Boiled Eggs and Smokie Business in Kenya

Boiled Eggs and Smokie Business in Kenya

If you are thinking of starting a boiled eggs and smokie business in Kenya, well, that could be your biggest boss move.

Many people are of the idea that boiled eggs and smokies business earns a meager pay but on the contrary, people selling eggs and smokies are making equal or even more money than people working in offices.

As with most sole proprietor businesses, the business is easy to start, no pressure, make good money and you become your own boss.

With the high levels of unemployment in Kenya, you can start thinking of this business. You can also do it part-time if you are elsewhere or you are schooling.

Boiled eggs and smokie business in Kenya

To start boiled eggs and smokie business in Kenya, there are things you will need to have;

Relevant licensing

In Kenya, every business is required to have the relevant licenses to run. Before you start your boiled eggs and smokie business make sure to you register your business with the county council and follow the rest of the rules and regulations pertaining to your line of business including the set taxes.

Suitable location

Location is always one of the key points in starting any business. Do research and get the most suitable location for the type of business you plan on starting.

You don’t want to start your boiled eggs and smokie business around a residential area where residents leave in the morning to back at dusk.

The business is most suitable around market places, bus stations, clubs, and pubs, learning institutions, etc. Anywhere with a large traffic of people would be most suitable.

Market research

Another key aspect of any business is doing a market research before starting the business. Doing a market research gives you a better understanding of your customers, what they need and how frequently they need it.

You also get to learn about your possible competitors, know how they do what they do and what they’re missing so you can implement it in your business.


This is also very crucial for any business. Know the amount of capital you need to start the business and range it with the capital you have.

With that, you will know if you’re good to go and if not, have some ample time to get other sources of finances to boost you up.

Source of eggs and smokies

You will also need to get yourself a trusted supplier who will be supplying you with eggs and smokies. With the many people in the line of business, it will be easy for you to get a wholesale supplier for what you need.

You are likely to get them from stores or large supermarkets nationwide. For the smokies, Farmer’s Choice is the major supplier of smokies and sausages at wholesale prices.


Every line of work has its specific equipment and so is this one. To start boiled eggs and smokie business in Kenya, you will need to have several equipment such as a trolley, tins for kachumbari, tongs, a knife, etc.

Apart from the trolley, the rest are things that you can pick from your house to reduce the expenses.

The trolley goes for around Ksh 5000.

Profit margin

Every business’s main objective is to make profits and that’s the same case with the boiled eggs and smokies business.

Every guy or lady you see in the streets selling eggs and smokies has only one main aim which is to make a living which will automatically come from the profits he/she earns.

Now let’s see how much you are likely to get as profit in boiled eggs and smokie business in Kenya;

A tray of eggs goes for Ksh 300, of which you will the sell at 20 each. Say you sell two trays of eggs per day which is 60 eggs, you make a profit of 600.

On the other hand, a packet of smokies with 22 pieces goes for Ksh 330. Say you sell 5 packets per day at Ksh 30 per piece, you will have a profit of Ksh 1650 at the end of the day.

Totaling together the profit from the eggs and that of smokies, you will have Ksh 2250. As for the expenses you will incur for the day, including the tomatoes and onions for the kachumbari which will cost around Ksh 100 and maybe some other miscellaneous expenses, you will end up with Ksh 2000.

Imagine making Ksh 2000 daily in Kenya on a normal day. You will be making even more than most people employed in offices.

So if you have been looking for a small business to start in Kenya, starting boiled eggs and smokie business in Kenya is a business that you should think of starting.

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