Netflix Kenya – Subscription Plans | Netflix Prices | Netflix Hacks

Netflix Kenya – Subscription Plans | Netflix Prices  | Netflix Hacks

In today’s article, I will be taking a look at Netflix in Kenya, its subscription plans, and their prices. I will also show you how you can watch Netflix for free, and if you feel like upgrading your Netflix in Kenya, I will also show you how you can do so.

If you don’t know what Netflix is, this is an entertainment platform, not only available in Kenya but the rest of the world, where you can get cool movies, documentaries, and other shows to keep you entertained with your family.

Is Netflix Free?

Netflix is free for smartphone users who have the Netflix app installed on their mobile devices. The only disadvantage is that on the free subscription, you won’t have access to other shows, you won’t be able to download the shows to your device, and you can only view the shows on your mobile device, not your TV or even pc, and lastly, you won’t be able to share or project your shows through HDMI or screen mirroring software.

Plans and  Prices For Netflix In Kenya

Netflix currently has four plans currently which Kenyan Netflix account users. These four plans include;

  1. Mobile Plan
  2. Basic Plan
  3. Standard Plan
  4. Premium Plan.

Netflix Mobile Plan

This is the cheapest plan, mostly used by individuals in Kenya. With Netflix’s mobile plan, you pay only Kes. 200/= monthly to watch movies. 

Being the cheapest plan Netflix has in Kenya, some features are limited, therefore it has its disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages of the Mobile plan include;

  • Only get 480p video quality.
  • You can only watch your shows on your Tablet or Smartphone.

Basic Plan

The Basic plan from Netflix will only cost you Ksh. 300. Being higher in terms of price from the Mobile plan, you will get good video quality because of the 720p resolution of the videos in this plan. 

You will also be able to watch your shows and movies on Smartphones, tablets, computers and even TVs.

Standard Plan for Netflix in Kenya

The standard plan for Netflix is the second most expensive package available for Netflix in Kenya. For this plan, you will pay a monthly Netflix subscription fee of Ksh. 700. This plan gives you access to 1080p better quality videos and movies.

You will also be able to see your videos on various devices like Pcs and Smart TVs

Premium Plan for Netflix

This is the ultimate Netflix subscription package for Kenyans. With this package, you get up to 4K quality movies and videos. If you haven’t seen a movie in 4K resolution, try it today and you want to regret it.

You will also be able to watch your movies on various devices anytime you want only for a monthly fee of Ksh. 1,100 per month.

How To Upgrade Subscription For Netflix In Kenya.

If any of the plans I have mentioned above interests you and you would like to upgrade your Netflix subscription, you can upgrade your Netflix Subscription using the simple steps below;

  1. Open your internet browser and go to the Netflix Offical page(
  2. Click Add a Profile to signup or login if you already have an account.
  3. Compare the plans available and click continue to choose a payment option.
  4. Enter your credit card or debit card. If you do not have one, you can always pay using Mpesa Global Pay(Read the section on how to set up global pay for Netflix).
  5. After entering your payment details.

Ensure that the account you entered has the amount needed to upgrade your package or else your upgrade won’t be successful.

How To Pay Netflix Subscription in Kenya Using Mpesa.

If you do not own a Credit or Debit card and would you would like to upgrade your Netflix subscription package, I have good news for you. You can use Mpesa to upgrade your subscription, but it is not as straightforward as having a Netflix paybill number because there is none.

To upgrade your subscription using Mpesa, you will have to use a Safaricom Product called Global Pay.

How To Pay Netflix Subscription Using Mpesa

To pay using Mpesa, we, first of all, have to set up a debit card through Global Pay. To do this;

  1. Open your Smartphone Play Store and install the Mpesa Supper App.
  2. After successfully installing it and logging in.
  3. Go to the Services Tab. Scroll and select Global Pay.
  4. Set up a new Mpesa debit card. Click on the “Show Card Details” to copy your Card Number, Expiry date, and CVV(CVV expires in 30 minutes).

Done you have successfully created a debit card, which we will use to pay for our Netflix subscription now. All that is left for you to do is to go to the payment section where Netflix requires your card details, enter the details, and complete the payment process. Also, ensure you do the following;

  • Make sure you enter the card details within 30 minutes because the CVV number expires in 30 minutes.
  • Make sure you have cash enough for your Netflix subscription. Note that global pay will not transact using your Fuliza limit.
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