there are various factors you will need to consider. The price of the peanuts, the amount of peanut butter produced per kilogram of nuts, oil, electricity, jars and labor. 500gm should go for around Ksh.450, while 100gm should go for at least Ksh.80.

Go Big or Go Small. 

The size of the peanut butter jars depends on your target audience. If you are looking to sell to low-income earners, it is advised that you package them in the smallest jar possible. 100gm should sell between Ksh.80 to Ksh.100. This is an amount that most low-income earners can afford. It is hard for a low-income earner to purchase the larger peanut butter jar sizes in most supermarkets because of the higher price.

Finally; Just like the perfume refill business, you can also do a peanut butter refill business to reduce the cost of buying packaging containers. But the containers for refill must be well cleaned before refill.

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