11 Tips on How to Survive in a Kenya University

11 Tips on How to Survive in a Kenya University
Surviving in a Kenyan university is an approach to succeed in school. It is necessary to adapt to the school environment to succeed in your academic and social life.

Kenyan university life is a whole lot of experience, especially for Freshers. You’ll encounter different challenges as you try to settle down on campus.

You need to develop survival tactics to cope with university life.

Here is the reason why you must learn how to survive in a Kenyan university;
  • Get Good Grades
  • Improve On Your Social Skills
  • Network with Other Students
  • Adapting to Hostel Life
  • Learn Management Skills
  • Become Independent
  • How to Cope with University Life
  • Learn A Skill or Trade
I remember the overwhelming feeling I felt the first day I arrived on campus. Everything was different from my previous experience in secondary school.

There were school hostels, first-year clearance procedures, crowded lecture venues, etc.

With time, I adjusted to university life. But, I must say that it was not an easy experience.

In this post, I will walk you through how to survive in a Kenyan university. Secondary School students would find this post helpful.

How to Survive in a Kenyan University

Here are effective tips on how to survive in a Nigerian university;

  • Get Your Documents Ready
  • Get an Accommodation
  • Resume Early On Campus
  • Finish Your First Year Clearance
  • Go to Class Early
  • Read Everyday
  • Make Friends with Intelligent Student
  • Cook Your Food
  • Learn A Skill
  • Avoid Distractions
  • Exercise Every Week

Get Your Documents Ready

Proper keeping of your documents is the first step to coping with university life.

As you resume school, ensure that you have the required documents.

These documents include; 

  • School Fees Receipt
  • O’level Result
  • ID or Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Hostel Payment Receipt
  • Acceptance of Admission Letter

Getting these documents ready would make your first-year clearance to be easy.

Many students leave their documents back at home which leads to unnecessary stress.

As a student, you need the proper organization of your documents to survive in the university. It will be easy for you to retrieve your documents. Keep your documents in an office file. Scan your documents with your phone using a scanner app like CamScanner.

Also, keep your school documents in a safe place free from rodents and moisture.

Get an Accommodation

Getting accommodation is necessary to adjust to university life as a student.

Where you stay will determine your student experience. Your personality would determine your choice of accommodation.

You can decide to stay in the school hostel or off-campus accommodation. 

A fine accommodation will give you a homely feeling. Also, the right housing option would give you the right environment to study.

The earlier you sort out accommodation, the earlier you adapt to campus life.

Resume Early On Campus

Students who arrive early on campus are more likely to adjust than other students.

Early resumption would allow you to know the university environment. You would get the opportunity to tour the campus before lectures begin.

Touring the different locations on campus would make the school environment accessible for you.

Finish Your First Year Clearance

The first-year clearance process can be tedious for first-year students.

Getting done with the process as soon as possible gives you an edge over other students.

The key to surviving on campus is to do all registrations on time. You don’t want to jostle between lectures and registrations.

Procrastination is a common challenge faced by students in the university. Learn how to motivate yourself to do things when it's due.

Go to Class Early

Going to class on time will make you get a good seat at the front of the lecture theatre.

Many classrooms do not have a good sound system for lectures. It is to your advantage if you go to school early.

Sitting in a vantage position will allow you to listen and take notes in class.

Study Everyday

Developing a daily study routine is the open secret to passing your examinations.

Many students wait till the night before their examination before studying. It is a wrong study approach.

These sets of students find it hard to meet up in their academics.

Studying every day is the best study technique. You will not have to run helter-skelter during examinations.

Have a particular time of the day you set aside for study. Sticking to a study routine is the key to getting good grades.

Make Friends with Intelligent Student

Making friends with intelligent students is an effective strategy to survive in school.

By intelligent student, I do not mean students who tend to have high scores on tests and examinations.

Intelligent students are people who know their purpose on campus. They strive to succeed in their academics and the social arena.

This set of students would motivate you to become your best. As the saying “iron sharpeneth iron.” You need to be around people that will bring out the best in you.

Cook Your Food

Cooking your food will save you a lot of money on campus. Eating junk at restaurants is expensive. Not only that, these foods are not healthy.

You will gain more financially and health-wise if you prepare your meals in your kitchen.

Learn to cook healthy meals by watching food tutorials on YouTube. You can also seek help from your friends to learn how to cook.

Learn A Skill

Learning a hard or soft skill is necessary to survive on campus and after graduation.

The skill you learn will fetch money for you as a student. It will help you to meet different financial obligations in school.

Every student must learn a skill. Learn digital skills like copywriting, data analysis, UX design, etc.

Avoid Distractions

Avoiding distraction is necessary if you want to survive in the university.

There are many distractions on campus like;
  • Parties
  • Politics
  • Movies
  • Cultism
  • Social Media Addiction
  • Undesirable Learning Behaviour
Some of these are not bad in all their entirety. However excessive involvement would prevent you from achieving your goals as a student.

You need to set your priority to do things at the right time.

Also, create opportunities to enjoy yourself on campus. But, do not get involved with illegal activities.

Exercise Every Week

Exercising is a great way to take care of your physical and mental health.

As a student, physical activities will keep you in good shape. You would be healthy to face school stress.

Try to create a workout routine to exercise at least thrice a week.

Good health is necessary to survive in school.

I would love to hear from you. What are the challenges you are facing as a student in school?
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