Why should you choose a Degree course in Animation

Why should you choose a Degree course in Animation

Most of the time we end up in a conversation where we discuss whether a degree is more important than a certificate course or experience is more important than all this. Some say a degree is not important so they can opt for a quick certification program. However, the importance of having a degree in the animation & design field can’t be ruled out. In India, Degree is the word which stands for Bachelor level in Education. It is awarded to the student after successful completion of three, four or five years of respective education under any university.

So, now the important question where everyone gets confused is whether to go for a degree or not. This is one of the most crucial and life-changing decisions. It will shape your career by giving the right direction to it.

Before taking up a Degree course in Animation one needs to consider various aspects as students taking admission for this course will be coming after the completion of their 10+2 (12th standard) examination. To shape your career in a highly demanding animation field you need to think of enrolling yourself in a good animation college. For that matter you have to leave your comfort zone, your old friends, you might have to stay away from your family, but after all you will be doing this to achieve the best for your future.

Once you enter any animation college for a degree course, you will be entering a world which is full of opportunities and experiments with almost all visual mediums. Campus life offers you personal as well as professional development. The cohesive experience helps you to learn from your peers and you get charged up for doing better than your best of today.

Benefits of Degree Programme in Animation

Though there are various programmes available for animation enthusiasts to pursue, I recommended to follow a format track of university education. In India, a Degree in animation is a three years full time / part time programme. It is a standard benchmark in which students have to achieve the required academic credits and after this, they become well aware of the essential knowledge to begin the work. By having a degree students can surely decide their interest of specialization in various fields like Animation, Designing, VFX, Film Making etc.

So some of the proven benefits of having a degree in animation are as follows:

More Job Opportunities

Knowledge and technical skills earned during your animation degree makes you more marketable. A student who is just 10+2 along with some private animation certificate will take up a job at an entry level where an animation graduate student will be eligible to take up lucrative career options. She will be eligible to take up limitless opportunities. Hence having a degree in animation is important to open doors to success.

Long-Term Career Benefits

A long duration of 3 year for an animation and design programme does not only provide you academic confidence, it is good for recruiters as well. Research shows that employers always prefer graduates over a small short term qualification. Hence those who are with a Bachelor's degree will be positioned first rather than having a short term certificate course.

You will get Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is most important in our life as we will be working on the skills acquired throughout our life. Many international studies & research clearly shows that with more education you will have more job satisfaction. Skills acquired can help to get better and challenging job opportunities by allowing students to work as per their interest.

Stability in Career

During a recession it is well known that most of the companies lay-off their employees. During this time, those who are at the bottom of the hierarchy get affected as they are the unskilled labour. Hence in an economic recession unemployment ratio among degree holders is significantly lesser than the unemployment ratio among employees with only private certificate courses. On the other hand when you do a complete programme you get a chance to learn many other skills like clay modelling, sculpture, painting, graphics designing, etc. which can be a boon in your tough time.

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