Online Typing Jobs—Earn While You Type

Online Typing Jobs—Earn While You Type

Work on your own timings, and make money online without investment these are the websites for online typing Jobs in Kenya.

If you find joy in effortlessly gliding your fingers across the keyboard and are on the lookout to bolster your income, then delving into the list of websites for online typing Jobs in Kenya might just be the avenue for you.

Delving into the list of websites for online typing Jobs in Kenya

1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

“Earning while typing has never been easier.”

Amazon Mechanical Turk, or MTurk, serves as a platform where individuals provide data processing services to customers. While the compensation might not be extraordinary, it’s a starting point. To engage in typing work on MTurk, follow these steps:

  1. Create an MTurk account.
  2. Browse through Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) to find suitable jobs.
  3. Complete tasks as per instructions.
  4. After approval by the requestor, payment follows suit.

2. AccuTran Global

“Turning keystrokes into dollars.”

AccuTran Global is in a constant search for adept typists proficient in real-time captioning, stenography, voice writing, and transcription. Their requirements include the ability to work independently, meet deadlines, maintain a typing speed of at least 75 words per minute, and adhere to precise guidelines. However, they exclusively hire State Board level CART certified contractors.

3. 2Captcha

“Solving captchas, one keystroke at a time.”

2Captcha offers a unique avenue to earn money by solving captchas – those squiggly characters that differentiate humans from bots. To get started, sign up on their platform, verify your email, and start solving captchas. While the pay might not be substantial, it’s a simple way to earn.

4. TranscribeMe

“Transcribing: where words meet rewards.”

TranscribeMe provides a platform for accurate audio and video transcription services, offering competitive pay rates. This flexible opportunity allows freelancers to grow in their careers while embracing flexible schedules. Transcribers handle shorter clips instead of lengthy interviews.

5. GoTranscript

“Unlocking global communication, one word at a time.”

GoTranscript specializes in premium transcription, translation, and subtitling services for a global clientele. Fluency in languages like English, German, Spanish, and French opens doors to exciting opportunities. Submit your resume for a chance to join their team.

6. Babbletype

“From spoken word to written treasure.”

Babbletype offers the chance to earn extra income through exclusive audio-to-text transcription for market research. Different transcription services – PureSpeech, PureText, and PureResponse – cater to varying needs. A strong command of language, keen listening skills, and transcription prowess are essential.

7. Scribie

“Precision in every keystroke.”

Scribie presents audio-to-text transcription services, encompassing a four-step process of transcription, review, proofreading, and quality assurance. Joining their team is straightforward: sign up on their platform, link your PayPal account, and take a transcription test.

8. OneSpace

“Empowering individuals through flexible transcription.”

OneSpace introduces a unique payment model – per task, not per hour. Transcribe various audio files, such as interviews and focus groups, for compensation. OneSpace lists career opportunities on their website, allowing for hassle-free access.

9. Rev

“Transcription that pays: Where every word counts.”

Rev opens the doors to fast and accurate transcription services for audio and video files. Freelancers can choose from a plethora of intriguing jobs and earn money while transcribing, captioning, or subtitling content. Weekly payments keep the motivation high.

10. GMR Transcription

“Your gateway to transcription success.”

GMR Transcription extends opportunities for general transcriptionists and translators. They offer higher compensation for more challenging or time-sensitive projects, gradually increasing pay as experience grows. A one-minute typing test is your ticket to apply.

11. FlexJobs

“Flexible opportunities for diligent typists.”

FlexJobs is a treasure trove of remote, hybrid, and flexible data entry jobs. Catering to the career-oriented, this platform curates job listings for you to apply to. While some job-related information is free, full access requires a paid membership.

12. Upwork

“Type your way to success.”

Upwork boasts over 600 transcriptionist jobs on its platform. Set your pricing structure – hourly or project-based – and follow these steps to earn:

  1. Build your profile.
  2. Scout for relevant jobs.
  3. Submit a proposal.
  4. Accept the contract.
  5. Deliver quality work.
  6. Reap the rewards.

13. Amberscript

“Transcription freedom, on your terms.”

Amberscript provides freelancers the opportunity to transcribe, caption, and translate, all with flexible work hours. Embark on their online transcription course before applying for available positions.

14. Freelancer

“Where words turn into earnings.”

Freelancer hosts transcription projects, involving the conversion of audio and video content into text documents. Whether it’s translating interviews or crafting academic articles, there’s a diverse range of tasks available.

15. Making Money Through Typing

“Typing: Your gateway to online income.”

Embarking on the journey of getting paid to type can open doors to a fulfilling online income stream. Your earnings are closely tied to your skill level and experience in typing. Armed with a laptop and a reliable internet connection, you’re primed to transform keystrokes into cash.

In a world driven by digital interaction, typing isn’t just a skill; it’s a gateway to financial opportunity. Whether you’re seeking part-time work or a full-fledged career, these 15 platforms present a diverse array of options. Your earnings are limited only by your determination, accuracy, and commitment to excellence. So, why wait? Start typing your way to success today!

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