Registration of Association in Kenya.

Societies, Associations, and Clubs are registered under the Societies Act in Kenya by the Registrar of Societies.

How to register a Society in Kenya.

The registration of Societies and Associations in Kenya have now migrated to the Online platform.
The procedure for registration of a Society in Kenya is as follows.

  1. Name Search. Three Proposed name of the Society is are searched and approved in order of preference by the registrar.
  2. Drafting of the Constitution. Preparation of the proposed constitution of the Society. A guideline and draft constitution is provided in the Societies Act.
  3. Filling out to the prescribed forms.
  4. Appointment of the officials of the society. That is,
    • Chairman.
    • Secretary.
    • Treasurer.

Requirements for registration of a Society in Kenya..

The following are required to register a society in Kenya.

  1. Names of the officials in full. Chairman, secretary and treasures. Assistant officials where applicable
  2. Addresses of each official.
  3. Proposed Physical address of the Society. Plot number, road, town, county.
  4. Copies of the National Identity card of each official. (Passport for foreign nationals)..
  5. Copies of PIN certificate and a current tax compliance certificate of each official. .
  6. Passport photo of the officials.
  7. Email address and telephone number of each official
  8. Qualification certificate, diploma or degree in theology from a recognized institution of at least one of the officials
  9. A list of all the members of the society indicating the names, ID numbers, telephone numbers, Postal address and email address of such members

The Constitution of a Society in Kenya.

The constitution of a society in Kenya is the constitutive document that highlights the objectives, rules and procedures that will govern and regulate the operations of the society.
The constitution of the Society must be drafted to comply with legal provisions of the Societies Act CAP 108 and The Societies Rules.

What are the requirements of a constitution of a Society in Kenya.

  1. The name of the association.
  2. The Objectives of the Society
  3. The persons to whom membership of the Society is open.
  4. The rates of entrance and subscription fees (if any) for membership.
  5. The method of suspension or expulsion of members from the Society.
  6. The titles of officials of the Society.
  7. The method of election, appointment, dismissal and suspension of officials of the Society.
  8. The names of the auditors of the Society and their terms of office.
  9. The composition of committees of the association, the terms of office of members of such committees and the method of their election, appointment, dismissal and suspension.
  10. The authority for and the method of filling vacancies on committees.
  11. The frequency of, quorums for and dates of the general meetings.
  12. The custody and investment of the funds and property of the association, and the designation of the persons responsible therefor.
  13. The purposes for which the funds may be used, and in particular the prohibition of the distribution of funds among members.
  14. The inspection of the books and list of members of an association, by any member or officer.
  15. The annual or periodical audit of accounts.
  16. The formation of branches, if branches may be formed.
  17. The manner of amending the name and constitution of the association.
  18. The manner of dissolution of the association and the disposal of its property on dissolution; and grievance procedure.

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