25 School Bus Safety Tips For Kids

25 School Bus Safety Tips For Kids
School bus is said to be the safest mode of transportation for students existing today. Encouraging the importance of school bus safety tips to parents and kids is given top priority by every school authorities. Roughly, there are about twenty five million children transported to school via big yellow buses.

Obviously, injuries can happen if the child is careless and hasty while getting on or off the school bus. By discussing school bus safety rules with children, parents can help to avert some of the avoidable accidents. It is essential to teach kids about various safety rules and regulations.

Following are the 25 school bus safety tips for kids:

1. Arrive at the bus stop prior to the scheduled school bus time. It is better to arrive at least 5 minutes earlier

2. Stand at least ten feet away from the edge of the road

3. Wait until the school bus stops, the door gets opened and the driver says okay to get on the bus

4. Assure yourself no objects from the bag is dangling which get caught either in the handrails or doors while entering or exiting the bus

5. Check the road for other vehicles before stepping off the bus

6. Never stand closer than 10 feet to the bus as drivers will not be able to see you. Hence, stay out of the danger zone

7. Always be alert to traffic. Look left, right, and then left before crossing the road

while getting on or off the bus

8. Stay in a safe place away from the street while waiting for the bus

9. Never try to pick up things that are near or under the bus, warn the driver before picking it

10. Remember to cross the road in front of a bus rather than to cross behind the bus

11. Stay seated and sit quietly when the bus is moving

12. Wait for the driver's signal to crossing

13. Do not make loud noises that may distract the driver

14. Use the handrail when exiting the bus

15. Always stay away from the rear wheels of the bus

16. Wait until the bus stops completely, before getting up from the seat

17. Keep the bags and other belongings out of the aisles

18. Keep head, hands, and arms out of the window

19. Never wait for the bus on the road. Instead, wait on the sidewalk

20. Avoid violent or careless behavior when getting on the bus

21. Students should not carry anything that may cause injury to others

22. Do not throw objects inside the bus

23. Let the smaller children board first

24. Do not attempt to use emergency doors or exit controls without supervision or permission from drivers

25. Never fight with other students inside the school bus

School bus safety for kids is something that cannot be ignored. The safety of their child is the first thing that comes to a parent's mind, especially when entrusting child care to someone else. This is the case of thousands of children on the school bus. Hence it is essential to assure student safety.

Students can protect themselves by closely following safety rules and careful observation. There's always a chance for improvement in the case of assuring safety. All the above twenty-five tips help to keep school children more safe and pleasant. They will start to enjoy the school bus trip with increased safety.
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