Proven Ways to Make Money Online Through Article Writing

Proven Ways to Make Money Online Through Article Writing

Do you want to make money online through writing? Sure, you can make money through writing and earn in the comfort of your home.

 You can write full-time or part-time as a hustle job. From perfecting your writing idea to making it a reality, stay with me to the end of this piece to master how you can start your online writing.

1-Blog Writing

You need to observe the progress in websites like marketing affiliationConstruct a website combining marketing to sell your products and support posts. Set up your blog for the long term and start making money immediately.

How much can you earn? As a beginner, they can pay you as much as $1000 to $1500 in a month. Some bloggers who made over $20000 on their websites, Clive Muir. Feed it with features and materials for your blog and will bring income generation.

Choose a profitable niche and a build-status platform for your blog. Give a simple name for your blogs as flights, hotel, and tour. It will be easy for people to remember and create content.

2-Freelance Platform

These are platforms where you market yourself. You create a great profile and find clients. Strive to build your portfolio and gather customer responses. Your payment process is assured.

Which Platforms Can You Get a Job On?

  • iWriter: You can get several varieties of topics and content here to earn. You can get paid with as little as 150 words @ $1.5 to 500 words @ $80 bold these.
  • Flex jobs: You have to subscribe for all categories of feature alerts at freelance jobs. Pay as much as $6.95 per month.
  • Blogging Pro: This is where you can get free access to employers without verification. The range average as a content writer is from $30 to $50.
  • - Upwork: Send at least three proposals daily here.
  • - Social media: This group is incredible
  • - Job boards: Include ProBlogger, Indeed, Listiller, etc
  • Reddit: This is a great subreddit
  • Apply for work at CopySmiths here

3-Write for Websites

These are big platforms where you work for websites looking for writers. They publish new posts daily because of the large community. 

You need to get a backpacker magazine that can you earn $0.40 to $1 per word. It accepts articles regarding walking tours, travel, and destinations

Great Escape Publishing can earn you $50 to $200 per post. It appeals to posting travel-related content that gives lessons to people. How to make money writing articles regarding travel and photography. You can earn between $50 to $200 each per post.

4-Article Writing Service

Once you join this service, you are stress-free from looking for clients. Article writing service act as a middleman between you and the client. Your payment is guaranteed and a steady workflow. 

  • WriterAccess will get you a way through as a writer, editor, content master plan, and find your task. You will get paid $2 to $7 per word and a monthly payout. 

Pass a test and build a great profile to join the community. For you to produce top niche materials, you need large-scale imagesvideos, and templates. 

5-Sponsored Sport

You can observe your skills in writing in progress and put top-notch your blog. Get other brands such as offers, articles, reports, catalogs, and videos by creating sponsored sports.

You will get rewarded by the company with gift cards or paid in cash in exchange. You need to work with cooperation and PayPerPost services. These will get you to earn $150-$800 per sponsored post content.

This formula can help you evaluate yourself:

For instance, you spent two hours creating a post x rate, creating a post per hour (aka $50) + Styling and photography aka hour spent x rate per hour specialist of yours (aka $100)

 =Charging barely minimum should be.

 ie: 2x$50+1x$100=$200(at minimum cost) 

6-Writing Contents

You can write content at home. You only need an internet connection to write content at home. You can cover a genre or topic like poetry. It is very worthy of making, though not widespread. Writers with good content get prizes.

You can win $1000 from Nowhere magazine in Writing Contests of Magazine. You need to choose the list of writing contests that match your interest.

Final Word

With these few tips, you can perfectly start making money online and make it a career job.

 You can become your level best expert with a lot of practice. Start your blog. It is your time to make money online. You are running out of time. 

So remember to exercise your skills in writing. Do a lot of writing since you have the tips with you. Wish you all the best.

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