Top 10 Best Back to School Shops in Nairobi

Top 10 Best Back to School Shops in Nairobi

Are you searching for the top 10 best back-to-school shops in Nairobi? Schools opening are often the biggest headache to most parents in Kenya because of the heavy demands it always comes along with. Talk of fees, uniforms, books, and transportation costs among many more. In this article, we are going to give you tips on where you can get your back-to-school items from.

1. Hope Uniform Outfitters and Bookshops

Are you looking for a one-stop all uniforms store where you can simply walk in and come out with your entire shopping list ticked with any school uniform you need? Then the answer is Hope Uniform outfitters. The good thing with Hope Uniforms is that they have customer-friendly services with amazing discounts on their sales which range from school uniforms to game skits, tracksuits, tunics, bags, blazers, and sweaters among many others. Here they not only sell uniforms but also stationery and equipment such as textbooks, exercise books, and other school and office stationery.

Hope Outfitters have several branches spread across the Nairobi metropolis with Branches in Mihango that is opposite V-mall, Kitengela, Umoja, Utawala, Ruai, and Komarock-Kayole Branch along Spine Road. Maybe you are not in Nairobi and you are wondering how you can shop from Hope Outfitters or even if you are within the metropolis just that you do not have time to walk into a school shop, Hope is also available online and offers online sales and deliveries to any part of the country, we are in a digital world, hence the outfitters are leading on the list of top 10 best back to school shops in Nairobi.

2. School Outfitters

Have you ever found yourself before in a situation where you are looking for a given school attire but finding it is just a hard nut to crack? In case no, and then just know it happens. However, at School, there is no way you can miss to get any shade of a uniform. The surprising thing about School Outfitters is that they have shelves with a specific school tagging and its uniform placed within for the male and female students. Once inside you will even mistake this place for a uniform supermarket given the spacious business operating floors that it operates on.  Located right at the heart of Nairobi’s Central Business District on Muindi Mbingu Street Haria Plaza, Outfitters have standard prices on school uniforms, staff uniforms, and safety equipment with excellent customer service. They offer in-store shopping, pick up, and also deliveries on customer orders. See, you know where to go next.

3. Uniform Distributors Limited

Are you looking for a supermarket for all types of uniforms and school equipment with a wide knowledge in the uniform industry? Look no more, Uniform Distributors are undoubtedly the place to go shopping for high-quality products with very competitive prices and amazing offers on school items. Uniform Distributors also boast of a fully-fledged sales and marketing team who not only operate inside the stores but also offer personalized in visits for bulk orders on school uniforms, staff uniforms, sports clothing and items, laboratory equipment, PPE’s among many more. This uniform giant has been in existence since 1972 and so you see they definitely understand the scope of operations. And hence, among the top 10 best back-to-school shops in Nairobi.

It has two retail shops in Nairobi located at Duruma Road next to Kampala Coaches and Moi Avenue. If you are a bulk buyer then you are definitely in for a special treat as they have promotional items that they give to customers such as bags, cups, t-shirts, and mugs. Isn’t that exciting? Well, the decision rests with you.

4. Carrefour

Yes, you read it right, Carrefour. This is a leading retail supermarket in the Kenyan business industry with branches mainly in the major cities of Kenya. It deals with sales of household goods and items but what you probably didn’t know is that they are also a leading brand in the sale of Stationery and School supplies. The main advantage of this giant retail is that it operates an online sales shop similar to that offered by Jumia. Once you log onto their website it has an easy-to-toggle customer interface menu where you can select what you want and have it delivered at your doorstep or school premises. This is really ideal for parents who do not have time to go for in-store shopping for various back-to-school children's needs.

5. Tekiria General Supplies LTD

Tekiria is a leading school uniform shop within the Nairobi Metropolis that manufactures and supplies primary and secondary school uniforms. They provide premium quality, designs with an excellent pricing mechanism with a return on pocket value. The good thing is that they offer both retail and wholesale options to their clients and also with a strong marketing team that also can travel to client locations for quotations. They have unrivaled school wear solutions for multi-academy trusts and schools with exciting offers on dresses, shirts, tracksuits, cardigans, blazers, shorts, jerseys, golfers, and rain jackets among many more to choose from. Tekiria also offers customized uniforms with specific customer needs on branding and design. If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your room then you definitely have not to worry as they also offer online sales and delivery. Tekiria is located at Githurai 45 along Kingdom SACCO off Thika Super Highway.

6. Text Book Centre Junction

This is probably one of the most popular bookshops with multiple branches within the city. For parents looking for an all under one roof shopping point, this is definitely the place to be. They feature a range of items on course books, stationery, notebooks, art supplies, and office supplies. For college students, this is also the place to go for those hard-to-get books you have been searching for. For younger children, parents can also access cookbooks, history, and memoirs among others. They also do online delivery and order of school items with its main physical location at Junction Mall. They open their stores daily from 8:30am to 7:30pm.

7. Text Book Centre Kenyatta Avenue

Located right along the CBD on Kenyatta Avenue, they have almost every type of book you will be looking for as you strive to match the list of items the school tagged the news later with. They also have great deals and prices on office stationery and class stationery for office needs and children’s needs. However, if you are to visit Textbook Centre at least be earlier because of the unusual traffic often witnessed some days prior to opening. The good thing is that they also stock self-help, fiction, and non-fiction books that you can also gift yourself to keep yourself entertained as the little ones set off for school.

8. Half Priced Books

What an attention-grabbing business name? Located right at Bihi Towers on Moi Avenue at stall five, Half Priced has a variety of stock for learners who are looking for used cheaper books that are cost-effective especially now that the economy is behaving the way it is. The already-used books are maintained and in mint condition, you might even mistake them for new books. They stock a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres also to choose from. They also have branches at Village Market and Gigiri.

9. Prestige Bookshop

This is one of Nairobi’s best-seller bookshops with amazing deals on books for school-going kids and for general office and class stationery. They also have great deals on home to diverse, resourceful and insightful selections on fictional and non-fictional books. The prestige Book Shop is also prestigious for its online catalogue where customers can request and order books on. They offer in-store sales and are located on Mama Ngina street Next to Imax on Prudential Building.

10. Pick A Book Kenya

This is an almost entirely online bookstore in Nairobi that specializes in specific supplies of books for local and international school systems. The unique thing about them is that you can buy and sell new and used books, and textbooks with amazing offers on back-to-school books. They have books for GSCE/IGSCE, CBC, and 8,4,4. They accept payment after delivery and with a return shipment option in case what you ordered does not meet your specific needs. They also have payment options using Mpesa, Airtel Money, Visa, Pesapal, Mastercard, and American Express. That’s now technology.

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