How to Pass A Written Job Interview

How to Pass A Written Job Interview
Written assessments are not an uncommon part of the job interview process. Depending on the role and the industry your ability to communicate in writing is paramount.

If you are expected to prepare reports and communicate with others, the employer may test your writing skills. Some of these roles include Content Manager, Community Manager, Receptionist or Executive Secretary.

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Hereunder are 7 tips to help you pass your written job interview:-

Research the company

Review the company’s websites, social media platforms, annual reports, newspaper articles and other mediums where information is publicly available. This will give your insights on the areas that are most important in the life of the company.

You can then tailor your answers around information that you have gathered. Pay close attention to company vision and staff mantras that some companies place on their websites as these should guide your responses.

Research the industry

Search online to see what hot trends are happening now within the relevant industry. For example, nowadays if you are preparing for a role within the financial sector it is wise to research on what is happening in the cryptocurrency world.

If you are preparing for a role in telecommunications, you may consider reading up on 5G technology.

Prepare possible questions

From your research of the company and the industry, prepare possible interview questions with answers. Usually, the company will not let you know the areas of testing until you get the written assessment.

However, if you complete a thorough research and create possible questions and answers, you have information that you may be able to review and tweak to suit the relevant interview questions.
Ask the recruiter what you can carry

Be sure to confirm with the recruiter what exactly you are allowed to bring into the examination room. Will they provide a laptop? Should you carry a calculator? Are you allowed to bring scrap paper?

Get insight into the requirements of the employer on what you are allowed to carry to the interview.

Arrive on time

As with every interview, ensure that you arrive on time. Prepare in advance the clothes that you will be wearing and what you are carrying before the interview. Leave sufficient time in the event that there is an unforeseen emergency or a traffic jam.

Ensure that you place your mobile phone on silent before entering the location. Arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the interview.

Read the instructions carefully

Focus on the instructions that are provided. The recruiter will provide you with information such as font style, font size, the points allocated to each question, and the time of the examination.
Take a few minutes to read and strategize before commencing.

Allocate time accordingly

Distribute the time allotted based on the points allocated to each question. Remember to factor in time to review your response. You could choose to review your response after each question or complete all the responses and then do your revision.

If you find that you are getting short on time, it may be wise to stop and review what you have done. It is best to have completed some well-tailored responses than complete every question halfway.

Final Thoughts

Written assessments in job interviews are just as important as your face-to-face interview. Hope these tips help you to pass your upcoming written assessment.
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