Best Cafe’s to Work From in Nairobi

Best Cafe’s to Work From in Nairobi

Today, the best cafes have great ambience, aromatic coffee, wonderful food, excellent service, and most importantly, a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection. These are also all the qualities of the perfect cafe that you can turn into your part-time office.

If you are going to be working remotely, or even on those days when you take one of those “work from home” options offered by your office, you need a place that fosters productivity and still presents you with a wonderful dining experience.

The cafes featured here do all that and more!

Why You Should Consider Working Remotely

Can you imagine if you could work from anywhere in the world? Anywhere? This would mean that you wouldn’t have to put off your traveling or enjoying a day at the beach because you have to work. You could do both.

Think about it. If you can get as much work done while lying on a beach somewhere as you would when sitting in a cubicle on the 8th floor of some building overlooking nothing but concrete walls, wouldn’t you choose the former? Okay, maybe the beach isn’t the best example because most of us don’t live near the ocean. How about working from the terrace of a charming little cafe on the 8th floor of a building overlooking the bustling streets of a city? Which one would you prefer?

There are several reasons why working remotely or away from your typical office setting is positive in your life:

  • It improves your productivity and gives you a sense of accomplishment: Your typical office setting automatically puts your mind in a “run down the clock” space. That’s why you’ll find yourself watching YouTube videos of a cat playing the piano rather than studying that all-important spreadsheet. Working remotely, on the other hand, gets you in a task-oriented mental state where you want to achieve a given goal by completing a certain task first before you can order the next cup of coffee. This makes you a bit more productive.
  • You’ll have more time for work: You won’t waste as much time travelling to and from the office. This is the time you can use doing something productive.
  • It infuses a sense of adventure and excitement into your workday: Trying out new cafes every day as you work infuses a sense of discovery; adventure into your workday. This often acts as a motivator and refreshes the mind.

Most people would be grateful to get away from their typical office setting even for a couple of hours during their workday. Now you don’t have to wish for that life, you can actually live it by finding your way to any one of these wonderful coffee cafes to work from in Nairobi.

The Best Cafes for Remote Workers in Nairobi

Find Excellent Service at a Nairobi “Java House”

Java makes the top of this list for one very good reason: you can find one in just about every corner of Nairobi. You don’t have to look very far to see a Java. The best part is that every one of them has excellent coffee, stable Wi-Fi, and great service and they are often spacious enough so you can find a quiet little corner where you can work. Simply walk in, order your coffee, plug in your laptop and ask for the Wi-Fi password.

Look Over Westlands at “News Cafe”

The News Cafe at Sarit Center in Westlands is the perfect location for those who like workplaces that come with a view. It has a beautifully decorated terrace that overlooks most of the Sarit Center Mall and a huge chunk of Westland’s. The food is amazing, the service is wonderful and if you go early enough, you can get their breakfast special that is unbelievably delectable for an absolute steal.

Find Serenity at “Tin Roof Cafe”

Would you like to sojourn with nature as you work? The Tin Roof Cafe in Karen is the perfect place for all that and more. This boutique outdoor cafe offers you a healthy range of smoothies, salads and sandwiches with a side of absolute serenity. The fact that this cafe opens its doors at 8 am and closes them at 5:30 p.m. gives it a “regular office hours” feel that can work perfectly for those who have time management issues. If you want to get your work done, you have until 5:30 pm to do so at The Tin Roof. Kind of like being at the office without actually being at the office.

Experience Mesmerising Beauty at “Mezze”

Mezze is a beautiful rooftop cafe in Hurlingham. Located at Four Points by Sheraton, Mezze offers you insanely gorgeous views of the city’s skyline and that of the affluent Hurlingham area. It’s conveniently located near Yaya Center so you can take a little break from work and wander around this impressive mall or you could just sit there and enjoy your coffee as you look over the beautiful city of Nairobi.

Enjoy Your Espresso at “Vida e Caffe”, Lavington

It’s all about the coffee at Vida e Caffe in Lavington. This is a gorgeous little place that was inspired by the famous sidewalk cafes of many European cities. Like those al fresco establishments, Vida e Caffe is keen on enhancing the coffee and espresso-drinking cultures of many first-world countries. It’s a little busy and kind of surrounded by a bustling Lavington area but if you can tune all that out and focus on your work, it’s one of the best locations to get things done.

The thing about most of these cafes is that they offer affordable coffee. You can take cup after cup and at the end of the day, you will not have spent much more than what you would have spent on your commute to and from work anyway. And they also offer you opportunities to network with like-minded people who love working remotely. You never know, that stranger sitting next to you could be the person who points you to your next exemplary working space in Nairobi.

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