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I am so in love with this mini dress until I had to share photos. You can wear with tight trousers, belt or not, the choice is all yours. Am not sure where exactly you can get the dress but I know if you drop in any market and make a good search, you will not fail to get one.

Do you have any idea how many places you can wear a mini dress to?

Weddings - You will not have to worry about what to wear to weddings you are invited to. A mini dress will work for almost any kind of wedding theme.

Church and School - No explanation needed. You will look fabulous with your bible at hand.

Dates - When you have a hunch that the guy you are dating might just be a keeper, it might be a good idea to get a few mini dresses for when you have to meet his family, close friends and the people that are close to him. A mini dress oozes both class and elegance. It won’t have you feeling awkward no matter where you wear it to unless you visit a night club.


Parties - Even been invited to an outdoor party on a warm sunny day? What did you wear? Didn't you just wish you had a mini in your closet? Enough said.

It can be worn in any weather with a sweater/coat/blazer/scarf/shawl/belt/trousers or even without anything on top depending on the weather and your preference. Mini dresses are also super easy to any accessory. You don’t need much. Mini dresses can also be worn with any kind of shoes. Sandals, doll shoes, all kinds of heels will look super awesome when paired with minis. Mini dresses are versatile pieces that every woman should have. Still working on getting yours? Kudos to those girls who have invested in a few so far. I hope you get amazing pieces so that you don’t have to drool over other people’s closet all the time.

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