KUCCPS Students Portal – students.kuccps.net

KUCCPS Students Portal – students.kuccps.net

Every year, Kenyan students eagerly await the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) student portal opening. This significant event marks the beginning of their tertiary education journey, where they get to select and revise their preferred courses. If you're among the KCSE candidates ready to embark on this journey, this comprehensive guide is for you. We'll cover every crucial aspect of the KUCCPS portal navigation, from understanding eligibility to payment processes.


Before diving into the intricacies of portal navigation, let's briefly touch on the organization behind it. KUCCPS is a government entity responsible for placing Kenyan students into universities, colleges, and TVET institutions. The service verifies all program fees on its website, ensuring that student details are readily available.

Now, let's break down the portal navigation process.

Step 1: KUCCPS Portal Login

Your journey starts at the KUCCPS student portal. Here, you'll input your KCSE index numbers, KCSE year, and a password of your choice. Initial passwords can be either your KCSE index numbers or birth certificate numbers. Once logged in, click the " Institutions " menu link to display the various programs.

Step 2: Exploring Programmes and Cluster Points

Next, please familiarize yourself with the programs available and their respective cluster points. Cluster points are essential as they guide your application process. They are displayed per program on the right-most column, so keep an eye on them while exploring different courses.

Step 3: Programme Application or Revision

You're ready to apply once you've identified your preferred program and understood the associated cluster points. To do this, click "Application/Revision," and you will be directed to a form displaying the program level. From here, you can review your choice or opt to check them. Once done, click 'Apply Now.'

Step 4: Payment Process

The application process requires a small fee of Ksh 1,500. If you applied to school and paid Ksh 500, you only need to pay an additional Ksh 1,000. You can easily make this payment via M-PESA. Remember to retain the transaction code provided after the transaction, as it will be required for any subsequent changes to your application.

Considerations and Final Steps

Remember that you can apply to multiple categories (degree, diploma, craft certificate, artisan certificate) in your application process. You also have the option to consider two categories simultaneously during processing.

Once your application has been accepted, you can anticipate hearing from your chosen universities with joining instructions and advice on applying for government grants and scholarships.


Navigating the KUUCPS interface might occasionally be challenging, especially if you're doing it with the help of an expert. But with these manuals, the knowledge therein will make your career decision process more productive.


What is KUCCPS?

KUCCPS (Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service) is a government entity that manages student placements into universities, colleges, and TVET institutions in Kenya.

What is the KUCCPS student portal?

The KUCCPS student portal is an online platform where KCSE candidates can select and revise their preferred courses for tertiary education institutions, including universities, colleges, and TVET institutions.

How do I log in to the KUCCPS portal?

You will need your KCSE index number, KCSE year, and a chosen password, which can be your KCSE index number or birth certificate number.

What are KUCCPS cluster points?

Cluster points are used to rank and place students in their desired programs. These points are calculated based on the student's performance in KCSE and the weight of the subjects relevant to the chosen course.

Can I apply for multiple programs in the KUCCPS portal?

Yes, you can apply for multiple categories such as degree, diploma, craft certificate, and artisan certificate programs. You can also consider two categories simultaneously during processing.

How do I pay the KUCCPS application fee?

The application fee can be paid via M-PESA. The initial application fee is Ksh 1,500. If you have already paid Ksh 500 at school, you only need to pay an additional Ksh 1,000.

What happens after I have successfully applied through the KUCCPS portal?

After successfully applying, you can expect to receive joining instructions and guidance on how to apply for government scholarships and loans from the respective institutions.

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