How to Start Rearing Improved Kienyeji Chickens

How to Start Rearing Improved Kienyeji Chickens
There are 10 things to consider before starting to rear improved kienyeji chickens:

Find Capital

Before you start rearing improved kienyeji chickens, you need to find the required capital. The initial capital raised will help you buy the required equipment and facilities that will get you going. However, it is recommended that you raise enough capital to be sure of smooth running. You have to ensure that the money used will result in profits afterward.

Draft a Business Plan

A business plan is an important requirement before starting any business, i.e., raising improved kienyeji chickens. The plan will help the business be orderly and therefore result in fewer risks. The plan will entail the required capital, then the estimation of equipment required, and the farm’s name. With a business plan, you can be sure of a successful business.

Find Market for Your End Products

After rearing your chicken over a certain period, the market is always the next place to take them. Therefore, as you are about to begin the activity, you need to find a market for your products. Finding the market will motivate you and make you work towards achieving better results. At the market, you will be able to sell your commodities at your own desired price.

Find Enough Land

If you have focused on large-scale improved kienyeji chicken farming, you need to find a large piece of land. With the large portion, you will be able to expand your farm, hence maximizing your profits. On the other hand, if you have a fixed budget, you can always start rearing the chicken on a small piece of land and expand into a larger one later.

Purchase Feed

The weight of the chicken is what matters when it comes to market demand. Now the question is, how do you improve their weight? As a farmer, you are responsible for feeding your chickens with the required feed. It would be best if you gave the feed regularly for better results. One of the good things about the feed is that you can purchase it at very low and affordable prices.

Have Disease Controlling Procedures

Your chicken must stay healthy every time. As an improved kienyeji chicken farmer, you have to follow vaccination procedures. If the chicks reach the desired deworming age, you have to deworm them. Also, there is a need for you to find a veterinary doctor for the activity. As your birds are healthy, there are increased chances of you earning a lot by the end of a particular sale period.


Improved kienyeji chickens need suitable housing for them to survive. Hence, it would help if you considered building them a spacious house that is well ventilated and warm. A good housing system will then increase productivity. Also, it would be best if you improved the house’s hygiene by carrying out cleaning procedures regularly.

The Location of the Farm

To cut the cost of transportation of your end products, you need to locate your farm near the market. In addition, when the market is located near the farm, there are higher chances of increased demand for products. On the other hand, if the farm is far away from the market, then transportation costs tend to increase.

Buy Equipment Like Chicken Feeders

The reason for purchasing chicken feeders is to minimize food wastage. When the wastage is minimized, there is an assurance that the chickens will eat to their maximum. This, in turn, will result in faster growth and weight gain.

Decide on the Rearing Method

You can decide on what method you want to use for rearing your birds. For instance, you can choose whether you breed them on a free-range basis or in barns. The methods, however, depend on your position and decisions as a farmer.
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