Many students would wish to pursue an engineering course and graduate as the best engineer. Engineering is a vast field, from civil engineering to mechanical, electrical and electronic, and more others. After deciding on which engineering course you’ll opt to do, it’s time to know the best university for those engineering courses. Some things considered are the quality of academics for the engineering programs, faculty resources, academic achievement, degrees awarded, and research activities. It can be so challenging when looking for a university with those factors. So, below are the reasons why MUT is the top university for engineering courses.

About MUT School of Engineering & Technology

The School of Engineering and Technology, SET, was started as one of the pioneer Schools of Murang’a University of Technology. SET is recognized internationally as a center of excellence in Engineering and Technology and hopes to endeavor to build engineering capacity for national development and wealth creation through the training of a highly skilled workforce in engineering, Technology, research, consultancy, and extension services are given working towards achieving vision 2030. High-impact research at the undergraduate and graduate levels aims to equip students with advanced skills and expertise that put them in a highly competitive position in the market.

The School has well-trained academic and support staff which makes it possible to carry out its activities more effectively and efficiently. At least 50% of the academic staff either have masters while others are working towards their Masters and Ph.D. The School is committed to the continuous professional and academic training of its staff to cope with the dynamic engineering and technological skills and education for development.

The School plans to develop other programmes in all areas of specialization in engineering and aims to have a stabilized student population with adequate training facilities and staff. We are also planning to expand our research and consultancy activities which will involve all the academic staff and students.

Through the dedication of School staff and students the school has well organized and coordinated its activities. The School is always ready to offer its best to the students joining our programmes. The school also looks forward to good working partnership and productive work with the Industry, organizations, and other institutions in research, consultancy, and extension services in providing engineering solutions to the community, nation, and the world at large.

For the undergraduate programmes both government and privately sponsored students will be integrated. All programmes have compulsory practical work and workshop practice. These activities contribute in preparing our graduates to fit in a real working environment.

Apart from the training a programme, the School is involved in research, consultancy and extension works. These activities are carried out at the university and/or in collaboration with other organizations and institutions nationally and internationally such Kenya- china TIVET project which is in the process of installing mechanical engineering laboratory equipment for reverse engineering and other equipment. The production unity is a key area where the knowledge and skills acquired in engineering are put to practice where engineering products are produced.

The school aims:

  • To provide quality Engineering and Technology education that inculcates creativity and innovation for economic growth.
  • To develop and review Engineering, Technology, and Technological Education syllabi in line with market demands.
  • To continuously improve the quality of Teaching and Learning through curriculum implementation procedures.
  • To attract, mentor, retain and motivate high caliber academic and professional staff.
  • To maximize the School’s capacity to admit, retain undergraduate and graduate students.


{Regulating Body: The Kenya Engineering Technology Registration Board}

“Engineering technology” means part of the engineering profession in which knowledge of applied mathematical and natural science gained by higher education, experience, and practice is devoted to the application of engineering principles and the implementation of technology education for the professional focusing primarily on analyzing, applying, implementing and improving existing technologies and is aimed at preparing graduates for the purpose of engineering technology practices closest to the product improvement.


{Regulating Body: The Engineers Board of Kenya}

“Engineer” means a person registered under this Act as a professional engineer or consulting engineer and who holds a valid license;

“Engineering” means the creative application of scientific principles to design or develop structures, machines, apparatus, or manufacturing processes, or works utilizing them singly or in combination or to construct or operate the same with full cognizance of their design or to forecast their behavior under specific operating conditions or aspects of intended functions, economics of operation and safety to life and property.

Apply To Join Us - Murang'a University of Technology 

It has been established that engineering courses are essential to all industrial sectors in Kenya and around the world. Emphasis is placed on incorporating the latest technologies and ideas, and direct involvement of engineers from industry to ensure that our courses are industrially relevant and up-to-date. At MUT you will be trained to develop successful careers in engineering and technology. 

Things To Know Before Applying

All application forms can be obtained from the Registrar, Murang’a University of Technology upon:

  • Payment of a non‐refundable fee of K.Shs. 500/= for Craft courses, KShs. 1000/= for Diploma courses and K.Shs. 1,500 for Degree courses and KShs 2000/= for post-graduate programs
  • Payments should be made either in Cash or Bankers Cheque in favour of Murang’a University of Technology

Where to submit application documents?

Documents not submitted through the online method can be dropped or mailed to:

The Registrar (ASA),
Murang’a University of Technology,
P. O. Box 75 10200,

Tel: 0705 939 269



Address: School of Engineering and Technology P.O.Box: 75-10200 Murang’a, Kenya
Phone: +254-798 959 217 / +254-771 370 824
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