TSC Primary and Post-Primary School PnP Jobs: Apply Now!

TSC Primary and Post-Primary School PnP Jobs

Primary and Post-Primary School PnP Jobs from TSC

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has posted permanent and pensionable substitute teaching positions in primary and secondary schools.

The following are the guidelines for hiring permanent teachers for the fiscal year 2023 July to 2024 July.



i) Following an advertisement for teacher recruitment, the Regional Director, Nairobi, County Directors, and Sub-County Directors must conduct a selection process for the posted vacancy (ies).

ii) Applicants must apply online to the Secretary, Teachers Service Commission at www.teachersonline.go.ke for the institution/counties where a vacancy(ies) has been declared. Applicants will be needed to provide copies of professional and academic certifications, as well as any other relevant documents.

iii) As mandated by the Public Officer Ethics Act and the TSC Code of Conduct and Ethics (CoCE, 2015), the Selection Panel must exercise the utmost transparency and accountability.

iv) Before the start of the selection process, TSC Regional Directors must induct TSC County Directors in their areas of jurisdiction, who in turn must induct members of the Selection Panels involved in the recruitment process on the relevant sections of the Act and the Code of Regulations for Teachers (CORT, 2015).

v) The TSC County Director, in collaboration with the TSC Sub-County Directors, MUST ensure that the recruitment process is carried out in strict accordance with the Ministry of Health’s guidelines for COVID- 19 pandemic containment.

vi) In collaboration with their respective TSC County Directors, TSC Sub-County Directors MUST ensure that venues for the selection process are accessible to candidates with disabilities.

vii) According to Section 23(1) of the Teachers Service Commission Act of 2012, all applicants MUST be registered teachers. Applicants who have not properly registered will not be considered for employment.

viii) TSC Sub-County Directors MUST check the candidates’ online registration status during the shortlisting stage to avoid hiring unregistered/deregistered teachers or ineligible applications.

ix) Applicants whose names change on academic and professional diplomas and/or identification cards MUST submit an affidavit sworn under the Oaths and Statutory Declarations Act, Cap 15 of the Laws of Kenya, explaining the name variation.

x) Applicants who re-sit either the KCPE or KCSE examinations (or its equivalents) MUST provide certified copies of the relevant national examination certificate(s) for all attempts. The Sub-County Directors must certify copies of the certificates.

xi) After the system generates the Applicants’ List, the TSC County Director will share the lists with the TSC Sub-County Directors, who will assemble the Sub-County Selection Panel(s). Before shortlisting a maximum of five (5) applicants per advertised vacancy, the TSC Selection Panel(s) will verify applicants’ professional, academic, and any other necessary documentation.

xii) After generating Applicants’ Lists, the TSC County Director shall distribute the lists to the TSC Sub-County Directors. The SubCounty Selection Panel(s) will be convened by the TSC SubCounty Directors. The Selection Panel(s) will choose interview locations, dates, and times, which will be communicated to TSC Headquarters for verification and publication on the TSC Website.

All applicants will be invited for document verification. Applicants will be notified of the interview location, date, and time via the TSC Website at least seven (7) days after the date of publication.

xiii) Applicants will be required to produce originals and clear photocopies of the following documents upon interview invitation: –

a) National identity card;

a) Teacher Registration Certificate;

c) Official transcripts and diploma/degree certificate

d) KCSE certificates or similar (including certificates for re-sit exams);

g) KCPE certificate or similar (include certificates for attempts if tests were retaken);

f) Primary and secondary school diplomas, as well as any relevant documents testimonials;

g) National Council of Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD) Identification Card (where appropriate);

h) An affidavit made in accordance with the Oaths and Statutory Declarations Act, Cap 15 of the Laws of Kenya, to explain the name variation;

i) KNEC letter of certification of results (if applicable).

xiv) Persons with disabilities must disclose their disability status as well as the nature of their limitations in order to be placed.

xv) In accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the Law, the Commission should ensure that 5% of all advertised slots are earmarked for the recruitment of teachers with disabilities.

xvi) In the event of a tie, consideration for selection shall be evaluated in the following order of priority: –

a) The length of time since graduation;

b) The credibility of the academic and professional certificates given.

N/B: If applicants have the same aggregate grade point average, subject grades will be evaluated.

xvii) The TSC County Director shall provide to the Commission, along with successful applicants’ recruiting documentation, the names of interviewed applicants rated in order of performance in the selection process for each vacancy (Appendix iii).

xviii) Applicants who have never worked for the Teachers Service Commission will be given preference.

xix) Applicants from the respective SubCounties/Counties will be given preference.

xx) Any Application for Employment form filled out or Offer of Employment made based on false information provided by the applicant will be cancelled without further notice.

xxi) The TSC Sub-County Director shall create Sub-County Merit Lists during the interview.

The Merit List will be used in subsequent recruiting processes involving a similar vacancy in the Sub-County during the fiscal year, or as instructed by the Commission from time to time.

xxii) The Sub-County Merit Lists must be sent to the TSC County Director by the TSC-Sub-County Director.

xxiii) The TSC County Director is responsible for compiling County Merit Lists. This data bank will be used to hire teachers in the county during the fiscal year or as instructed by the Commission.

xxiv) The County Merit Lists are then submitted by the TSC County Director to the Regional Director, who compiles the Regional Merit Lists. This data bank will be utilized to hire teachers in the Region during the fiscal year or as recommended by the Commission. Regional Merit Lists will be forwarded to the Director of Staffing by the Regional Director. This data bank of interviewed candidates will be used to recruit those leaving service before the end of the fiscal year or as instructed by the Commission.

xxv) If the subject specific county data bank is depleted, candidates will be replaced using the regional data bank. When the data bank within a region is depleted, vacancies shall be replaced using the National Merit Lists from the national data bank or as authorized by the Commission.

TSC Posts PnP Jobs for Primary and Secondary Schools


i) Applicants must bring originals or legible photocopies of the following documents:

a) National identity card;

a) Teacher Registration Certificate;

b) Diploma/Degree certificate, as well as transcripts;

d) KCSE certificates or similar (including certificates for resat exams);

e) KCPE certificate or equivalent (including certificates for retakes if tests were retaken);

f) KNEC letter of validation of results (if applicable);

g) Primary and secondary school diplomas, as well as any essential documents


h) National Council of Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD) Identification Card (where appropriate);

i) An affidavit sworn in accordance with the Oaths and Statutory Declarations Act, Cap 15 of the Laws of Kenya, explaining the name change.

Please keep in mind that provisional transcripts will not be accepted.

ii) The selecting panel must confirm that: –

a) The applicant fits the criteria outlined in the TSC advertisement;

b) All original academic and professional certifications, as well as official transcripts, supplied are genuine.

iii) Any applicant or applicants who present forged/fake academic, professional, or other documents constitute an offense and will be disqualified and/or deregistered.

iv) Prior to the interview, the TSC Sub-County Director must certify photocopies of the certificates and establish that they are true copies of the applicant’s original academic and professional certifications.

v) At the conclusion of the interview process, a vacancy-specific Merit List based on the interview results will be prepared and communicated to all applicants.

vi) The TSC County Director and TSC Sub-County Directors are responsible for ensuring that the:

a) The competition is fair and transparent;

b) The Selection Panels have been adequately sensitized to the recruitment process.

c) The interviews are carried out in accordance with these guidelines and any other circulars applicable to the procedure.

d) Only the Merit List’s successful applicant(s) are hired.

vii) The TSC Sub County Director shall make certain that successful applicants from the Merit List are given Application for Employment forms to complete.

viii) The TSC Sub-County Director must send all appropriate recruitment paperwork to the TSC County Director’s office. A County Selection Panel will be formed by the TSC County Directors. Before issuing duly signed Offer of Employment Letters and submitting the recruitment documents (as per the approved checklist) to the TSC Headquarters within the stipulated timelines, the panel shall conduct document verification and ensure that all requirements are met by the successful applicants.


(a) Chairperson of the Board of Management

(a) Institutional Head – Secretary

(c) Subject Expert – Member

(d) Chairperson of the Parent Association (PA) – Member

(f) TSC County Director/Representative –


Also see: TSC Senior Master Promotion, Requirements, Responsibilities, and Appointment Criteria


Chairperson: TSC County Director/Representative

(a) Institutional Head – Secretary

(c) Subject Expert – Member

(d) PA Chairperson – Participant

(f) PA Member – Participant



TSC Sub County Director – Chairman

TSC Sub County Human Resource Officer (Secretary)

Member (c) Curriculum Support Officer/Subject Specialist


N/B: The TSC Sub-County Director shall ensure that the Selection Panel is adequately prepared to conduct the interview in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 containment measures or any other pandemic as directed by the Ministry of Health from time to time.


i) The TSC Sub-County Director shall present a list of all applicants received from the TSC County Director to the selection panel.

ii) The selection panel will only interview those who match the predetermined criteria. The TSC SubCounty Director should be aware of any inconsistency(ies), follow the instructions, and advise the applicants/selection panel and the Commission appropriately.

iii) Applicants must appear before the selection panel in person. Each applicant will be scored by the selection panel using the selection score guide (Appendices 1 (a) or 1 (b)).

NB. An applicant with hearing and/or speech difficulties must be accompanied by a sign language interpreter.


5.1. Graduate Professors

Applicants must have at least a C+ (plus) at KCSE and a C+ (plus) in each of the two teaching courses, or two (2) Principles and one (1) Subsidiary pass at ‘A’ Level. They must also have one of the following:

(a) A bachelor’s degree in education with two (2) teaching subjects or,

(b) A Bachelor of Science or Arts Degree, as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) in two teaching disciplines, or

(c) Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts in Education with two teaching subjects, or

(d) A Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education and Extension with two teaching topics is required.

TSC Posts PnP Jobs for Primary and Secondary Schools

Nota bene: Applicants who meet the following requirements are also eligible;

i) Bachelor of Education holders who obtained a mean grade of C Plain and C Plain in the two teaching subjects at KCSE and have completed a Diploma in Education or those who obtained a mean grade of C (Plain) at KCSE and C (Plain) in the subjects of study at A-Level and obtained at least 1 Principle and 2 Subsidiaries for Sciences, 2 Principles and 1 Subsidiary for Arts prior to pursuing a Bachelor of Education Degree.

ii) Diploma in Education holders who have completed a Bachelors of Education Degree and have a Mean Grade of C+ (Plus) in the two teaching courses at KCSE.

TSC Posts PnP Jobs for Primary and Secondary Schools

Bridging/Pre-university certificates are accepted for individuals who finished the course before December 31st, 2015.

5.2. Diploma Educators

Applicants must have a minimum Mean Grade of C+ (Plus) in KCSE or its equivalent, as well as a C+ (plus) (or Credit pass) in the two teaching subjects or one (1) Principle and two (2) Subsidiaries at ‘A’ level. They must also have the following qualifications: a Diploma in Education from a recognized Teacher Training Institution with at least a C+ (Plus) in the two teaching topics.


a) Diploma Teachers with a mean grade of C (plain) and C (plain) in the two teaching disciplines who graduated in 2008 or before are qualified.

b) Eligible are hearing and visually impaired teachers who enrolled in training and received a Mean Grade of C (Plain) and C (Plain) in the two teaching disciplines.

5.3. Teachers of Technology

Applicants must have a minimum Mean Grade of C+ (Plus) at KCSE or its equivalent, with C+ (Plus) in at least two teaching topics or one (1) Principle and two (2) Subsidiaries at ‘A’-Level in subjects studied. They must also have one of the following:

i) Bachelor of Education (BeD TECH); or

ii) A Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in any applicable technical subject(s) or course(s); or

iii) Advanced Diploma in a technological field; or

iv) A diploma from a technical school.

Applicants in category (ii) must also have a Diploma in Technical Teacher Education from Kenya Technical Trainers College (KTTC), formerly known as Kenya Technical Teachers College.


1) Applicants with training in disciplines that are not now part of the Secondary School Curriculum do not qualify, regardless of whether they have completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) and/or augmentation. This category covers, but is not limited to, bachelor’s degrees in:

Agriculture – Horticulture – Fisheries

Meteorology – Agriculture – Anthropology

Biotechnology – Forestry – Sociology

Journalism – Animal Husbandry – Theology / Divinity

2) Economics/Commerce/Accounting applicants can apply for Business Studies, whereas Social Education and Ethics (SEE) applicants can apply for CRE/IRE.

3) Diploma Teachers with English/other subjects are eligible to work as teachers of

English/Literature if they have sufficient units in both Language and Literature.

5) Except for Agriculture, Business Studies, Home Science, and Computer Studies, all applicants must have studied the two teaching subjects at KCSE. For individuals who did not study Business Studies and Computer Studies, a minimum grade C+ (Plus) in Mathematics at KCSE is required. For those who did not study Agriculture and Home Science, a minimum of C+ in Biology at KCSE is required.

6) Graduate Teachers must have completed at least eight (8) course units in each teaching subject. Furthermore, the teachers must have studied Special Methods in their two teaching subjects of choice, as well as a minimum of three (3) months of teaching experience.

7) Enhancement certificate(s) and transcripts will only be accepted if an applicant did not complete the required amount of units during the degree/diploma program.

8) Applicants who opted to study a third subject must demonstrate that they have completed all of the units in the chosen subject as given by the selected school over a four-year period of study, including specific methods and teaching practice. Furthermore, there should be documentation that the applicants have completed the course’s allowed credit hours.

8) Applicants who were previously employed under contract and had their services terminated owing to insufficient units in teaching subjects but have since earned enhancement certificates with necessary units are allowed to apply.

9) Kenya Sign Language (KSL) and Braille are taught as subjects in Special Needs Education, for example. Geography/Braille and Biology/KSL.

TSC Posts PnP Jobs for Primary and Secondary Schools


The TSC County Directors should do the following:

i. Ensure that the recruitment materials include all of the attachments specified in the approved checklist/s.

ii. Examine the recruiting paperwork to ensure that the applicant(s) hired are qualified to work as teachers under the terms of the recruitment criteria.

iii. Ensure that all needed documents are signed, including score sheets and Minutes of the Selection Panels, certifying that the candidate qualifies/merits to be hired as a teacher intern.

iv. Compile received complaints and propose appropriate action or suggestions to the Commission.


The TSC County Director must deliver the following documentation to TSC Headquarters:

i) A signed file copy of the Offer of Employment letter, as well as:

a) Certified duplicates of:

• National Identity Card;

• Teacher Registration Certificate;

• Academic credentials;

• All official transcripts and professional credentials;

• KNEC letter of certification of results (if applicable);

• NCPWD Card (in cases where applicable);

• Affidavit sworn in accordance with the Oaths and Statutory Declarations Act, Cap. 15 of the Kenyan Laws to explain the variation in names (where relevant);

• Front face of a bank plate/card

• Certificate of KRA PIN;

• The NHIF Card.

a) Two (2) passport-sized color photos of the successful applicant(s);

b) Original Medical Examination Report (GP 69).

ii) A list of all interviewed applicants for the offered positions in (Appendix (III a);

iii) A copy of the system-generated list of all applicants, clearly indicating those who did not appear for the interview (Appendix III b);

(Appendix VI) List of candidates with disabilities

v) Minutes of the Selection Panel and the Sub-County Selection Panel, both duly signed;

vi) Signed and completed selection score guide


vii) A properly completed pay point specifics form.


i) Any applicant who is dissatisfied with the procedure shall immediately submit a written complaint to the TSC County Director and send an email to the TSC Headquarters at dirstaffing@tsc.go.ke not later than seven (7) days following the selection process;

ii) Within seven (7) days of the completion of the selection process, the TSC County Director should examine and address all complaints presented, and quickly notify the Headquarters of the action taken.

iii) If an applicant is dissatisfied with the TSC County Director’s decision in (ii) above, or if a complaint is filed against the TSC County Director, the applicant may appeal to the TSC Headquarters’ Appeals Committee on Staffing Functions. Within fourteen (14) days, the Appeals Committee must investigate the complaints and take appropriate action.


i) Clarification and guidance on eligibility concerns raised by these recommendations should be obtained from TSC County Directors.

ii) Despite the decentralization of the duty of teacher recruitment mandated by Section 20 of the TSC Act, the Commission is not prohibited from conducting recruitment directly from the TSC Headquarters.

iii) The TSC Regional Directors are responsible for:

Ensure that guidelines are followed within their respective regions;

a) Coordinate the recruitment of teachers in their respective regions;

b) Sensitize County Directors and supervise the sensitization of all officers participating in the process, including members of the Selection Panels;

b) Approve the Merit Lists for use in recruitment;

d) Take steps to settle issues emerging from the procedure in their respective locations.

Appendices for use during the selection process are attached.

Appendix I: a) Post-Primary Institution Teacher Selection Score Guide

b) Selection Score Guide for Post-Primary School Teachers disabilities

c) Grading Scheme

Appendix II: Checklists for the Board of Management and the TSC

Appendix III a: List of applicants who were interviewed.

Appendix III b: A list of all applicants, explicitly indicating those who did not attend the interview.

Declaration Form I (Appendix IV)

Declaration Form II (Appendix V)

Appendix VI: List of disabled applicants


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