VBS—Vacation Bible School: Bible Study for Kids

VBS—Vacation Bible School: Bible Study for Kids
📚👨‍🏫 How do you choose a Bible study for kids?🤔 As a teacher or parents, we all want to provide meaningful biblical education for our students and children. But where do we start? Let's explore! 📖✨

It can feel overwhelming to try to fit another thing into our busy schedule. It can be discouraging when another month has gone by and we realize we have not been actively helping our students learn more about the Bible.

⏰ With our busy schedules, it's understandable to feel overwhelmed. Another item on the to-do list can seem daunting. But remember, investing in our students' spiritual growth is invaluable.

💡 Rather than comparing ourselves to others, let's focus on the unique gifts and insights we have been given. The Lord entrusted us with our students, and He has equipped us to disciple them.

Why Adventist VBS?

VBS is…

Written by a team of Seventh-day Adventist children’s ministries leaders and pastors. Lessons feature a Seventh-day Adventist point of view that will connect with kids from your church and community.

Based on the Bible and focused on the life of Jesus. Kids will meet Jesus and learn about His many miracles and the plan of salvation.

Unique! Offer your community a Vacation Bible School experience that’s different from the other churches in town.

How do we select the right course of study?

🔍 When choosing a topic, we consider their interests, age, and spiritual needs. We also seek resources that align with our values and adapt materials to suit our students' learning styles.


Join us for a FREE vacation Bible School (VBS) this April holiday, where kids will have fun discovering the important treasures Jesus has given each one of them. We’ll get to discover precious gems and other treasures and dig into the Bible to find out that God treasures each one of us. Through songs, interactive Bible stories, hands-on prayer activities, yummy and healthy meals/snacks, memorable artifact crafts, fun games, and digging explorations, kids will get to learn how uniquely special they are!
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