KPLC Tokens Delay—Solved!!!

KPLC Tokens Delay—Solved

Did you just experience a KPLC Token delay? Don’t worry, you can easily obtain details of the electricity bill and pay it online. There are multiple ways to tackle the delayed KPLC Delayed token issue. Go through the article & follow the process that best suits you.

Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) is the largest and only transmitter and distributor of electricity in Kenya. It’s a public parastatal fully owned by the government of Kenya. KPLC gets the power to distribute from Kengen (Kenya Electricity Generating Company), which also happens to be the largest power producer in Kenya, with a 65% share of the Kenyan market.

The company took the initiative to install prepaid meters and moved away from the old meter system that required technicians to visit your house to take a meter reading. This method was controversial because many citizens complained of high bills at the end of the month.

Obtaining a KPLC Token Number

The new prepaid meter systems have simplified the way people pay for electricity. All you need to do is buy your preferred token through M-PESA through the following easy steps. Note that there are several pay bills that you can use, but for now, we will use the official KPLC pay bill numbers, which are two (888888 and 888880).

  • Open M-PESA menu
  • Go to Lipa na M-PESA
  • Select Pay bill
  • Enter 888880 as the business number.
  • The account number is your token meter number.
  • Enter amount
  • Enter the M-PESA pin, and then click okay.
  • You will receive a message from KPLC with codes to feed on your prepaid token.

However, sometimes the KPLC token delay does occur and you’re left in pitch darkness if your electricity has gone off. This article will show you ways in which you can solve this problem without cursing the company involved.

How to Tackle KPLC Token Delay

If you have paid for the tokens but haven’t received your token via SMS, you can use three methods to get your delayed KPLC token. This kind of situation doesn’t occur frequently but can appear due to technical issues. If your payment amount just got deducted and your token number was not shared via SMS, you probably need to fix this yourself.

There are multiple ways to get your delayed KPLC Token number, let’s discuss them one by one.

#1 Using my KPLC MyPower when the token is delayed

KPLC has the MYPower app to offer various services to its customers. From User information to checking Bill (Token) to checking planner interruptions, everything is there. Customers can make use of this app to recover the KPLC token that was supposed to be delivered via SMS as soon as they bought it.

Kindly follow the steps given below:

  • You can download this application from the Google Play Store, install it, and then follow the following steps.
  • Open the app
  • Choose My Bill/My Token
  • Under the menu, you will find two options (Account reference and Meter number)
  • Select Meter number and input your meter number (usually 11 digits)
  • Press search icon
  • The last five token units purchased will be displayed. Choose the latest one and feed it into your meter. Problem solved.

#2 Obtaining the belated KPLC Token from the Website

  • Log into your account. If you don’t have a KPLC account, create one here.
  • Once logged in, select Bill/Token query
  • Enter your meter number as a search criteria
  • Your last token to be purchased will appear

#3 Use social media to Report KPLC Token Delay

Contact them through Twitter or Facebook because they reply instantly.

Enter your meter number and ask customer care to send you the last tokens

#4 Request the Delayed KPLC Token number via SMS

The power and lighting company has introduced USSD to simplify the process. Here are the steps to get your token number via SMS, if you didn’t get it in the first go.

  • You can use a KPLC USSD code
  • Dial *977# and choose prepaid service
  • Choose the latest token.
  • Choose your meter number from the list.
  • The last three token transactions will be sent to you via SMS.

If you are having any problems with your token, contact them through the following helpline numbers

  • 97771
  • 0703070707
  • 0732170170.


Why I did not receive a token even after I paid?

Due to some technical difficulties, even after your payment went through and you might not get the SMS. Although this scenario is rare, it can occur.

Shall I wait for the SMS in such a case?

Yes, you can wait for at least 5 minutes. If you still didn’t get it, there are alternative methods.

What are the alternative methods to recover the token numbers when it is delayed initially?

They are My power app, KPLC website, Official USSD Code, or even social media.

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